10 Items You Need To Build A Timeless Feminine Wardrobe

​Ever feel a bit envious of another woman’s effortlessly beautiful style? It can seem so difficult to figure out how to build a timeless feminine capsule wardrobe of your own, but it’s actually much easier than you might think.

By Robyn Riley4 min read
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Introducing a mere 10 items into your closet can transform your style from plain Jane to Vogue editorial. ​The great thing about a capsule wardrobe is that it allows you to make a bunch of different outfits by mixing and matching a set number of versatile pieces. The idea is to invest in a few quality items of clothing that are made to last and using natural materials so they age well. This keeps your style looking seamless and your closet uncluttered due to not splurging on cheap and poorly made fast fashion pieces every season.

​Some of the items I will suggest below are found on Etsy, but they can certainly be found elsewhere for a better price. The reason I would like to highlight Etsy as one of the best places to find fashionable pieces worth investing in is because I believe in tailored clothing. If you’ve ever had a piece of clothing made to your exact measurements, you will understand why.

​Few feelings match the experience of trying on a dress or shirt that’s made exactly for you. This also means you will love your clothing more and will be more likely to take care of it to make sure it lasts. If you don’t have the budget to invest in exclusively tailored clothing, try to get at least one or two pieces. Then go for something you can find on the high street in natural fibers like cotton, wool, and linen.

​Below are my top 10 items you need to have in your timeless feminine wardrobe that will never go out of style.

1. High Waisted A-Line Midi Skirt

Linen Button-Down Skirt on Etsy

Linen Wrap Skirt on Etsy

​The A-Line midi skirt is an extremely versatile piece that is a must in any feminine wardrobe. The circle skirt is an especially beautiful style that’s flattering on any body type. Perfect for twirling, and at calf length it strikes the perfect balance between being timeless and modern. Getting your skirt in a neutral color or earth tone means it will pair well with everything from a silk blouse to a cotton t-shirt.

2. Linen Dresses

Linen Wrap Dress on Etsy 

Linen Dress with Peter Pan Collar on Etsy  

​If looked after properly, a linen dress will last you a lifetime. The fabric itself flows beautifully, is static resistant, and is an extremely comfortable, breathable natural fiber. Investing in a quality linen wrap dress, for example, is something that will never go out of style and will be flattering on anyone. Dresses like this can be worn while out on a date as easily as to run errands. Having a piece like this in your wardrobe means you always have something you can quickly throw on and look both put together and classically feminine.

3. Brown Leather Ankle Boots

Blundstone Brown Ankle Boots

​In the realm of ankle boots, it's hard to beat a pair of Blundstones. They look amazing with both dresses and jeans, are waterproof, are made with soft leather that won’t hurt to break in, and, if cared for properly, will last for years. They’re an investment upfront, but they’re by far my favorite go-to boot for every day, in any weather.

Leather Lace-Up Brown Boots by Doc Martens

​If you want a lace-up pair of boots, though, which sometimes the outfit calls for, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Doc Martens. I wear my Doc Martens with everything including dresses, and I’ve had them for 10 years! The combat boot style can sometimes lean a little more masculine, depending on how you style them, but the warm brown leather gives a more feminine feel, and the tight fit around the ankle lengthens the leg beautifully. 

4. Camel Wool Coat

Belted Wool Coat by Zara 

​I have long loved Zara’s wool coats. They’re a great price, have never failed me throughout the seasons, and are a versatile staple piece in my wardrobe. The way a coat like this ties a whole look together can never be overstated. The belt cinches in at the waist, allowing you to keep that hour-glass shape even in cold weather, and the camel color allows you to wear it with literally anything and look like a fashion guru.   

5. Button Down Shirt

Linen Button Down Shirt with Short Sleeves on Etsy 

Linen Button Down Shirt with Long Sleeves on Etsy 

​A button down shirt is essential for pairing with other items in your wardrobe. It’s the top option that will take your skirts and pants to the next level. By shopping at stores like Simply Grey Life, you can choose from a variety of earthy colors and have your shirt custom made to your exact measurements, meaning you will end up with a polished look every time you wear it.

6. Cropped Knit Cardigan

Cropped Knit Cardigan on Etsy

​When I throw on my knit cardigan I imagine myself to be a posh farmer’s wife in the Irish countryside, layering up to go feed the chickens while the fire warms the chill out of the house. There is nothing cozier than a cable knit cardigan and the cropped style is the perfect addition to any outfit with high waisted bottoms. The length hitting you at the waist instead of the hip allows you to stay warm without adding bulk. 

7. High-Waisted Dress Pants

High-Waisted Wide Leg Dress Pants by Aritzia

High-Waisted Skinny Leg Dress Pants by Aritzia

High-Waisted Crop Pants by Aritzia

​There are a lot of options out there when it comes to dress pants, and the style you choose will very much depend on when you are wearing them and your personal style. I love both the wide leg and the skinny leg for different purposes. A high-waisted skinny pant can be a killer outfit for interviews ,while the high-waisted wide leg is a perfect casual pant that still looks put together. By getting one of each, you will end up with a variety of comfortable and sleek bottoms for any occasion. 

8. Leather Belt

Leather Belt by Aritzia 

​This accessory seems a bit obvious, but you would be surprised how few people actually own a genuine leather belt. It can feel painful to drop $50 or more on an accessory, but I promise you it will be worth it. Getting a leather waist belt is a game changer because it’s shorter than a regular belt so you won’t have all that access belt to wrap around you. Adding a belt can give any outfit a little extra sophistication and will be a piece that you reach for again and again.

9. Culottes

Culottes by Aritzia​

Culottes are your answer to never wearing sweatpants again. Culottes have the benefit of feeling like pajamas while having a chic and effortless appearance. Pants like these are my everyday pants, the pants I throw on to run to the grocery store or while doing housework. Let’s be honest, we can’t spend every day in our Sunday best. We need clothing that we can live in and be comfortable while still looking good. A solid pair of culottes is the perfect option for this purpose.

10. Cropped Shirts and Sweaters

Ribbed Long Sleeve Top by Monki

Puff Sleeve Blouse by Monki

Long Sleeve Turtleneck by Monki 

​Cropped shirts with a high neckline are feminine and easy to pair with high-waisted skirts and pants. These are often the most inexpensive items in a wardrobe and are the pieces which bring variety into a capsule wardrobe. The types of shirts you use to pair with a basic black pant or circle skirt will often be the thing that sets you apart from other women wearing the same things. I personally prefer neutral colors because it allows for more wearability, but the options are truly endless in this category.

Closing Thoughts

​​These 10 items are personal favorites of mine that I hope will provide you with the foundation to build an enduring feminine closet that you can pass down to your daughter someday. Our personal style is a language that communicates to the world what kind of woman we are and leaves an impression on those we meet. Make your memory a lasting one and your style unforgettable by choosing attire which expresses the timelessness of the feminine spirit.