Our 13 Favorite French Style Influencers To Follow For Inspiration

If you want to get that effortlessly chic French girl look, these are the girls to follow on Instagram.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
Our 13 Favorite French Style Influencers To Follow For Inspiration

I don’t know about you, but we’re obsessed with the French girl look here at Evie. We love the French mindset to getting dressed and, of course, the laidback, but still super chic look that they all seem to have without even trying. 

More and more people are getting their fashion inspiration from Instagram these days. It’s a really easy way to see outfits that work for real women and how to style things. Basically, the online version of seeing an outfit on a girl you know and asking her where she got it!

If you want to develop the French girl style, Instagram is one of the best places to start learning what French women wear and how they dress. Before you know it, you’ll have the Parisian chic look down pat! So let’s start talking about the lovely ladies you should be following.

Leia Sfez

I can’t begin to tell you how much I adore Leia Sfez. Out of all the influencers on this list, she’s without a doubt my favorite to follow. If you’re looking for the epitome of the French cool girl, it’s her. She’s also a mama to three children, having just recently had her third baby, so if you’re looking for maternity style advice, she’s the way to go. Her feed would also be really good to look at for anyone wanting to build a capsule wardrobe because like many of the French women on this list you’ll find she re-wears many of her pieces.

Jeanne Damas

If you know anything about the French girl aesthetic, you knew that she would be on here. At 1.4 million followers, Jeanne Damas is one of the most popular French girl influencers. If dainty floral prints and that perfectly smudged red lip are your thing, Jeanne Damas is the girl to follow. She also has her very own clothing brand, Rouje. I know, it just keeps getting better. 

Emmanuelle Koffi

If you want ultra-feminine French girl style, Emmanuelle is your girl! Skirts, straight-leg jeans, and leather boots are all style staples of hers. She’s also a good page to follow if you need some beret inspiration!

Camille Charriere


Camille technically doesn’t live in Paris anymore — she actually moved to London for a boy and wrote about it. But given the fact that she lived in France her whole life up to that point, I would say she’s got the French style thing down. If you’re looking for cool-girl style, look no further.

Camille Rowe

While we’re at it, let’s talk about Camille Rowe. You might have heard her name from when she dated Harry Styles, but she’s also a French-American model and influencer who was born right in the heart of France, Paris.

Camille Yolaine

Why don’t we just do all the Camilles at once? Each one ends up making me think of the other. It must be a popular girl name in France. Camille Yolaine is perfect if you love a beautiful cardigan, feminine details, and color. Her wardrobe is the least neutral out of all the influencers I’ve mentioned.


Louise is another fun French woman to follow and is another big fan of berets. She also helped to found Perleet Porcelain, which is an online vintage shop where you can get pieces a lot like the ones you’ll see her wearing on her Instagram feed.


Dolorès is another fun French influencer to follow. Plus if you’re wanting to learn a bit of French, her captions are usually in French, so you might be able to learn a phrase or two from her posts.

Filippa Hägg

If you need a lesson in Parisian neutrals, make sure to follow Filippa Hägg. Her signature accessory has to be sunglasses. She wears them in practically every post. So for how to style coats, blazers, and, of course, a pair of classic sunnies, she’s the go-to.

Zoïa Mossour

Zoïa is from Paris, and it totally shows. She has the Parisian chic look down to a tee. Her look is built around basics, like many of the women on this list, and can really help you make the most of your wardrobe. 

Inès Terlet Berthaud

One scroll through Inès’s Instagram and you’re probably going to want to be her. She’s got the perfect brown crop and French girl style that feels unique to her somehow. And overall, she just seems like a good time and is a fun addition to your feed!

Claire Inette

Want a blonde with a love for the perfect blouse and floral print as fashion inspiration on your Instagram feed? Claire Inette to the rescue. She’s super cute and owns La Collection de Clairinette where you can shop some of her favorite vintage pieces. French women love vintage!

Ivana Gibson

Ivana Gibson has really wonderful ultra-feminine French girl style. She incorporates a ton of pretty color into her wardrobe and is a sucker for a beret (as am I). She’ll be a joy to follow, trust me.

Closing Thoughts

I love French girl style, and one of the best ways to start to understand it so that you can replicate it for yourself is by following French women. Hopefully, the style of some of these women really spoke to you and can help you to elevate your own. Au revoir!

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