Straw Bags Are Back For Spring. Here Are Our Favorites

By Nicole Andre
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Straw Bags Are Back For Spring. Here Are Our Favorites

Straw Bags Are Back For Spring. Here Are Our Favorites

Straw bags are a spring and summer style staple. Ditch that dark handbag! Straw bags are way more fitting for the warmer weather and will help your outfit to look more seasonally appropriate.

Basket weaving has been going on for ages. And it’s easy to see why. It makes these beautiful baskets that are durable and very practical. But it wasn’t really until Jane Birkin made these a style essential that they became a spring and summer fashion staple. So if you want the French girl chic look, you’re going to want to have at least one style in your closet. (Fair warning, after getting one your normal handbag may not see much more use until fall arrives.)

Here are all the bags that will serve you now and in years to come!

french straw market basket leather handles

French Straw Market Bag

The French straw market bag has its name for a reason. You will see women all over France wearing these in the spring and summer to pick up their groceries when they go to the market. But as a bonus, they make a cute accessory. A bag that’s fashionable and that will get the grocery shopping done, where do I sign up?

Plus, the leather handles on this make it much sturdier so it will be better suited to holding all the things women carry around.

Buy Now - $49.00
white cueba beads bag

White Cueba Beads Bag

If the French market bag just didn’t have enough flair for you, this bag is sure to do the trick. The bag is unique, but would still work with most of your wardrobe. It’s a high-quality bag from Aranaz, which is a brand that’s super committed to craftsmanship. And on a bag like this where there are beads, you definitely want to avoid cheap versions where those things will quickly fall off. 

Buy Now - $285.00
large jane birkin basket with lid

Large Jane Birkin Basket Bag

If you really want to ace the Jane Birkin look, the basket bag is the way to go. This large size can hold anything you need it to, but is still super stylish for a girl on the go. 

Buy Now - $69.00
rattan clutch leather buckle chain strap

Rattan Clutch with Chain Strap

Another really stylish way to hop on the straw bag trend is to pick up a rattan clutch. I love this one because it’s classic with a few leather touches. It also comes with a chain that you could attach if you’re forgetful like me or if having a strap on your purse makes things easier. You can also switch out the chain for a leather strap like this one.

Buy Now - $98.50
lyra rattan round crossbady purse

Lyra Rattan Crossbody Bag

The round shape is really modern and a super fun and trendy way to change up your look this spring. Plus the blue and white striped fabric interior adds a fun touch. It also comes in black and in white, if you want other color options.

Buy Now - $78.00
natural cielo striped straw tote

Natural Cielo Tote

In my opinion, this is the perfect beach bag! The color detailing adds that brightness that makes it fun, but it’s still overall classic and able to work with pretty much anything you have on. So whether you’re headed to the beach or the grocery store, this bag is a great pick.

Buy Now - $155.00
small saddle bag crossbody raffia leather

Classic Small Saddle Bag in Raffia

If big totes aren’t your thing, a straw crossbody just might be your perfect match. This is a super classic bag that’s really versatile and holds more than you think.

Buy Now - $128.00
hannah oink straw mini tote bag

Hannah Straw Mini Tote Bag

This bag is super trendy! So I’ll be honest, it’s not the easiest to wear. But if you like to have fun with lots of different trendy handbags, then this would be a perfect one to pick up for spring and summer. 

Buy Now - $118.00
woven straw market tote bag black stripe

Woven Straw Market Tote

If you’re a sucker for classic Americana fashion like I am, then you’ll love this straw market tote. The black detailing adds a little something to make it unique, while keeping it super traditional.

Buy Now - $98.00
cream pot de miel straw basket

Cream Pot De Miel Bag

This bag is probably one of my favorites on this list. It’s easy to wear with lots of different things, but the shape is a nice twist on the typical straw bag. It just screams going out with your girlfriends to me, no matter what time of day. This bag, a floral dress, and some espadrilles would be the perfect outfit.

Buy Now - $189.00
straw bag magnolia scarf draper james

Straw Bag with Floral Scarf

Want a straw bag with a southern touch? This is the perfect one for you. The magnolia scarf gives it that southern girl flair. People have been putting scarves on leather handbags for years, so I love that this straw bag comes with one. 

Buy Now - $75.00
margaret woven straw clutch built in handles

Margaret Woven Clutch

I’m seriously in love with this clutch. I think it’s so pretty and unique, yet it would still manage to work with basically anything you would ever wear. If you want a straw clutch, this one’s a winner. (It also comes in black and in white.)

Buy Now - $88.00
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