Summer Vacation Is On The Horizon: Here’s Our Style Checklist Depending On If You’re Going To The Beach, The Mountains Or The City

If you have a summer vacation coming up, whether you’re headed to the beach, mountains, or city, this style guide is for you.

By Nicole Andre2 min read
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With each season you probably find yourself needing (or, let’s be honest, wanting) some new clothes and accessories. And that’s especially true if you have a summer vacation coming up because not only will there be lots of photos, but you also have to take a different climate into consideration, meaning shopping could be involved. 

But whether you’re planning on vacationing at the beach, in the mountains, the city, or somewhere in-between, our style checklist has got your back. We have the items you’ll need for the climate you’re headed to, and at a price point you’re comfortable with. Happy shopping!

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The Beach Vacation

Summer is the peak time for beach vacations. And with the high UV rays, sand, and water, you’re going to need to stock up on a few style essentials that are not only fashionable but are going to keep you comfortable on those hot, humid days by the ocean.

For vacationing at the beach, we recommend choosing timeless pieces that you'll cherish for years to come. Everything below will pair seamlessly together, or compliment your statement swimsuit. Plus, this capsule wardrobe will make your photos by the water look effortlessly coordinated.  

Sun Hat

beach sun hat
Save $52 | Splurge $68


beach swimsuit
Save $27 | Splurge $119 Top, $114 Bottom

Swimsuit Coverup

beach coverup
Save $29.99 | Splurge $145


beach sandals
Save $39.98 | Splurge $155

Beach Bag

beach bag tote 2
Save $19.59 | Splurge $74.50


beach sunglasses
Save $20 | Splurge $69.99

Linen Shorts

beach linen shorts
Save $29.90 | Splurge $69.50

Smocked Sundress

beach smocked sundress
Save $48 | Splurge $108

Linen Shirt

beach linen shirt
Save $32.49 | Splurge $128

The Mountain Vacation

There’s nothing like a good trip to the mountains in the summer time. Hiking, peak top views, and campfires with s'mores – sounds like a dream! You’ll need some pieces that are high functioning but that also look cute.

A mountain vacation is a fun excuse to wear some more rustic, country inspired fashion items. Bring out the overalls and cowboy boots for casual outings and keep the sneakers, baseball caps, and biker shorts for the main event. Not only will these pieces look cute and fit in with the aesthetic of your location, but you won’t have to worry about ruining them. Durability counts on a vacation in the mountains. 

Workout Set

Evie - Anna Docs 2 (5)workout set
Save $58 Top, $58 Bottom | Splurge $68 Top, $68 Bottom

Cute Sneakers

Evie - Anna Docs 2 (6)
Save $34.99 | Splurge $185

Cowboy Boots

mountain cowboy boots
Save $49 | Splurge $190


mountains overalls
Save $40 | Splurge $98


mountains bandana
Save $8 | Splurge $14.50


mountains fedora
Save $29 | Splurge $88

Denim Jacket

mountains denim jacket
Save $55.13 | Splurge $98

The City Vacation

Vacationing in the city definitely gives you the chance to be fashion forward because cities like New York and L.A. in particular are all about turning the sidewalk into your own personal runway. We have options for you whether you’re wanting to dress up while you’re taking on the town, or keep it casual (but still want to look cute). 

Classic but fashion forward pieces that you can mix and match are going to be your best bet in the city. Not only will you blend in with the "it girls", but if you choose classic, neutral pieces you can also save yourself a lot of space in your suitcase by rewearing the same items as part of different outfits. 

Silk Skirt

city silk skirt
Save $49 | Splurge $150

Straight Leg Jeans

city straight leg jeans
Save $49.90 | Splurge $128 

Rectangular Sunglasses

city rectangular sunglasses
Save $16 | Splurge $185

Strappy Heels

city strappy heels
Save $26.40 | Splurge $280


city LBDd 2
Save $58 | Splurge $148


city romper
Save $75 | Splurge $239

Shoulder Bag

city crossbody purse
Save $189 | Splurge $250

Closing Thoughts

Summer vacations typically require some shopping, but no matter where you’re headed, we’re confident that these essentials will be great to build your outfits around. 

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