The 10 Most Feminine Looks From Fashion Month

Unabashed femininity was on full display at fashion month. From whimsical fairies to damsels in distress, Fall 2023 has got everything an Evie girl needs to embrace her full femininity and channel serious fashion icon energy along the way.

By Julie Drake3 min read

Fashion month happens twice a year (in the early spring and fall) and comprises the four seminal fashion weeks: New York is first, followed by London, Milan, and finally Paris. The spring event showcases collections for the upcoming fall (like the thrilling one we just had), and the fall affair unveils what’s in store for spring. It’s a time of inspiration and delight for fashion lovers everywhere, and feminine fashion aficionados were no exception this go around. There was an abundance of frilly and fanciful delights to be found, and we’re breaking it all down for you here. Without further ado, the top 10 most feminine looks from fashion month – with a side of designer tea.  

1. Giambattista Valli

Kicking things off strong with the icon of feminine fashion himself, the honorable Giambattista Valli. We are positively swooning over the flowing silhouettes, crossover bodices, and to-die-for color, which apparently were inspired by Joséphine de Beauharnais, the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. Of the collection, the Italian designer said, “I have always in my mind … some heroine. … This time it was Joséphine de Beauharnais. And I loved her because I love the way she was very independent and had decision in her lifestyle.” An OG independent woman with very excellent taste à la mode? Adding Ms. Joséphine to our icon list as we speak. It’s her turn.

2. Alessandra Rich

Known for her coquettish femininity and indifference to trends, Alessandra Rich never misses, and this collection is no exception. Filled with lace, bows, and pretty baby pink, every single piece is to die for. But this particular number is the crème de la crème. Alessandra told Vogue of the collection, “It’s about having fun and playing overtly with all the tropes of seductive femininity … not taking yourself too seriously and being frivolous. A sense of humor can be very sexy.” Um, agreed on all counts. And also, we’re stealing the shoulder duster earring styling and incorporating it into our main character wardrobe, now and forevermore.  

3. Givenchy

Timeless elegance and femininity, thy name is Givenchy. Unsurprisingly, the entire collection was a masterpiece, but this corseted tulle gown is the pièce de résistance. Flowy and feminine with a touch of — quelle surprise — sheerness throughout the skirt (just watch how it moves, slide 7), it’s the perfect balance of damsel in distress and conquering heroine. We’d wager you’ll be seeing this on many a red carpet celebrity come fall, and we won’t be mad about it.

4. Markarian

With the corner on romantic fashion, Markarian is the sartorial version of the first love you never got over, the one you’ll never forget. Designer Alexandra’s love for “celestial romanticism” and “modern grace” comes through in all her designs, and this ensemble is modern romanticism personified. A puff sleeve bejeweled mini dress we thought we’d only see in dreams, it is cool/fancy girl vibes realized. And we’re all about it.

5. Chloe

Darling of the fashion world, beloved label Chloe is known for its free-spirited femininity, and this collection could legitimately take flight straight to feminine fashion heaven. This black and cream beauty in particular makes us want to jet off to Monaco and play high-stakes poker like the free-spirited fashion mavens we are (followed by a night of the waltz, and perhaps even a foxtrot). With its exquisitely feminine lines and flowing doe-y skirt, this enchanting confection is what romantic fashion dreams are made of, and should come with a warning label: May induce fervent prayer on behalf of a Chloe girl fall this year.

6. Badgley Mischka

There’s something about a strapless evening gown with a giant, cascading front bow that makes me really, really happy to be a girl. Lurex-infused georgette silk with a dusty blue velvet bow, this stunner is as girly as it is sophisticated. And that is no simple feat. I’d be wearing it to the gala, the opera, and the mac ‘n’ cheese-making in my kitchen, because I’d be wearing this beauty 24/7 and never take it off. Badgley Mischka has (predictably) done it again.

7. Carolina Herrera

In case you didn’t already know, Carolina Herrera really gets us. If clothes could talk, this collection would be screaming at you to finally book that trip to the Amalfi Coast and bring the clothes with you pls!!!  The exceptionally pleasing pinks and corals are, I’m pretty sure, all we will wear in heaven (at least during resort szn), and the fresh silhouettes feel especially apropos. Le sigh. We want it, we want it all, and we want it now.

8. LoveShackFancy

No feminine fashion list would be complete without the queen of frills and tendrils herself: Becky Cohen and her cult-favorite phenomenon LoveShackFancy. In only its second New York Fashion Week showing, LSF really blew it out of the pink bubbly water. As expected, it was full-blown fairy era with ruffles, bows, florals and tulle, in the prettiest palettes and flowiest silhouettes known to womankind. Think you can’t do dresses in winter? Think again. Throw a faux fur coat or cropped jacket over them, and you can wear your pretties all fall/winter long. Which is exactly the way it should be. 

9. Ahluwalia

Designer Priya Ahluwalia told Vogue of the preparation for her latest collection: “My research was a lot about superstars. So there are a lot more pieces that are for people to wear – like a superstar!” We can’t think of a more perfect outfit in which to make our superstar debut than this ruffled bodycon beauty. In colorblocked pink and the “most dominant color trend from fashion month,” red, it feels very modern, very current, and very chic. Celebrating the female form in all the right ways, Ahluwalia totally nailed the girly it-girl look in a piece we won’t soon forget.  

10. Zimmermann

Saving the best for last, when it comes to the crème de la femme, Zimmermann has our number. Lace and ruffles with an exquisite fit and a clever cut, these impressionist print dresses are over-the-top dainty perfection. I mean, I’ll vote for anything with a lace sleeve, but these beauties are just pure ultrafeminine delight. Designer sisters Nicky and Simone are truly a cut above when it comes to feminine fashion, and the proof is in the ruffled lacy pudding.

That’s a Wrap

We never cry when our favorite movie is over, but we always cry when fashion month comes to an end. The only consolation for having to wait six more excruciating months until next time? The pure joy we will feel planning ways to recreate every single one of our favorite looks, pour less. Fashion month splurge vs. steal edition, anyone?

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