The Best Hobbies And Distractions To Pick Up While You're Stuck At Home

I never looked at self-isolation as a time that would test my patience - or my sanity. That’s probably largely due to the fact that I’m an introvert, so coming up with a list of things to busy myself with came naturally. But perhaps it’s not so natural for many others, whose self-growth comes from talking to others or doing some outdoor activity…both of which are hard to do in the next week or two.

By Maja Ali2 min read
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So instead of wasting precious hours of the day doing nothing, consider the following:

Make a Vision Board 

I spent the first day of my quarantine mapping out and creating a vision board (I know, I know, the best time to make them is the beginning of the year. Better late than never, though). The vision board now hangs next to my bed, and it’s invigorating to wake up to the sight of what you want to become or attract.

Take this time alone to reconnect with your goals and what you want out of 2020.

I took the time alone to reconnect with my goals and what I wanted out of 2020. I think as the year progresses we can stray away from our purpose and having the solitude and time to reflect about said goals and evaluate yourself is not only important but fun.

Revamp Your Home Workout

Now you have no excuse not to get up and put in at least twenty minutes of moving your body.

It’s always one of my New Year’s Resolutions to regain my splits. In the past, I’d be dedicated for a couple of weeks before work got in the way and my resolution waned. Now I’ve got a good three weeks off work, and while I’m not completely work-free, I still have a lot more time on my hands to move my body. So I went back to stretching daily. I’m dabbling in my old ballet-inspired workouts again… nothing too extreme (it’s a prison-style workout, being at home and all), but at least I don’t have the added pressure of needing to go to the gym. 

Catch Up on a Netflix Show

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If your work schedule doesn’t allow you to sit and binge watch a show or documentary series without feeling guilty afterward, you're not alone. A tough 5 day a week schedule can leave you preferring to savor every minute of a short weekend rather than burning time on a show. Especially if you have papers to take home and grade, the last thing you’d want to do is wake up going, Monday already? In all honesty, it’s one of the reasons why I haven’t given myself much of a chance on a show, let alone binge it.

But self-isolation has allowed me to return to seventeen-year-old me practices like revisiting old anime and looking up new planetary documentaries. And six Ozark episodes later, I’m still feeling guilt-free and excited to surf all new worlds, be it on Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube. 

Now’s the Best Time To Cultivate a Creative Hobby

If you promised you’d teach yourself how to cook…now’s the time. Or, maybe you’ve placed a deadline on yourself for the first draft of that novel you’ve been working on (I’m mostly talking to myself here...). Whether you already have a project you’re invested in or are new to this whole creative thing, now’s the time to get crafting.

Putting time into creating something is mentally stimulating and leaves you with improved self-confidence.

One of the worst things you could do to yourself during the lockdown is not be productive: wilting away at home, mentally stumping yourself, killing time with a string of naps throughout the day…Many people claim that the quarantine will test their patience, and they certainly won't be happy with the results if that’s how they’ve spent their free time. 

You can call it cheesy, but putting time into creating something is mentally stimulating and leaves you with improved self-confidence. With all the free YouTube tutorials, you can learn to dance in a matter of days. In two weeks, you could have finished three audiobooks. You could dabble into nail art, finish a manuscript, sing, educate yourself on a nerdy passion, or bake bread. Whatever you choose to nurture, make sure it keeps you productive!

Closing Thoughts

Now that Week One has passed, I can say that I’m pretty happy about having another (mostly) empty week. Rather than looking at it like a lockdown, think of it as a time to instill healthy habits and to get productive in your own way. I hope you can’t relate to the hundreds of others who are complaining about the quarantine making their lives unbearably boring.