8 Trends That Fashion Girls Will Be Wearing This Spring

Bye-bye, beige. Spring is here, and fashion girls around the world are ready to ditch the neutral color palette and ultra-minimal aesthetic in favor of brighter shades and more dramatic silhouettes.

By Anna Hartman3 min read
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Each season welcomes new fashion trends, and while we can’t say that they’re all up our alley, it’s still fun to take note of what major influencers, celebrities, and stylists are wearing. Although we’re not suggesting that you abandon your personal style in order to partake in each fad, sometimes stepping outside your comfort zone and experimenting with aspects of new trends can reignite your passion for getting dressed. 

The overwhelming majority of the fashion trends we see each season begin with the designers at Fashion Week and make their way down the pipeline to viral TikTok videos, Instagram try-on hauls, and eventually our wardrobes. 

In my opinion, each trend has elements in it that you can use as inspiration in small, subtle ways to make your wardrobe timelier without doing a complete overhaul. 

Whether you want to introduce a new trend to make getting ready for the day more enticing, or you’re simply curious about why so many of your favorite bloggers are changing their tune on low-rise jeans, today’s breakdown is for you. Ready or not, here are the eight trends that fashion girls will be wearing this Spring. 


Think: frolicking through idyllic rolling hills of tall grass while wearing a puff sleeve smock dress. I’d argue that this trend is the easiest to pull off in a sweet and feminine way for Spring and Summer. 

When searching for clothes that fit the prairiecore aesthetic, look for square neck details, vintage floral patterns, ruffles, and linen or light flowy fabrics.

For Your Closet: Square Neck Ruffled Half Sleeve Maxi Dresses from Amazon, $37

Y2K Nostalgia 

In stark contrast to delicate, charming patterns and silhouettes, the Y2K aesthetic is bright, bold, and funky. If you thought we saw the last of low-rise jeans, pink tinted glasses, and head scarves, think again. Along with those popular components, baby tees, butterfly details, colorful mini bags, and platform shoes are back with a vengeance. If all of this sounds like your worst nightmare, welcome to my current headspace. 

However, as I noted previously, I think we can still take certain aspects from this trend and use them to our advantage. Take halter necklines as an example; this is subtle enough that you can give a nod to the ‘90s and 2000s while remaining true to your overall fashion sense. 

For Your Closet: Flower Embossed Towelling Collar Mini Dress from NastyGal, $26.00

Regency Romance 

It’s no surprise that Regency-era (now dubbed “Regencycore”) style is trending. With shows like Bridgerton and The Courtship highlighting the romance of the 19th century, we’ve found ourselves collectively enamored with the gloriously dreamy elements. To say that it’s a nice change of pace from oversized band tees and chunky dad sneakers would be an understatement. 

If you want to dress the part of a heroine in a Jane Austen novel, search for dresses and blouses with fitted bodices, puff sleeves, ruched tulle, and romantic pearl details. 

For Your Closet: Tonina Puff Sleeve Top from ASTR The Label, $98.00

Twee Fashion 

We’re back to channeling Zooey Deschanel in the latest trend featuring peter pan collars, ballet flats, hair bows, tweed shorts, and vintage satchels. Twee fashion highlights a retro aesthetic that can be best described as “quirky.” 

If Zooey Deschanel doesn’t scream “fashion” to you, no worries (and also, same), Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift have both nailed this aesthetic in more modern, stylish ways that come across less cheesy than our favorite New Girl character. 

If you want to give a nod to twee fashion without going full schoolgirl, search for a simple peter pan collar to give your basic white blouse a break. 

For Your Closet: White Embroidered Pointed Collar Shirt from J.ING, $33

‘70s Inspired Fringe 

First came the return of curtain bangs, and now fringe is the newest trend bringing back the ‘70s. With concert and festival season just around the corner, desert wear just got a groovy upgrade with fringe-lined vests, boots, shorts, and dresses. 

Thankfully, to participate you only need to invest in a single statement piece that you can style with other basics. I recommend going for a light-colored cropped jacket or a pair of high-waisted shorts with an elevated fringe element to keep things soft and sophisticated. 

For Your Closet: Fringe Cropped Jacket from BlankNYC, $128.00

Feather Details 

Now, this is a trend I can fully support. Feathers are such a fun way to add a facet of girliness and glam to any outfit. Splurge on the full-feather tube top you’ve seen plastered across your “for you” page in honor of a special occasion like your birthday or engagement party. 

Alternatively, you can opt for something more subtle (and inexpensive) to spice up your WFH routine like these feather-trimmed pajamas. 

For Your Closet: x REVOLVE Zaina Top from Lamarque, $231.00

Not-So-Basic Overalls 

I gotta say, I love an overalls moment. I think it’s because you’re taking an item that is traditionally meant for uninspiring, humble work and turning them into something worth celebrating. 

In my opinion, a good pair of overalls will never go out of style. However, their aesthetics do shift from season to season when it comes to what’s on-trend. Currently, we’re leaning toward more white/cream and olive colors, and anything with a floral pattern. So instead of your classic blue denim, try out something a little more feminine and girly this Spring. 

For Your Closet: Pilcro The Painters Denim Overalls from Anthropologie, $99.95

Color-Blocking in Bright, Bold Colors 

This is for those of you who are positively done with the minimalist, neutral movement. Although I’m personally excited to add some Spring colors back into my wardrobe, I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say that I’m ready to leave creamy whites and shades of beige in my past. 

Nevertheless, fashion girls everywhere are embracing bright magenta, highlighter orange, Starburst yellow, and neon pink. Not only that, but they’re mixing the colors together to create an eye-catching ensemble that guarantees they’ll stand out from the crowd. 

For Your Closet: Bright and Breezy Marigold Tie-Front Culotte Side Slit Pants from Lulus, $48.00

Closing Thoughts

Are any of these eight trends calling your name? While I’m not here to pressure you into rebuilding your classy capsule wardrobe from the ground up, I think it can be fun to take subtle elements from new trends we admire. 

If any of the above are aligned with your personal aesthetic and make you feel excited to get dressed, trust that they’re worth experimenting with. Take a moment to celebrate and embrace the current fashion trends by weaving them into your seasonal wardrobe with pieces that make your inner stylist come alive. 

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