The Top 50 New Year’s Resolutions For Women That Will Guarantee A Glow Up In 2024

Why not make 2024 your glow up year? These New Year’s resolutions made for women – by women – will have you looking and feeling like a bombshell by 2025!

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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If you haven’t been focusing on your glow up, now’s the time to make your game plan for it. From skincare to mental and physical health, incorporating any of these New Year’s resolutions into your lifestyle will help you transform – as long as you stay consistent with them! Here are some ideas that you can choose from to help you evolve in 2024!

  1. Take your skincare routine seriously.

  2. Start a hair care routine.

  3. Start living in accordance with your cycle to balance out your hormones.

  4. Cut out sugar.

  5. Practice gratitude every day.

  6. Use a gua sha to massage your face every other night.

  7. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

  8. Create a vision board.

  9. Improve your vitamin and mineral intake.

  10. Start a dopamine fast.

  11. Stay active and go out for more walks.

  12. Take care of your gut health.

  13. Eat more healthy fats.

  14. Meditate at least 15 minutes a day.

  15. Cut out seed oils.

  16. Drain your lymphatic system.

  17. Clean your makeup applicators every week.

  18. Reduce your stress levels.

  19. Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

  20. Do a parasite cleanse.

  21. Switch to more natural hygiene products. 

  22. Do the 12-3-30 treadmill workout at least three times a week.

  23. Cut out caffeine. 

  24. Create a savings account and practice conscious spending habits.

  25. Improve your social media anxiety.

  26. Get more sun.

  27. Eat more carrots.

  28. Drink less alcohol. 

  29. Shop according to your body type and skin tone.

  30. Start setting healthy boundaries.

  31. Control your negative thoughts. 

  32. Improve your self-confidence.

  33. Become a morning person. 

  34. Practice fertility awareness. 

  35. Make more friends or hang out with them more often. 

  36. Try out new hobbies and create more. 

  37. Use shampoo less to improve the state of your hair. 

  38. Add deep breathing exercises to your daily routine.

  39. Try the 75 Hard Challenge. 

  40. Learn more about your body and your cycle.

  41. Practice positive affirmations. 

  42. Limit your fluoride intake. 

  43. Pay attention and listen to your body and intuition more.

  44. Remove processed foods from your diet. 

  45. Cook more and eat out less. 

  46. Make your bed every day. 

  47. Journal more often. 

  48. Improve your metabolism by nourishing your body properly. 

  49. Take care of your mental and emotional health. 

  50. Eat more liver.

Closing Thoughts

If you don’t know where to start, just pick one or two to begin the year with. I suggest writing down the top problems that you’re dealing with currently so you can narrow down the ones you want to solve. While striving for all 50 resolutions on this list is (of course) unrealistic, focusing on one resolution from each aspect of your life – like beauty, mental, and physical health – can definitely help improve your well-being in 2024.

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