Want Reese Witherspoon’s Southern Charm? Start With How She Dresses

The Nashville-born actress Reese Witherspoon has some serious Southern charm. And while you may not have her Southern drawl, you can certainly take a note from her and dress like a Southern woman.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
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There aren’t too many people unfamiliar with Reese Witherspoon at this point. The Southern gal has come a long way since her first feature film Man in the Moon. From becoming a star for her role as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, to my favorite Sweet Home Alabama, to winning Best Actress at the Oscars for her performance as June Carter in Walk the Line, Witherspoon has really made a name for herself.

More recently, you’ll find her in the popular Netflix TV show, Big Little Lies, and the Hulu series, Little Fires Everywhere. But outside of her acting career, Witherspoon is still busy with her life as a wife and mother to kids Ava, Deacon, and Tennessee. Yes, you heard that right, Tennessee. How Southern is that?

Witherspoon is an avid reader, so much so that she has her own book club that’s become a pretty popular source of inspiration for other women readers. But that’s not where her love for books ends.

She actually wrote a book of her own Whiskey in a Teacup about all the life lessons she’s learned from growing up in the South. And with everything from makeup and beauty advice, to decorating tips, to recipes for Southern classics, if you only had one book to get you through life, this would probably be a good one to pick.

No, Witherspoon definitely hasn’t resigned herself to staying in one lane. She also started her clothing line, Draper James, in an effort to bring classic American style steeped in Southern charm to women who feel like the fashion industry doesn’t make what they really want to wear. If you want a look that’s classic and feminine, Reese has you covered.

Don’t Knock Gingham

What New England prep is to stripes, Southern charm is to gingham. It’s a really simple pattern that you can dress up or down. It will take you from the grocery store, to a ball game, to that dinner party you have later. And it’s simple nature leaves room for lots of accessorizing.

Embrace Florals

Is there any way to more easily look feminine than with floral? Witherspoon always has the perfect dress, and she isn’t afraid to wear florals every season of the year. You can too! It’s all about color choice; blues are great to transition into fall.

You Can Do Better Than a Football Jersey

If there’s one thing the South loves, it’s football. Witherspoon included! But Southern women tend to stay away from actual jerseys and are a little more creative with their game day attire. A simple knit top and a pair of jeans will work fine, or you can go all out in a great game day outfit that has your team’s colors.

Graphics To Make You Smile

I bet you weren’t expecting graphic tees to be on this list! Well, here we are. Witherspoon doesn’t go for tee shirts with pictures, but will absolutely be seen in something with a word or short phrase. Just make sure it’s something your meemaw would approve of.

If It’s Not Moving, Monogram It

Witherspoon said that her “rule is if it’s not moving, monogram it.” Monogramming is huge in the South! I love the idea of something subtle like the R on Witherspoon’s robe. You can monogram pretty much anything you want from hats to bags to cups to your car, so go crazy.

Staying at Home? Up Your Pajama Game

Yes, even Southern women stay at home in their pajamas sometimes. But Witherspoon makes sure hers are always cute. If you invest in cute pajamas that you wouldn’t be embarrassed of, you’ll automatically feel better when you pass by the mirror in the morning...or at three in the afternoon (I won’t tell anyone). So stock up on cute pajamas and throw out the old baggy tee shirt. 

Stylish Earrings

Accessorizing is an important part of Southern style. And while Witherspoon is partial to a simple pair of gold hoops, she’s also not afraid to step outside the box from time to time with a fun drop earring. 

Go All Out on Holiday Style

If you aren’t going all out on your holiday outfits, you’re doing it wrong. Witherspoon has a plethora of holiday looks for anyone lacking in inspiration. Holiday coats, sweaters, mittens, winter hats. You’ll need it all! And if you’re afraid of buying pieces that are too Christmasy to wear all season, find basic winter pieces and then make sure the accessories have more of a holiday touch. 

Lipstick, Lipstick, Lipstick

As the ambassador for Elizabeth Arden, Witherspoon knows a thing or two about makeup. In fact, she even had an afterschool class in high school where she learned makeup. Where do I sign up? That needs to be added to every course list. Lipstick application is an important life skill, people. All jokes aside, Witherspoon loves lipstick and doesn’t shy away from brighter pinks or reds. If those colors feel daunting, try wearing them at home until you get used to it.

Loose Waves

Whether her hair is long or short like she wears it today, Witherspoon is often seen in her signature curls. Getting done up is a big thing for women in the South, and curled hair is super popular, even if they don’t necessarily have anywhere important to be. And you know what they say, the higher the hair the closer to God. 

Closing Thoughts

Reese Witherspoon was one of my first style icons. I have to restrain myself from buying the entire Draper James collection each season. Once you know what to look for, her style isn’t too hard to recreate. And everyone could use a little bit of Southern charm in their closet, right?