15 Signs You’re A Wannabe French Girl

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If you do these 15 things, you can be sure that you're a wannabe French girl.

Aren’t we all just wannabe French girls at heart? While very few have the privilege of actually being the effortlessly chic Parisian girl you see all over Instagram and Pinterest, the rest of us sure can dream. And take part in some of the classic behaviors of any self-respecting wannabe French girl, of course.

These are 15 things that you definitely do if you’re a wannabe French girl. 

1. You Own a Pair of Color-Block Slingback Heels

You know the ones. Whether you have this signature style in a pair of slingback heels or ballet flats, every wannabe French girl will have these shoes in her closet. 

2. You Follow @ParisianVibe on Instagram

Every wannabe French girl’s Instagram feed is chock-full of Parisian inspired content. And we bet that one of the accounts you follow is Parisian Vibe

3. You’re Learning French 

Oui, this is taking the wannabe French girl to the next level. Every woman has probably tried dressing like a French girl at some point, but trying to learn French puts you in a league above the rest. 

4. You Watched Emily in Paris Season 2 the Day It Came Out

You know you did this. Don’t lie. We even bet you might have watched the entire season in one sitting. As cringey as this show can be at times, it's a nice distraction from some of the heavy and more serious plots on tv.

5. You Eat Croissants for Breakfast

Every wannabe French girl has tried eating croissants for breakfast. You get bonus points if you paired it with un chocolat chaud (a.k.a. hot chocolate, although if you’re a wannabe French girl, I bet you already knew that).

6. You’ve Gone to a Cafe To Read a Book

The really committed wannabe French girl definitely goes to cafes where she sits and reads, while pretending that she is in a cafe en plein air in Paris. P.S. People watching while you do this activity is extra credit (and extra fun). 

7. You Wear Lots of Red Lipstick (the French Girl Way, of Course)

You wouldn’t be a wannabe French girl if you didn’t try to achieve the classic Parisian red lip. It’s effortless, perfectly imperfect, and is the wannabe French girl’s go-to. 

8. You Opt for Walking Everywhere Rather Than Formal Exercise

You know the saying: French women don’t get fat. The legend also goes that they don’t exercise either, apart from walking everywhere. The wannabe French girl has definitely tried out this fitness advice. 

9. You Prioritize Skincare over Makeup

French women take their skincare seriously and use good quality products. They also stick with what they know works for them, instead of trying lots of different products. The wannabe French girl can build her French girl-inspired skincare routine with French pharmacy skincare products.

10. You Spend Countless Hours on Pinterest Looking at the French Girl Aesthetic

You wouldn’t be a wannabe French girl if you didn’t spend all of your free time figuring out how to be a French girl. And what better place to do that than Pinterest? We know you have at least one board dedicated to the aesthetic (maybe more). 

11. You’re Obsessed with Finding the Perfect Denim

French girls love denim, so it’s only natural that the wannabe French girl would be obsessed with finding the perfect pair of jeans. It’s a lot harder than it sounds though! Our article on how French women dress differently has the tips you need to find the perfect pair. 

12. You Own a Book on How To Be French

There are seriously hundreds of books on how to dress like, eat like, speak like, date like (you get the picture) a French woman. If you’re a wannabe French girl, you probably own at least one. 

13. You’ve Tried To Give Up Snacking

And yes, more wannabe French girl lifestyle tips. At some point on your quest to become like the French girl you probably learned the French diet advice of not snacking between meals. 

14. You Own a Straw Basket Bag

The way to spot a wannabe French girl at the grocery store is by her classic straw market bag, even more so if she chose a basket bag à la Jane Birkin. 

15. You Want Your Hair To Look “Effortless” 

Finally, every wannabe French girl’s goal is to get perfectly effortless hair. One of the French women’s beauty secrets is using leave-in products and air-drying their hair. 

Closing Thoughts

There’s a lot that goes into being a wannabe French girl. If you are one, you’ve probably done most of these things. And if you aren’t, pay attention and we bet you'll recognize that someone in your life is. 

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