Comparing Kate’s And Meghan’s Style: British Royalty Versus American Royalty

If anyone has good style it’s the royal women. But nobody ever said Kate and Meghan have the same sense of style. Here’s how they differ.

By Nicole Andre3 min read

In our modern world, everything is driven by trends, whereas the royal ladies’ style is very trendless. Both Kate’s and Meghan’s outfits since becoming royals have been more conservative in nature and consist of entirely classic styles. Yet, these two women each still maintain a very distinctive sense of style that sets them apart.

I happen to love both of their style choices, but they do make some pretty different decisions while still staying within the realm of classic style. And while Meghan’s style has become more casual since stepping down from her senior royal position alongside Prince Harry, I’ll be focusing on her style when she was still a senior member of the royal family.

To Bare or Not to Bare

While Kate Middleton does don an off-the-shoulder dress from time to time, she never chooses a sleeveless dress or blouse. Meghan, on the other hand, often wears sleeveless styles during the warmer months. It’s arguably one of the more noticeable differences between their styles and the first one that I picked up on.

Kate Wears More Traditional Floral Prints

Kate and Meghan are both fond of print, but when it comes to the classic floral option, you’re much more likely to see it on Kate than Meghan. Meghan often opts for a more bohemian print when she strays from her typical solid-colored dresses.

Meghan Embraces the Wrap Coat

While Kate’s coats are what the Brits would call “smart,” and she typically selects them from British designers or brands, Meghan wears a ton of wrap coats. 

Wrap coats are a bit more casual in nature, which is something that’s generally true of Meghan’s style in comparison to Kate’s. The belts on her coats help give Meghan the waist definition that’s so important to flattering clothing, whereas Kate’s achieves waist definition from the more tailored fit of her coats. 

Meghan also wears her coats open more often than Kate does. But she keeps the waist emphasis a part of her outfit by tucking in her top. That’s a really good style trick to keep in mind for all your outfits because it will help create the illusion of the ideal hourglass shape

Meghan Shines in Black

While it’s not unheard of to see the Duchess of Cambridge in black, Meghan makes it a much bigger part of her wardrobe. The reason for that might come down to their coloring. Meghan’s dark hair and dark eyes are really brought out by black, while black can sometimes be too harsh for Kate’s softer coloring.

Markle Sparkles in Jewel Tones

While Kate Middleton definitely wears bold colors, (red is one of her favorites as is green or even magenta), they typically aren’t as saturated and out there as the ones the Duchess of Sussex chooses to don. This also comes back to coloring and what looks flattering. Meghan can carry saturated color really well. The way to tell whether or not a color is flattering for your skin tone is to ask yourself what stands out in the mirror, you or the color of the garment. The former is the goal when getting ready.

How To Dress for the Great Outdoors

When doing the more outdoorsy activities the royals sometimes have on their agenda, Kate favors green and brown tones for her outfit, usually paired alongside riding boots. Kate’s practical, nature-themed style during these types of occasions is very true to the British mindset. 

Meanwhile, Meghan is often seen in black instead (and sometimes less practical shoes). Maybe it’s that she spent more time in New York than Kate? 

Meghan Wears More Slacks

While Kate does wear pants from time to time, they’re a bigger part of Meghan’s wardrobe. She also wore a jumpsuit, which I can’t remember Kate ever wearing. Might be a royal first!

Kate Embraces Plaid

While it’s true that we’ve seen Meghan in plaid, it’s a fundamental part of the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe, especially during the holidays. It’s a really traditional print that’s a staple for Kate in the winter.

Meghan Wears Looser Dresses

A maxi dress is one of Meghan’s favorite styles. Maybe it’s the California girl in her! So while Kate’s dresses could never be deemed bohemian, Meghan’s sometimes veer a little more in that direction in the summer months.

Which Duchess Loves a Button-Down?

While I’m sure most of you already know the answer to that, it’s Meghan. We saw her in one when she was first gaining attention in the public eye for her relationship with Harry, and since then she hasn’t been afraid to incorporate the piece into casual or formal outfits. Clearly, they’re a basic worth investing in!

Detailed Collars Are Kate’s Thing

Kate embraces high collars more than Meghan in general, but she also embraces detailing on them. She will give a subtle nod to Princess Diana with peter pan collars, as well as pussycat bows on her dresses and blouses.

Body Con or A-Line

One style you’ll see on Meghan and not on Kate is body con. Most of the time, Kate selects A-line dresses where the bodice is fitted and the bottom is loose.

And while Meghan wears that style as well (it’s a classic), she doesn’t shy away from this more form-fitting style.

Meghan and the Messy Bun

You knew it was coming, the famous (or perhaps infamous) messy bun had to be a part of this article. Against Kate’s immaculate styles, Meghan’s messy bun really solidifies how her style is more casual in nature.

Closing Thoughts

While I love both Kate and Meghan’s style, it’s no secret that their styles are pretty different from each other. That said, both ladies share a more classic style that doesn’t revolve around trends. And because classic style works for everyone, elements of both Kate and Meghan’s style are worth incorporating into your wardrobe.

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