Straight Leg Jeans Are Back, Baby. Here Are The Cutest Ways To Style Them

Yes, straight leg jeans are back. And we have inspiration on all the best ways to style them.

By Nicole Andre2 min read
Straight Leg Jeans Are Back, Baby. Here Are The Cutest Ways To Style Them instagram

Skinny jeans have been declared out by Gen Z for a while now, and since we don’t see that changing anytime soon, you can bet these jeans will be a big part of the 2022 fashion landscape. Straight leg jeans offer a wonderful alternative for those who just can’t get on board with the baggier mom jeans silhouette. 

The straight leg style creates a flattering line because the wider ankle creates the illusion of longer legs. (Whereas skinny jeans tucked into boots cuts off the line of your leg earlier.) 

Business Casual

One of the great things about jeans is that you can dress them up or down. While you might think of a t-shirt when jeans come to mind, you can easily dress that up with a chic blazer and a pair of boots. The dressier the boots, the dressier your outfit will be! Leather tends to be dressier than suede, and a stiletto heel is dressier than a block heel. A pointed toe is more of a statement than a rounded one. 

Feminine Heels

Who says that you have to wear boots with jeans? Instead, swap them out for a feminine and cute pair of heels. If you go for a block heel like these slingbacks, you’ll have enough support for a great everyday shoe. So chic. And trust me, they’ll look amazing when paired with the loose fit at the ankle. 

Color Coordination

Straight leg jeans are perfect for creating color coordination with your top and your shoes. Even if they don’t match exactly, wearing different tones of the same color for your top and shoes is still a great look. The seamless line of the jeans will make the outfit blend together beautifully.

Make It Match

Matching your jeans to your shoes is a flattering way to elongate the line of your leg. Consider branching out into black or white jeans that you can pair with matching boots or even heels. Pro tip: Bring in other matching accessories to make your outfit look even more put together.


To really go full force with the matching, try out a monochromatic look. The straight leg silhouette is perfect for a monochromatic outfit because the elongated leg amplifies the seamless effect that monochrome is intended to create. 

Pair Them with a Long Coat

Yes, go ahead and put on your long coat over your straight leg jeans. This is versatility at its finest!

Casual Cool

Straight leg jeans are also the perfect way to style the chunky sneaker trend. It’s very Princess Diana-inspired and the elongated effect of the straight leg silhouette will help to offset the chunky sneakers. 

Nude Heels

Your nude heels work with just about everything. And yes, that includes your straight leg jeans. Break them out, throw on a blouse and some nude heels, and you have a great outfit for a night out. 

Closing Thoughts

Straight leg jeans are a great silhouette that flatters pretty much all body types by making your legs look longer. These will quickly become one of the most versatile pairs of pants in your closet. 

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