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Evie covers every major area of our readers’ lives: Health, Beauty, Fashion, Relationships, Career and Culture. This creates a unique marketing platform of unlimited opportunities for brands in diverse industries.

However, Evie is as much a mission as it is a company. That’s why we are selective with the brands we take on. To us, ads are an extension of our content. An ad on any page is our endorsement of a product or brand that we believe makes our readers’ lives better.

Our Promise to Readers

That’s why we don’t take ad money to promote products that we would never personally use, nor do we promote brands that don’t respect our readers’ values.

Our Demographic

Evie readers are young to middle-aged (18-34) women across America who are tired of having to go to trashy or politically biased publications just to get quality reads on health, beauty, relationships and more. Of these women, there are three key types: the Student, the Professional, and the Homemaker.

The Student

Studying, test-taking, cafeteria food and campus life are her world. She may have her career planned out, or she may just be there for the “College Experience.” Either way, she’s getting a foundation and making choices that define her. She has a good head on her shoulders and has high standards. She’s looking for potential love, not casual sex. She wants healthy friendships and doesn’t cave to peer pressure. She’s playful and knows having fun is key in managing the stress of academics, but doesn’t have to sacrifice her health by getting hammered at the weekend parties. People notice her because she’s the epitome of femininity, and she doesn’t have to dress provocatively to get attention. To her, “Beauty” and “Brains” don’t have to be separate identities. But campus life is no easy balancing act. That’s why Evie is there for her; to give her the facts of what’s happening in the outside world. It’s her fitness trainer in a laptop so she can get her sweat on from the her dorm room. It’s her brief entertainment during a much-needed break. It’s her dating advice when the cute guy asks her out. It’s her comfort when the cute guy turns out to be a jerk, or her support when she realizes the cute guy is Mr. Right. It teaches her the practical life-skills that she’ll need in the real world, skills she won’t get from her liberal arts degree.

The Professional

She didn’t go to college to get her Mrs. degree. She’s a woman on a mission. She has ideas, talents, and ambitions to share with the world. She doesn’t use her race or sexuality as an excuse to get ahead. She rejects victimhood and embraces victory. She strives to be the best for the job because her knowledge, talent, and drive demand it. She’s forward thinking and dedicated to self-improvement. She’s technologically savvy, financially thrifty, and emotionally intelligent, thanks to Evie.

The Homemaker

Some women believe choosing to serve a male boss or CEO is empowering, while choosing to serve your family is a form of oppression. Not the Homemaker. She believes she has the most important job in the world - being a Mother. She shapes the young minds of tomorrow. She raises future entrepreneurs, artists, humanitarians, and presidents… and she doesn’t have to be Martha Stewart to do it in style.

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