Camille Rowe Epitomizes French Girl Style. Here's How To Get Her Look

Camille Rowe is the epitome of French girl style and will have you wanting to copy everything she wears.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
Camille Rowe Epitomizes French Girl Style. Here's How To Get Her Look

You may have heard the name Camille Rowe before, perhaps in conjunction with Harry Styles as the two dated and she was even rumored to have made an appearance on his song “Cherry” where she allegedly speaks in French at the end of the song. But there’s much more to her than the time she spent dating the famous singer. 

Camille Rowe is a French-American model. She’s been in campaigns and on runways for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chloé, Abercrombie & Fitch, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, and H&M. That’s quite the range! And when she’s not busy modeling, you’re likely to find Camille on a movie set. She’s been in Cosmic Dawn, Knuckle Dust, and Hosea.

Camille is successful in her own right and is incredibly easy to like. Her charming personality really comes through in the “7 Days, 7 Looks” video she starred in for Vogue. She's got an enviably great sense of style, so we had to break down all the elements that make up her look.

The White Button Down

Could there really be a French girl style article without a white button down? It truly is a classic item that should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe. Camille shows just how different you can make it look. The white button down can really do it all!

Bandanas & Scarves

Accessorizing is a key element of style, and, boy, does Camille Rowe understand this! One of her favorites is the headscarf, which she proves can work in summer or winter. Here are all the different chic ways you can tie one. 

Like, for example, don’t stop at the traditional headscarf. Try turning yours into a bow for a change.

Fun Boots

Camille likes to play around with clothes. She doesn’t seem to take herself or fashion too seriously. A pair of fun cowboy boots? Well, why not? If you love something, wear it. There are stereotypes about French style, which have truth, don't get me wrong, but one common mentality is to find what you love wearing and to wear more of that thing. 

Embrace the Cat Eye

Another favorite of Camille’s are cat eye sunglasses. She seems to have endless different pairs of these. But you really only need one! Invest in a nice pair that will last and that you love, and you can’t go wrong with this iconic shape. 

And for when you aren’t feeling the cat eye, know that Camille also loves any big, funky frame that gives a cool ‘70s vibe to her outfit.

A Great Coat

A great coat is seriously like a superhero cape. You can do anything in the perfect coat. Go for simple, staple coats that will go with everything over bright, statement coats that are harder to wear. (Still, great to have once you have the basics covered.)

Denim for the Win

French girls are all about denim, and Camille Rowe is no different. If you buy a quality piece of denim, it’s going to last you a long time. And there’s really nothing greater you can experience while shopping than finding the perfect pair of jeans. 

All Black

Sometimes, it’s easier to forget trends and stick to what works. And you know what always works? An all black outfit. Whether it’s casual or formal, if it’s high quality and you’re wearing cuts that work for your body shape, you can really do no wrong. 

Fun T-Shirt

One area where Camille breaks the typical French girl style mold a bit is with her t-shirts. She has no problem breaking away from classics in favor of fun and funky t-shirts she picked up in vintage shops. 


Camille Rowe knows the power of a blazer. Whether your outfit is dressy or casual, the blazer can make it work. It’s a versatile piece worth having in lots of different cuts and colors, even if it can take some getting used to for those who’ve never tried wearing one before.


Whether you wear them with jeans or a flirty pink skirt, a sweater is a girl’s best friend. A crew neck that isn’t too oversized is the most versatile, but I personally love a chunky sweater just for the coziness factor. 

Party Dress

I don’t know about you, but I never really feel more confident than I do in the perfect dress. Camille seems to favor bold, fun, going-out dresses for her nights on the town. If there’s one place that’s easy to go bold, it’s definitely with dresses – you only have to worry about shoes and your bag instead of a whole outfit.

Leather Jackets

Camille’s style has a definite edge to it. One way she brings this in is by incorporating classic elements like a leather jacket. A good leather jacket will last you forever, so it’s natural that a French girl like Camille would invest in this style staple.

Closing Thoughts

Camille Rowe’s style is playful, fun, and definitely unique to her. But while recreating her exact outfits would be near impossible given how many unique items she wears, the core of her wardrobe is easy to replicate, and from there you can make it your own (which is the most fun part about fashion anyway).

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