I Ate Pro-Metabolically For Two Months And It Drastically Improved My Health

I first stumbled across the idea of eating “pro-metabolically” while listening to a podcast.

By Molly Farinholt3 min read
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At the time, I was desperately searching for the root cause of my many health woes – an inability to sleep through the night, a number on the scale that wouldn’t budge no matter how hard I tried, imbalanced hormones, painful periods, and possible diagnoses of both PCOS and secondary infertility. The podcast, Freely Rooted, addressed all of these things in-depth, explained them clearly and scientifically, and gave me hope that I could actually heal holistically. I decided to dive deeper. 

That same week, I purchased a meal plan from Fallon Lee, one of the hosts of the podcast. It launched me into an exciting journey of actually nourishing my body and supporting my metabolic – and overall – health. Within just a few days, I was feeling better than I had in years! Desiring to learn more about the why behind this idea of eating pro-metabolically, I found a course created by Fallon’s co-host, Kori Meloy. The course opened my eyes and allowed me to understand what it actually means to eat, exercise, and live in a truly healthy and sustainable way. It unveiled how we were actually created to be. I implemented the diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes suggested by Kori and the results were nothing short of miraculous.

Where I Started

Before discovering Freely Rooted, I was severely undereating for my active lifestyle. I didn’t prioritize protein, and I shied away from carbs. Salads were my go-to, snacks between meals were a no-no, and sweets had to be “earned.” On top of chasing around a toddler all day, I walked three to five miles most days of the week and did HIIT four times a week. No wonder I felt drained and hungry all the time! 

Salads were my go-to, snacks between meals were a no-no, and sweets had to be “earned.”

I struggled with body image and, more often than not, failed to appreciate my body. I was in a near-constant state of wanting to change how I looked, continually falling into traps set by diet culture. I had entirely forgotten that I should be thankful for my body and all that it was capable of doing!

What I Changed

Kori’s course revolutionized the way I viewed nutrition, exercise, and my feminine health. In seven modules, consisting of two to four lectures each, she unpacked the ins and outs of human metabolism, how to assess your current health and nutrition, the lies of diet culture, how to properly nourish your body (including how much, what, when, and even how to eat!), how to exercise, and so much more. Without divulging all of the details of Kori’s course (which you can enroll in at any time!), I’ll briefly outline some of the changes that I made. 

  1. I rejected all of the silly rules that diet culture had prompted me to create for myself over the years. 

  2. I began prioritizing good, whole foods, paying attention to quality and sourcing. For example, I started buying organic pastured eggs and grass-fed raw cheddar. Kori’s grocery lists helped immensely in making these changes. She even gave tips on how to shop on a budget and get the most bang for your buck! 

  3. I paid attention to my intake of PUFAs (polyunsaturated fats) and tried to limit those as they lead to inflammation. 

  4. I increased my intake of protein by quite a bit and focused mainly on protein from animal products (eggs, dairy, grass-fed beef, etc.). Kori perfectly laid out how to go about such increases, so I didn’t have to second-guess what I was doing. 

  5. I worked to balance my minerals by drinking adrenal cocktails every day. 

  6. I started working out less, but smarter. Bye-bye, HIIT; hello, strength training. Kori’s workout plans (tailored to how often and how long you plan to exercise each week) made this change so easy and fun! 

My Results 

The mental shift I underwent as a result of Kori’s course alone would have been enough for me to sing its praises from the rooftops. For years, I had viewed food as the enemy, exercise as my means to earning food, and my body as broken. In just one week of listening to Kori’s lectures, all of this thinking unraveled and metamorphosed into an entirely new perspective on health. 

I suddenly understood that food was nourishment and that my body was created to be properly nourished. I was not made for unsustainable thinness, but vitality. Exercise became a means to love my body well and to experience its strength and goodness. And my own body, which I had, since my teenage years, nitpicked and critiqued and tried to change became a gift. I learned gratitude for all that it had and could do. I trusted that it could heal, that it could support more life, and that it could truly thrive if I just allowed it to do so. 

Exercise became a means to love my body well and to experience its strength and goodness.

I also came to the realization that, if I wanted my daughter to love her body well, I had to model that for her. I had to show her that food was meant to be appreciated and eaten regularly and without guilt. I had to show her a proper balance of rest and activity. I had to regard myself in the mirror with gratitude and detachment, rather than obsessive criticism. I suddenly understood that prioritizing my health extended far beyond myself and influenced the ones I love. 

Physically, the changes were equally astounding. I went through my days with renewed energy. My mood no longer ricocheted, but remained peacefully consistent. I felt more resistant to stress. I did not fall prey to “hanger,” because I was feeding my body at regular intervals throughout the day. My workouts gave me life and didn’t leave me feeling depleted. My basal body temperature slowly began to rise, signaling an improvement in my metabolism. And, within two months, I was pregnant again! After six months of painful, anovulatory cycles, this was the biggest surprise of all. Just two months of fully nourishing and caring for my body, it trusted me enough to reproduce. 

Closing Thoughts

In life, there are no perfect formulas and no panaceas. Simply taking this course and implementing the suggested lifestyle changes may not solve all of your health problems. It will surely, though, help you to treat your body well, view health in a new way, and feel better both physically and mentally. And, if you stick with it, you may even find that it does fully fix your metabolism and lead you to become the healthiest version of yourself. 

For more information, check out Kori's Instagram here, and her course here.

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