How To Style A Dress In The Winter

Winter shouldn't have to mean wearing pants day after day. In my experience, a dress styled correctly can be just as warm and definitely more stylish.

By Erica Jimenez1 min read
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Not sure where to start with feminine winter fashion? We've put together a list of our favorite winter dresses this year, but you need to know how to style them. Keep reading for the best ways to style a dress that looks chic and will keep you warm.

Layer with a Turtleneck

Chilly weather doesn't have to mean abandoning your strappy styles. Layer the dress over a fitted turtleneck. You can finish the look off with your choice of shoes: chic flats for dinner or boots for a more functional look.

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Long Coat, High Boots

Take a note out of the Twin Peaks lookbook, and pair your midi skirt or dress with high boots. You can wear leggings or tights under your dress to stay extra warm. Complete the look with a long coat and a statement bag.

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Warm Up a Mini with Tights

If you live in a warmer climate or you get an unexpectedly warm day, feel free to break out the shorter dresses. Pair them with tights or nylons and boots to finish off the look. Higher boots will keep you warmer, especially if you wear high socks inside.

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Cozy Up Your Slip with a Sweater

Slip dresses are the big thing this year, and honestly it's great for winter fashion. If you want to go for a warm but dressier look, try pairing your slip dress with a matching sweater. The single color makes the contrasting textures feel more unified and elongates the figure.

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Closing Thoughts

Cold weather doesn't have to mean abandoning style. We want to see your winter dress looks. Tag us with #EvieDressUpChallenge so we can see your photos!