The Haircuts French Women Always Ask Their Hairdressers For

The covetable cool-without-trying aesthetic made famous by French women is something so sought after. And one specific area that's always bubbling up as the ultimate mood-board inspiration is French hairstyles.

By Simone Sydel3 min read

So, in this article, we will show you eight haircuts French women always ask their hairdressers for. These styles are chic, modern, easy to maintain, and with a little bit of tweaking here and there, will look great on everyone.

The Bébé Bang

The bébé, or baby, bang is a 2017 trend loved by many celebrities, including Emma Watson, Alison Sudol, Sofia Boutella, and Michelle Williams. However, this hairstyle was in high demand in French salons way before.

A staple in the French style, les bébé bangs, or micro bangs as they’re also called, are essentially just wispy or blunt bangs that start a couple of inches above the eyebrows.

The cut is a little retro and very polarizing – you either love or loathe a baby bang.

It's definitely a great way to modernize your haircut and give it an edgy twist while also opening up your face. However, not everyone can pull it off.

Baby bangs look best on someone with a small and round or heart-shaped face, which is why someone like Alison Sudol and Emma Watson can pull it off much better than Emma Roberts, who has a more elongated face.

The Ultimate French Fringe

“The modern French fringe tends to have two key features: Firstly, it’s soft on the cheekbones, and then it arches just above the brows, tending to be rounded, so the edges blend with the rest of the haircut. Secondly, it is always heavy but with textured ends rather than a perfect line, which makes it more versatile. This textured line makes the fringe feel less intentional and more naturally chic,” explains hairstylist and salon owner Larry King, who has noticed a marked increase in requests for this flattering style of fringe.

And even though other countries are just catching up with this trendy hairstyle, the ultimate French fringe has, as the name suggests, been a French staple for a long time before the pandemic got the rest of us in need of a change.

Models and fashion designers like Jeanne Damas and Violette Serrat have been sporting these hairstyles for a long time, so their Instagram pages are definitely the ultimate inspiration for the ultimate French fringe.

Curly Curtain Fringe

Curly curtain bangs are another eternally trendy hairstyle in French salons.

This one is especially attractive because it shows the complete opposite of the common belief that bangs have to be blown straight or just slightly flicked to the sides if they’re longer.

The curly curtain fringe looks great on everyone, regardless of whether your hair is naturally curly or not, as it gives all face shapes structure and makes them appear longer and sharper.

Selena Gomez is an excellent example because her naturally round face changes and becomes slightly sharper when rocking this hairstyle.

Jaw-Skimming French Bob with a Fringe

It seems like the French classic that we know as a jaw-skimming bob is becoming more and more popular every summer, and it might be something to consider if you’re planning a big change for the warmer days.

This daringly short hairstyle is cut along the mouth line and is usually accompanied by a straight (or slightly wisped) brow-skimming fringe.

It's definitely one that will make you look and feel like the chicest of French girls.

Just look at models Taylor LaShae and Gabie Godfrey, who are the ultimate inspirations for many who want to get this cut, including actress Vanessa Hudgens whose hairdresser said the ultimate French chic girl Taylor was the inspo behind her bob look.

French Shag

The shag has had a major revival over the past year, and it's French women who have led the way.

This timeless French cut is in between long and short hair lengths and features soft, textured layers, exuding a nonchalant French-girl look.

The key to the perfect French shag is to never overload the hair, and instead leave it to look and feel light and airy.

The shag is also incredibly easy to style, and all you need for a perfect hair day is to spray a little bit of leave-in conditioner through the length while the hair is damp and let it dry naturally or dry it on a low setting if you’re in a rush.

The conditioner will help define the natural wave, and you won't even need to touch it for the next couple of days. Just the way French designer Veronique Leysen does it, and it looks stunning every single time!

French Bowl Cut

The French bowl cut is stylish, chic, modern, and absolutely perfect for everyone who also likes simplicity, minimalism, and clear lines in their hair.

"Very similar to the bob style, this can be worn slick or messy. Either use dry shampoo to create more volume or a shine spray to get a smooth glaze," says Roman Sys, stylist at Trevor Sorbie and somewhat of an expert on French bowl cuts.

"Alternatively, it can also be worn curly or wavy for a more undone look," he adds.

Long and Undone

Long and undone hair is yet another French staple as it depicts the natural movement of ensuring your hair looks perfectly imperfect, but still falling in just the right way.

For French girls, perfectly straight hair is an absolute horror, which is why many opt for this natural and timeless perfection that's excellent for all occasions.

This hairstyle is also very forgiving and allows you to push through the week only on dry shampoo while looking imperfectly perfect every single day!

French model Leia Sfez swears by this look and looks nothing less than gorgeous in every single one of her IG photos.

Messy Curls

If there’s one thing to notice about popular French hairstyles, it’s the fact that French women don’t like to look like they’ve spent too much time on their hair.

This is why this hairstyle perfectly exudes the typical French style.

Messy curls are easy to recreate on naturally curly or wavy hair by just allowing your hair to air-dry after washing. If you have straight hair, just add a few hair rollers here and there, and it will all come together effortlessly.

Just look at how gorgeous French model Juny Breeze looks with her effortless, messy curls.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to French-girl hair, the philosophy remains consistent: The less you do, the better. French girls have a knack for making their hair work around their lifestyle and exuding an effortless, undone aesthetic that never looks like they’ve tried too hard.

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