A Very French-Inspired Summer Bucket List

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Bonjour, my fellow Francophiles! Who’s ready to let down their hair and embrace the effortless beauty of a French girl summer?

There’s no denying that French culture has stolen our hearts and our wallets. The ever-fashionable ladies of France fill our feeds with perfectly styled sundresses, barely-there makeup, and fresh produce that makes even the healthiest of us reconsider our supermarket runs. 

If you’re a wannabe French girl like me, you’ve certainly adopted some of the quintessential French principles over the years. You may have even taught yourself a few key phrases… just in case your husband decides to surprise you with a spontaneous trip to Paris. But even if a trip across the world isn’t quite in your budget this year (same, sis), you can still enjoy a French-inspired summer from the comfort of your hometown! Let’s take some cues from our favorite effortlessly chic Parisian influencers and plan the French girl summer of our dreams. 

Visit the Farmers Market

If you’re French obsessed, I think it can be assumed that you’ve read the book, Why French Women Don’t Get Fat (or at least the CliffNotes version of it). Essentially, part of their daily routine is visiting their local Farmers Market and picking up fresh produce and baked goods to make meals at home. While you may not be able to do this every day, schedule at least one Saturday this summer to peruse through stands from your local artisans for a fun and healthy way to start the weekend. 

Read a Book at a Cute Cafe

Not only does it make a gorgeous Instagram photo or aesthetic video for TikTok, but actually just sitting down and reading a few chapters of a book at a cute cafe is guaranteed to make you feel more French. Romanticize your morning with a steaming hot cafe au lait and pain au chocolat alongside a paperback novel in a cute woven chair outside. 


Invest in the Perfect Straw Bag

By now, we can safely say that straw bags aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They are a classic, timeless staple of a polished and feminine summer wardrobe. French ladies know this to be true and it’s time to take their lead and make the investment.  

Embrace the No-Makeup Makeup Look

French women are all about “less is more” when it comes to styling, beauty, and even their diet. With the natural glow of the summer on your skin, embrace the no-makeup makeup look with a touch of mascara, a dab of blush, and a little color on your lips for a sultry, effortless look. 

Learn How To Make the Perfect Cafe Au Lait

Oui! The quintessential French coffee order: the cafe au lait (literally just espresso or strong brewed coffee with steamed milk added). This shouldn’t be too difficult a task to master, so ditch your expensive Starbucks habit this summer and opt for a simple coffee at home.  

Spend an Afternoon in the Park

Host a laid-back picnic with your girlfriends or beau with a simple blanket and fresh produce from the market or bakery nearby. Alternatively, if you need a little alone time and would rather unplug from social interactions, it isn’t unlike French women to lounge about under a tree and read a book. 

Ditch the Car Commute for a Bike Ride

How do French women stay so thin!? Well, for starters they eat way more whole, balanced foods than we do in America, and secondly, they prioritize movement and activity. Gyms aren’t a huge thing in France, but biking definitely is! So if you’re close enough to your destination, hop on your bike (or rent one if you’re in the city) and enjoy the sunshine while you passively workout.

Indulge in a Pain Au Chocolat

It’s actually not just a myth that French women will eat a croissant or baguette for breakfast each day. Pain au chocolat (a chocolate croissant) isn’t something that is saved for special occasions or a “cheat meal.” French women enjoy these as they please and you should too – they’re delicious! 

Peruse Thrift Shops for Vintage Gems

Ever wonder how French women decorate their apartments with so much creativity and uniqueness? Many utilize their local thrift shops for vintage gems like mini gold frames, funky mirrors, and vases that act as a conversation starter when hosting guests. 


Buy Yourself a Beautiful Bouquet

You deserve to buy yourself pretty flowers! Don’t leave special things like this to enjoy once a year or only on your birthday. Pick out some pretty blooms to brighten up your home when passing through the Farmers Market (or even Trader Joe’s!).  

Take a Cooking Class

You know you’ve always wanted to learn how to make pasta from scratch. This summer is the perfect time! Sign up with a friend or your boyfriend/husband for an in-person class or a virtual one and make an entire evening out of it. 

Visit a Museum

Bored on a rainy summer day? Check out that museum you’ve been wanting to visit! Take your time walking through and really consider each piece of art; it’ll make you feel sophisticated and definitely like a French girl (bonus points if you put on a classic beret or tie a silk ribbon around your hair for the occasion). 


Take a Dip

Whether you’re diving into the Mediterranean Sea or just the lake down the street, taking a leisurely swim is the perfect summer activity to cool you down and help you appreciate the season. 

Plan a Tea Date

Is there anything cuter than going for tea? Skip the bloody mary bottomless brunch and opt for an elevated tea date inside a fancy hotel or restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Psst: You can use this excuse to get dolled up in your prettiest dress!


Spend the Day Exploring Like Tourists

Don’t have the money to go on a road trip? With gas prices and inflation as crazy as they’ve been, I don’t blame you. Instead, spend your day exploring your town like a tourist with your boyfriend/husband or best friend! Try to see the streets, shops, and locals through the lens of an outsider, slow down, and appreciate all of the little things you may have taken for granted. 

Paint a Canvas

You don’t have to be Picasso to sit down with a good playlist in the corner of your apartment and paint to your heart’s content. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t turn out perfectly or you don’t have anywhere to hang it, just unplugging from the virtual world and creating something with your hands can feel incredibly rewarding. 

Take a Spontaneous Girls’ Trip

Whether it’s an hour away to your closest beach at an Airbnb you’re all splitting, or if you’ve decided to finally book that European vacation you’ve talked about for years in your group text, it's time to take a spontaneous girls' trip! Life is short and it’s meant to be lived fully. It seems that the French understand this as they tend to maintain a better life-work balance than most Americans. 


Cook a Meal Entirely from Scratch

Okay, Julia Child, I hear you. You’re saying, “But I cook meals from scratch all the time! Just look at the chicken and asparagus I made last night.” While that is certainly a good thing, it’s fun to cook a more thought-out recipe from time to time – something that makes you focus only on the task at hand (instead of scrolling through TikTok while your chicken is baking). Choose a longer recipe than you would typically go for, grab the necessary ingredients from the Farmers Market, pour yourself a glass of Chardonnay, and turn on some French jazz to really make an evening out of it. 

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

It’s time for a summer closet clean-out! Donate or sell the clothes that don’t make you feel confident and comfortable (or honestly, just haven’t come off the hanger since you bought them) and simplify your selection. Creating a small capsule wardrobe of 10 pieces that you can mix and match throughout the summer will make getting ready so much easier and more fun! 


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