Get Ready For A French Girl Summer

Sure, you’ve heard of hot girl summer, but French girl summer is way better. Trust us.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
Get Ready For A French Girl Summer

If you’re a loyal Evie reader, you’ll know by now that we love French girl everything over here. Their approach to style and life in general is so different from American women, so it’s always fun to see how we can give our lives a little Parisian flair. 

French women are known for being incredibly chic and stylish, and at no point does this show more than in the summertime. I mean, sure, there’s always the cute and casual California beach style, but if you want that je ne sais quoi that French women just seem to have, then you’re going to want all the French girl summer style advice.

According to the founder of the French clothing brand Sezane, Morgane Sezalory, French women handle the heat with grace. She says, “They definitely do feel hot, but they’ll never tell you if they do. They’ll go to the bathroom to cool down, but they’ll pretend they haven’t.” 

So if you too want to know how you can look like you’re not sweating buckets and completely dying in the summer heat, then it’s time you learn how to dress like a French woman. And luckily, their uniform type approach to getting dressed means there’s a formula you can replicate.  

The Midi Dress

In America, mini dresses are much more common. Out in California, where I’m from, it seems like the shorter the better! But French women tend to prefer a longer hemline like a midi. So for a French girl summer, find some knee-length dresses in light cotton fabrics that will keep you cool. 

Breezy Shirts

Is there anything easier than a loose button-down? You can just throw it on and look pulled together instantly, while still having that slightly undone look that’s so key to the French girl image. If you’re going to have a French girl summer, these need to be on your shopping list.

Low Heels

It always comes back to the shoes, doesn’t it? They can make or break an outfit! So you know the French girl summer shoe game is strong. Low heels are very popular for looking cute while also preventing blisters from walking on all the cobblestone streets of Paris. 

Forever Neutrals

There’s a certain practicality to French women’s style, so that means she wants the pieces she buys to work with each other. She sticks to her signatures, what looks best on her, and neutral colors that work with everything she owns. This means you have to be more thoughtful about what you buy, but it pays off in the long run. 

Retro Swimwear

You’ll find French girls’ summer swimwear is all about the retro vibes. Their suits are very classic and aren’t trying to show off. It’s all about great quality and simple styles you can wear for years to come. Brands like Ephemera and Eres are both top-of-the-line French brands making quality swimwear that women invest in and cherish season after season. 

Cat-Eye Glasses

Sunglasses are obviously a summer style essential. And while cat-eye sunglasses might seem like a trendy item, they have actually become a mainstay in the French fashion landscape. We love this feminine accessory!

White Pants

You can’t talk about French girl summer style without talking about the ever classic white pant look. No matter where you live, every woman should own a pair of classic white pants. And you don’t have to go super pricey with them either! A pair of Levis will do just fine (and are actually the favorite of a lot of French girls). 

Straw Bag Season

Summer is coming and so are straw bags. Here are some of our favorites! You’ll want to stock up because this is the French girl summer style essential you’ll need for everything from the grocery store to your next beach day. So get your Jane Birkin on and rock a basket bag. 


Espadrilles, espadrilles, espadrilles. Remember when I said that shoes are super important to an outfit? Well, the espadrilles are a standout, especially among French women. Here’s where to get them. (Plus, the obviously not French, but still super stylish Kate Middleton rocks them too). 

Scarves for Days

One more traditional accessory to add to your French girl-inspired summer wardrobe is a headscarf. And as a bonus, these also work tied onto your purse for a pop of color in a more neutral outfit!

Light Prints

Another French girl tip is that dainty prints can enliven your wardrobe without making you look like you tried too hard. So a printed top with a pair of jeans or a printed dress is a really easy summer style choice to give you that French girl look. 

Dress Up

French girl style really embraces the idea of high-low dressing. On an average day, don’t be afraid to make your outfit a bit more dressy. Simply changing your accessories can help you do this without going over the top. 

Closing Thoughts

French women know how to do summer right! Buy the style essentials and you can quickly have yourself a French girl-inspired wardrobe that you can mix and match with what you already own all summer long. And after all, who wouldn’t want to look effortlessly chic and cool?

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