8 Makeup Essentials To Achieve A Natural Glowy Look Perfect For Summer

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Say goodbye to makeup melting off your face with these summer essentials.

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Summer is full of beautiful things – but melting foundation, smeared eyelids, and drying lipsticks are not among them. So here are our best summer makeup tips, including products to wear for keeping your face looking natural, fresh, and glowy, even when you're sweating on scorching hot days.

1. Face Mist

Face mists can be an excellent skincare addition during the warm summer months. These mists usually contain hydrating, soothing, and cooling ingredients to replenish moisture, calm redness, and keep your skin cool during the heat.

Besides using them as a refreshing essential, face mists can also be used before applying your makeup to give your skin a beautiful and healthy glow. So before applying any complexion product such as a tinted balm or foundation, consider spritzing this hydrating goodness to boost your skin’s radiance. Once your makeup is finished, you can go with a few more spritzes to ensure everything stays in its place.

Product To Try: MILK Hydro Grip Setting + Refreshing Spray ($36)

2. Tinted Moisturizer

If you want to prevent your makeup from caking, creasing, and even melting in the scorching heat, let's say this together: Less is more! Makeup likes to move around when it's hot, so the best way to avoid that is to wear less of it. Instead of using your regular foundation, consider opting for a lightweight tinted moisturizer and a concealer where you need it.

You've probably noticed how everything looks more pronounced when you wear heavy makeup in the summer and how every pore, crease, pimple, and irregularity on the skin's surface tends to be even more visible in the sun – yet another reason why opting for something lightweight is a better way to go in summer.

Bonus points if the moisturizer you choose contains SPF, as this will give you the needed UV protection while making your skin look like a glazed donut.

Product To Try: Laura Mercier Natural Skin Perfector SPF 30 ($48)

3. Liquid Bronzer

If being a glowy goddess is on your to-do list this summer, investing in a liquid bronzer is a must.

Liquid bronzers melt into the skin and look more natural than a powder usually does. This is why achieving a sun-kissed look with a liquid bronzer is much easier and will also give you that beautiful tanned appearance without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays.

Liquid bronzers melt into the skin and look much more natural than a powder.

Start by applying your liquid bronzer at the highest points of your face, such as your forehead, cheekbones, and bridge of the nose. Then use a brush to blend it out towards your hairline and jawline.

If you don't feel like layering product on top of product and you just want to keep it light and natural, you can mix a few drops of your liquid bronzer with your tinted moisturizer and follow the same steps while using a concealer in other areas such as under the eyes, between your eyebrows, and anywhere else you want to brighten.

Product To Try: MILK Makeup Bionic Liquid Bronzer ($30)

4. Liquid Blush

Much like a liquid bronzer, a liquid blush will also give your skin a natural flush of color that looks more like you're actually flushed instead of wearing makeup. Liquid blush is also very versatile as it can be used on both your lips and cheeks.

To apply it to your cheeks, use your fingers to dot the product on the apples of your cheeks, and then use a brush or your fingers to blend it out. And for your lips, simply apply it directly to your lips with a doe-foot applicator and blend it out with your finger.

Product To Try: EM Cosmetics Color Drops Serum Blush ($25)

5. Pressed Powder

A slick T-zone instantly telegraphs "I'm hot" – and not in a good way. You want to look glowy but not greasy, which is what will likely happen if you skip this step, especially if your skin is on the oilier side.

Even if your goal is a beautiful dewy look, you should consider following up your liquid complexion products with a touch of pressed powder with just a hint of luminescence to give you a beautiful radiance without making you look dull or overly shiny.

Product To Try: Tatcha The Silk Powder Setting Powder ($48)

6. Brow Gel

A brow gel or a brow pencil is another must if you want your brows to look on fleek this summer. There's nothing worse than having your brows melt down your face, especially if you're sweating while out and about running errands or enjoying a refreshing drink on a summer night out.

Pressed powder with just a hint of luminescence to give you a beautiful radiance.

A brow gel will keep your brows in place while adding definition and shape. And if you want to take your brow game up a notch, you can also use a brow pencil to add depth and dimension. To create a perfectly natural brow shape without too much effort, you can use a brow pencil to lightly fill in your brows and then use the brow gel to brush them up into place.

Product To Try: Kosas Air Brow Tinted Voluminizing Brow Gel ($22)

7. Lip Stain/Tinted Lip Balm

Whether you want a pop of color or just a hint of tint, a lip stain or a tinted lip balm is the way to go in the summer. Lip stains and tinted lip balms are usually much lighter in consistency than lipstick, and they provide a wash of color that is perfect for a natural makeup look.

They’re also easy to apply and can be done quickly, which is ideal when you're on the go, and they often contain nourishing ingredients such as beeswax that soften the skin on the lips and don't dry them out as some matte lipsticks do.

Product To Try: Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Awakening Lip Balm ($35)

8. Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is a must in the summer, especially if you have oily lids or tend to sweat a lot. There's nothing worse than having your mascara smear, and waterproof mascara will prevent that from happening. It will also help keep your lashes looking long, thick, and curly, even if it's humid out.

Product To Try: Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara ($5)

Closing Thoughts

These are our eight must-have makeup products for achieving a natural, glowy look that is perfect for summer. Do you have any favorite summer makeup products that you can't live without? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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