How To Dress More Feminine In 5 Easy Steps

By Alyssa Vandermeulen
·  4 min read
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Here at Evie, we talk a lot about femininity and how to lean into our feminine side every day. But if you’ve been reading about feminine outfits and don’t know how to incorporate them into your personal style, we’re here to help!

First of all, dressing more feminine is a lovely goal, and there are plenty of ways to do this throughout the different seasons, regardless of your personal style. A common misconception when it comes to femininity is that everything needs to be pink. While pink is considered a girly color, it’s not the only option when it comes to a feminine look. 

And lucky for you, dressing femininely doesn’t require a million steps. We’ve narrowed it down to the top five steps to dress more feminine! Let’s get into it! 

1. Wear More Dresses and Skirts

While this may seem like an obvious conclusion, feminine style typically means more dresses and skirts. Avoid overly tight styles, like bodycon dresses, or dresses with multiple cut-outs. Stick to sweet silhouettes and patterns that accentuate your feminine features without compromising on comfort. Sundresses are an easy way to dress more feminine in the spring and summer months, but a longer skirt or a sweater dress is perfect for the fall and winter. 

2. Add Feminine Details 

You can add feminine details to your outfit, regardless of what you’re wearing. This is a great way to embody femininity without wearing a dress on a daily basis. Pair silky blouses with well-fitted jeans for an instant outfit, or fill your closet with ruffles, puff sleeves, lace, patterns, and embroidery that brings femininity to your most basic outfit. 


Floral patterns are inherently feminine, as are polka dots and gingham. Choosing pieces with these patterns is a great way to add feminine details to your outfit without ignoring your personal style preferences. If you feel more comfortable in multiple pieces, balance them with a few feminine touches. 


Take notes from French girls – beautifully feminine style with simple, feminine touches. A lace camisole is a great piece to have for layering! 

3. Wear Dainty Jewelry

Thick, bulky necklaces are not the best representation of femininity. When it comes to choosing jewelry pieces, dainty options are your best bet. Soft and subtle pieces, such as stud earrings or a simple necklace, will pair perfectly with any outfit. Especially in the warmer seasons, match your jewelry to the neckline of your top. When a necklace lays perfectly on your skin, you’ve mastered a delicate balance! 

4. Choose Soft Colors and Fabrics

Softer hues and fabrics are an easy way to dress femininely year-round. Pastel shades of pink, lavender and blue paired with beige and white are the perfect soft colors to build a feminine look. 

If you love suits or trousers for the office, a light-colored suit is a great way to add a feminine touch! 

And if you lean toward darker colors, swap the soft colors for soft fabrics. Cozy sweaters, knit tops, and silky blouses are feminine styles that you can easily wear in a darker tone. Add a few feminine touches (a cute handbag, sunnies, jewelry, etc.) to your overall look, and you have a perfect outfit for everyday wear! 

5. Wear Flattering Shapes 

If you want to have a more feminine look, avoid worn-out pieces or clothes that don’t fit (especially in the bra department). It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: Don’t try to wear clothes that aren’t the right size! Squeezing into a smaller size or hiding your body in oversized clothes is not a feminine look. Dress for who you are right now! 

Flattering clothing is essential to the feminine style. Jeans should be comfortable but flattering to your shape; avoid gaping or wider styles that take away from your body’s curves. Check out this article for help choosing the right shape for your body type!  

A great rule of thumb is to pair one tighter piece with one looser piece. So if you love wide-leg jeans, pair them with a bodysuit or a form-fitting top. If you love flowy blouses, add a form-fitting bottom option to balance out your look. 


Closing Thoughts

Femininity is not as complicated as it may seem. And when in doubt, add a dainty ribbon to your hair! 

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