Thong Masks Were Introduced At New York Fashion Week, And We Aren't Sure How To Process It

By Gina Florio··  2 min read
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Thong Mask

We're still feeling a little confused by this development at New York Fashion Week, but if we had to see it, so do you. Thong masks were seen on the runway this year, and evidently we are not being punk'd.

New York Fashion Week is the annual event that showcases daring, new looks and brings together the most fashionable A-list celebrities from across the world. This year, Dion Lee's 2022 fall lineup displayed one new look that was seen across several of the models: thong masks. Yes, thong masks.

Dion Lee Showed Thong Masks for the First Time

If you feel like there isn't anything from NYFW that can shock you anymore, think again. There were a few runway looks from Dion Lee that featured a thong mask, which is exactly what it sounds like—a mask in the shape of a thong over the model's face.

"I was looking at the idea of architectural facades and masks, obviously the influence of face coverings at the moment — feeling like it becomes part of your identity in a way," Dion Lee told WWD.

Thong masks

The blue lace outfit included a bodysuit that extended into a head covering, which had a thong mask attachment. The model wore a pair of matching blue jeans.

Thong mask

Another all-white outfit had a similar bodysuit theme with the head covering, paired with oversized drawstring pants.

NYFW thong mask

Yet another outfit, which looks like it belongs on a Mad Max set, was a mini skirt (which was a popular staple across many different designers this year), black boots, and a sweatshirt-like top that had a thong mask attachment. The adornments on the side look kind of like gun holsters if we're being honest.

The whole look is, quite frankly, creepy and dystopian. And upon first glance it looks like some kind of parody you would see on South Park. But Dion Lee is apparently serious about this look. Is it just us, or is it becoming more and more common for fashion to look ugly? It's almost as if it's a trend for clothing to be unattractive now. We miss the days when fashion used to be breathtakingly beautiful on the runway.

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