Our Favorite French-Inspired Outfits To Try This Summer

She whisks away a tiny crumb from her lace blouse tucked imperfectly into a pair of delicately worn vintage jeans, a reminder of the flaky pain au chocolat she devoured earlier that morning as she sat in front of Les Deux Magots enjoying her cafe au lait.

By Anna Hartman3 min read
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She is the epitome of effortlessly chic, and we all know it. She's well aware of the impact she has on men and women alike as they pass her by on the cobblestone lined streets, turning their heads to get a second glance. They can’t help but marvel at how she has mastered the art of appearing as if she got ready in under 10 minutes, while embodying more confidence and glamor than most women boasting a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. She’s a French woman, of course. 

French women seem to hold a certain power over us, and we simply can’t help ourselves from becoming utterly consumed by their culture, whether it’s regarding their fashion sense, their love lives, or their eating habits. It seems as though they never miss a beat – especially when it comes to getting dressed for the day. 

As a fashion writer and someone who has been in the “influencing” space for nearly a decade, whenever I’m feeling uninspired by my wardrobe or by the newest trends making their way down the pipeline, I look to French women. Time after time I find that their daily fits are not easily swayed by what’s trending on TikTok or what fast fashion brands are pushing into popular magazines. In fact, in stark contrast to the U.S. fashion scene, the overall French aesthetic has not changed much over the years at all.

Although our favorite French influencers and style icons evolve with the times in regards to certain silhouettes and most beloved labels, their basic outfit combinations remain true. Rather than spending a fortune trying to change your entire aesthetic and embody the latest Y2K trend until it inevitably dies off, you can use wardrobe staples you likely already have on hand to recreate French outfits that are not only classier and more feminine, but will age well. 

Without further ado, let’s get into four of our favorite timeless outfit combinations inspired by stylish French women. Alongside each we have different adaptations for the style straight from the streets of Paris and Bordeaux, and the 10 style essentials you’ll need to recreate these looks (if you don’t have them in your closet already!).

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The French Girl Uniform 

Sometimes the most stylish outfit is the one that you put the least amount of effort into. Simplicity is beautiful, especially when it comes to the warmer months where you want to minimize the amount of layers you have on as much as possible – without looking trashy, of course. A basic white tee or lightweight blouse with straight leg denim and sandals or slides (a.k.a. the French girl uniform) never goes out of style. 

Add a striped sweater for an evening breeze.

Whether you wrap it around your shoulders in a cool and polished way, or you actually need to throw it on, a striped sweater is truly a French girl staple. 

Floral Dresses That Embrace Femininity

I’m willing to bet that you have a floral midi or mini dress in your wardrobe already! Throw it on with espadrilles or flats, a straw handbag (the quintessential French girl purse), some delicate gold accessories, and you’re ready for anything – day or night. 

White Pants (and Shorts) Are Always In

Depending on the temperature where you are (and the occasion you’re dressing for, of course), you can pair a neutral blouse with either white pants or shorts to give off a timeless and sophisticated air

Neutral Dress for a Classic Element

French girls really do love their classic wardrobe staples – and for good reason. You can easily style a neutral dress for any occasion! Whether you’re running errands on your lunch break or heading out for a romantic date night downtown, this essential is always a stylish choice. 

10 French Girl Style Essentials You Need To Recreate These Looks

Straight Leg Denim

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Lightweight Blouse

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Straw Bag

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Striped Sweater

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White Bottoms

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Floral Midi Dress

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Neutral Mini Dress

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Neutral Slides

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Closing Thoughts

It’s no secret that we want to know all of the French…well, secrets. Taking style tips from our favorite French influencers is nothing new. They never cease to impress us with how effortlessly they style their outfits for every occasion while never losing the appearance of being fully put together and confident in what they’re wearing. While they may not be spending hours pouring over every detail of their next fit like many American women, they remain style icons nonetheless. 

Hopefully, this guide to the most common outfit combinations and style essentials that French women can’t live without is helpful in inspiring your next timeless look this summer!

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