The 12 Best Runway Looks From New York Fashion Week Spring 2024

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived, and it has nothing to do with the Christmas trees popping up in Costcos all over the country. The real cause? New York Fashion Week, here to thrill us with its runway hits and streetwear glitz. Let the fashion games begin.

By Julie Drake3 min read
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In the fashion world, New York Fashion Week is arguably the most important week of the year. Each fall, many of the industry’s top designers descend on the city that never sleeps to debut their spring collections for the following year (spring/summer collections are presented in the fall, and fall/winter collections in the spring). It’s a time of excitement and inspiration for fashion lovers everywhere, from models to influencers to regular janes who just love a good look. Designers' creativity and ingenuity are on full display – a visual feast for those who believe good fashion is art – and consumers are eager to see what sartorial delights await.

This year served up a fresh course of beauty and inspiration enticing enough to satisfy any fashionista, from amateur to aficionado. Common themes that appeared were innovative layering (capes over everything from shift dresses to jumpsuits), a renaissance of satin, and all sheer everythinggggg – with some surprising twists and updates. 

For a peek into the future of fashion (at least when it comes to the spring/summer 2024), enjoy this tour through the best runway looks of New York Fashion Week:

Mirror Palais

Mirror Palais, the viral brand launched by Marcelo Gaia in 2019, ushered in a “Return of Glamour” with its highly anticipated “Collection V.” Following a sellout swimwear collab with Emily Ratajkowski last summer, the label has experienced stratospheric success and continues to pump out hit after hit. The success is bound to continue with Collection V, which involves a fusion of vintage glamor and modern sensuality with corset bodices, sheer fabrications, and layer upon layer of frilly tiered skirts. 


After witnessing the spectacle that was Staud Spring ‘24, we’ve never felt so fresh ‘n so clean. The immaculate show was the fashion equivalent of the everything shower + a very thorough dentist appointment. The vibe was sleek, pristine, and smooth as freshly exfoliated skin. Clean girl aesthetic is apparently maintaining its stronghold, and, at least for spring 2024, we have Staud to thank for that. 


The queen of whimsy and other-worldly femininity has returned to NYFW, and the results were dazzling. Rebecca Hessel Cohen has delivered on daintiness once more for LoveShackFancy, much to the delight of fanciful fashion lovers everywhere. The collection was – as expected – filled with a plethora of ruffles and lace, but the crowning jewel was a two-piece satin stunner in pink and ivory floral. We’re already penciling it into our OOTD calendar for spring, on as many days as possible.

Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson is a master of texture, and her spring 2024 collection was like a real-life touch and feel lookbook. Each piece was bursting with macro- and micro-ruffles, practically begging to be teased and tousled. The coral color palette is a fantastic choice for spring, and will no doubt be widely adopted come March. 

Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler proved once more that it’s the personification of cool girl. The soft slate blue dominating the spring 2024 collection feels fresh and prophetic, like your chic older sister, who’s always setting the tone stylistically. Add the hue to your growing list of neutrals; we can see it being paired with many different colorways for spring.

Kim Shui

Kim Shui’s fans literally can’t wait to get their hands on her pieces, as evidenced by the fact that after this show, Saweetie requested one hot off the press for her VMA appearance the following day. 

Shui’s spring 2024 collection was full of life – a vivacious nod to her Italian upbringing – and had us pining for sultry, saucy, pasta-filled evenings in Tuscany. 

Brandon Maxwell

At this point, Brandon Maxwell is just showing off. His impeccable understanding of the female form and his ability to make women look like transcendent beings in his clothes are almost beyond comprehension. In fact, in the age of AI, it’s hard to believe this level of perfection is coming from a human and not an algorithm. I mean, has anyone ever seen Brandon eat an actual meal? How can we be sure he is even real?

Sandy Liang

Brooklyn bride, but make it City Hall. “Downtown princess,” as Vogue described it. Sandy Liang’s vibe appeals to, among others, the beneficiaries of the hip NYC borough’s gentrification. It's our bet that many a Brooklynite is already planning her spring shenanigans in Liang’s latest confections.


Altuzarra is known for timeless sophistication, and this collection felt quintessential. The rich satin appears to be soft and structured at the same time, and like what muses of the past (Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn) would have requested for their personal wardrobes. The navy babydoll top/midi skirt set is particularly stunning, evoking an actualized femininity that more and more women seem to be stepping into these days. 

Carolina Herrera

Wes Gordon proved yet again, by way of his spring 2024 collection, that he can do no wrong as the creative director of Carolina Herrera. This ethereal, ballet-inspired look, in particular – composed of ivory tulle and bustier corsetry – is sure to be a favorite of celebrities and it girls alike. We see many photo-op worthy moments in its future.


Laura and Kate Mulleavy (sisters and Rodarte founders) love to dabble in rich colors and luxurious femininity. They leaned into elegance this season, and the results were spectacular. A Spanish-inspired ball gown with delicate lace bands was the showstopper, along with a bias-cut ivory dress sporting black bows atop perfect puff sleeves.

Cinq à Sept

Cinq à Sept’s spring collection in traditional seasonal pastels was a joy to behold. Pretty ruching gathered into feminine ruffles and 3D rosettes was both Y2K retro and refreshingly modern. Sometimes, charming predictability is just what the doctor ordered.

Bright Future

Spring collections have us engaged, invested, and appropriately anticipating a very cheery beginning to 2024. Between the vibrant colors, luxurious fabrications, and carefree silhouettes, Spring 2024 is shaping up to be a pretty delightful season in fashion. With sunny days and even brighter futures ahead, fashion lovers would be remiss not to see that we have much to look forward to, even for an election year.

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