I Tried To Recreate 5 Hailey Bieber Outfits. Here’s How It Went

What better way to begin the new year than with a style challenge? When it comes to Hailey Bieber, we know and love her as a Gen Z fashion icon. She has a certain unbothered, tomboy aesthetic that somehow still comes across as effortlessly chic.

By Anna Hartman4 min read
I Tried To Recreate 5 Hailey Bieber Outfits. Here’s How It Went instagram

Although I’m a huge fan (who isn’t? let’s be honest), as a fashion blogger with a feminine, Parisian-inspired wardrobe myself, I wouldn’t exactly describe her outfits as something I gravitate toward. I’ve worked in the fashion industry for the past nine years, and despite the fact that my personal style has evolved, I still find myself in a creative rut or, furthermore, a full-blown identity crisis from time to time.

When I fall into the repetitiveness of plucking the same outfit from my closet day after day, I know it’s time to switch things up with a renewed sense of excitement. In the spirit of 2022 and starting the year off with a fresh perspective, I decided to take this challenge head-on. Now, because I’ve also set my shopping budget to $0 this January (another experiment of mine), this meant that I had to recreate five Hailey Bieber looks using only items I already had in my closet.

When you pin that simple fact up against the realization that Hailey Bieber has a personal stylist, loads of money, and access to *literally* every resource imaginable, I came across some… well, noteworthy fails.

On the flip side, I also came to the conclusion that there is more than one way to wear my white jeans in the winter, monochromatic looks are most definitely still on trend, and, although celebrities’ outfits may cost a fortune, they’re easier to recreate with budget-friendly pieces than you would think.

I’m ditching my blush pink, beret style and my signature long loose curls in favor of oversized fits and slicked back buns (my personal nightmare) in honor of Hailey this week. 

Without further ado, below I’m sharing how my fashion challenge went, along with what I believe each look requires when it comes to essential wardrobe pieces. 

The Show-Stopping Monochromatic Look

hailey bieber monochromatic look white cream

Image source: Pinterest

Our girl is a big fan of neutrals (especially creamy light tones), that’s for sure. This outfit screams “cozy and chic,” and I am definitely here for it. Although mixing bright whites with a similar hue of cream isn’t something I would typically do, I’m surprised by how much I adore the combination. 

The contrast of the printed belt and dark round sunglasses helps break up the sea of light tones and adds the touch of edginess that Hailey Bieber is known for. 

hailey bieber long cardigan

The wardrobe pieces you’ll need to recreate this look: White Turtleneck | Cream Teddy Sherpa Coat | White High-Waisted Jeans | Printed Belt | Cream Knee-High Boots | Cream Shoulder Bag | Round Sunglasses

The Business Casual Look

The other constant in Hailey Bieber’s wardrobe that I’ve discovered through this challenge is oversized blazers. I borrowed my husband’s black blazer for this and paired it with the new “mom jeans” I bought during Small Business Saturday. 

For short women like me, I believe that the straight leg denim trend is flattering IF (and this is a big “if”) paired with a top half that is fitted or cropped. Every time that I try this trend with a loose or oversized top, the entire look immediately becomes unsightly. It turns me into a boring ol’ rectangle with no curves, which totally sabotages the point of mom jeans. 

hailey bieber recreation black blazer (1)

Yes, Hailey Bieber can pull off the oversized trio because she’s a supermodel and can do no wrong, but me? I’ll stick to my rule of 1:1 oversized to tightly fitted, thanks. Some fashion rules just aren’t meant to be broken.

The wardrobe pieces you’ll need to recreate this look: Oversized Black Blazer | Neutral Sweater | Straight Leg Jeans | Round Sunglasses | Black Heels | Black Quilted Shoulder Bag

The Cozy Daytime Look 

hailey bieber monochromatic knit skit cardigan

Image source: Pinterest

Consider me adding this outfit into my latest rotation. I would have never thought to pair my midi skirt with a crop top and a cardigan had it not been for Hailey Bieber paving the way. Obviously, I would prefer to have the matching cardigan/skirt set that she owns to make the transition as seamless as she does. But, if we’re working on a budget of $0, I gotta say that I’m pretty satisfied with how this one turned out.

hailey bieber recreation skirt cardigan combo

This is a fairly simple outfit to recreate if you own a decent number of neutral items. Depending on the wardrobe staples you have on hand, you could recreate this look in a tan or black palette as well.   

The wardrobe pieces you’ll need to recreate this look: Cream Cardigan | Cream Spaghetti Strap Tank | Cream Knit Midi Skirt | White Crossbody Bag | Cream Knee High Boots | Black Cat-Eye Sunglasses | Gold Hoop Earrings

The Fuzzy Feminine Look

Hailey Bieber alamy

Image source: Alamy

Now, onto my second least favorite outfit. If I’m honest, this was quite disappointing because Hailey’s look was closest to my personal style preferences out of all five chosen. I love the simplicity of her white midi dress and how she paired it with fuzzy, pink heels for an overall girly aesthetic. 

hailey bieber bodycon dress (1)

For me, what didn’t work with this look was the fact that I only had a skin-tight mini dress as opposed to a more elegant, loose-fitting dress. Pairing my dress with fuzzy heels (although I love them) made the outfit look somewhat cheap in my opinion. All in all, this outfit is clearly stunning on Hailey and, if anything, it made me realize that I want to swap out my bodycon dress for a classier slip dress as my next purchase. 

The wardrobe pieces you’ll need to recreate this look: White Midi Slip Dress | Fuzzy Oversized Clutch | Fuzzy Open Toe Heels

The Oversized Blazer Look

The outfit I would, and am planning to, wear immediately. 

I generally reserve blazers for business meetings (a.k.a. they’ve been sitting in my closet lifeless for the past two years), but Hailey Bieber has me rethinking my decision on this. Although I couldn’t find an oversized blazer like hers, I used a tan one from my wardrobe that I had nearly forgotten about. I paired it with a lace-detailed, satin tank top for a sultry edge, white skinny jeans, and nude pointed-toe pumps to finish it off. 

hailey bieber recreation tan blazer

Forego the LBD your man has seen a hundred times, and swap it out in favor of this unexpected flirty look for your next date night (I know I will).

The wardrobe pieces you’ll need to recreate this look: Oversized Tan Blazer | Tan Tank Top | White High-Waisted Jeans | Nude Pointed-Toe Pumps | Brown Mini Satchel | Rectangle Sunglasses

Closing Thoughts

Despite the shortcomings, the overall challenge was a success in my eyes. Out of the five outfits, three of them I’m planning on adding into my rotation for getting dressed. 

If you’re looking to reignite your passion for your wardrobe and switch up your approach to fashion in 2022, a celebrity styling challenge may just be the answer. Choose a fashion icon or Instablogger to emulate, set a timer for 30 minutes, and focus on recreating five looks using only items you have in your closet. 

Once you allow yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and test out new silhouettes and fabric combinations, you may be surprised with how it changes the lens through which you see your wardrobe this year. 

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