The Scientific Reason Why Men Are Obsessed With Sundresses

It’s almost that time to bask in the spring and summer sunshine, reaping the benefits of nature’s antidepressant. Warm weather is on its way, and we’re all antsy to thaw out and relish in our much-needed daily boosts of serotonin and vitamin D.

By Andrea Mew3 min read
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Sunshine also gives us our cue to bust out our best warm weather attire, which, to the delight of many men, means sundresses. When you ask a man what he thinks is the most attractive piece of clothing that a woman can wear, countless men will gush over the sundress.

While we may not be necessarily "dressing for a man", we can admit that we still wonder what they think about certain items in our closet. When it comes to a wardrobe staple that we're going to wear anyway, like the sundress, it's fun to know why exactly our man is giving us googly eyes every time we slip it on.

Just take this gentleman on TikTok, who, prompted by a girl asking what it is about sundresses that men love so much, jokingly said, “Seeing the yams in such a beautiful and vulnerable state, is a reminder to us that although hell is upon us, the heavens still take their time to shine and smile upon our lowly lives and remind us that life is very…good.” 


If his hilarious testimony that sundresses cure seasonal depression isn’t reason enough, I dug into the male psyche on Reddit, poured over prior surveys done by Glamour Magazine, and broke down their love for this article of clothing even further. To be fair, there’s some scientific fact to back it up. 

Sundresses Have an Amazing Shape

Thanks to its bodice style that tapers at the waist and drapes gracefully across your hips, men love that the sundress perfectly enhances your feminine figure. No matter if you naturally have a fuller figure, a straight silhouette, or anything in between, sundresses hug your curves and can even give the illusion of a more tapered, snatched waist. 

Sundresses hug your curves and can even give the illusion of a more tapered, snatched waist. 

When looking for a potential partner, studies show that men prioritize women who are good-looking and slender. A great sundress can help you achieve that! An attractive woman measurably elevates a man’s testosterone levels, as well as his cortisol levels (which the researchers theorized was due to “apprehension over an opportunity for courtship”).

Sundresses Exude Effortless Beauty

There’s a certain je ne sais quoi to a simple sundress and how it can instantly make you appear put-together when it's extra toasty out. Men value simplicity in their own style and enjoy when a woman can adopt an uncomplicated, carefree attitude as well.

The free-flowing movement that sundresses afford us give off major “girl-next-door” vibes, according to one of the guys surveyed by Glamour. Sundresses make a statement on their own, looking chic by default whether or not you put much thought into your outfit as a whole.

One of the Redditors admitted two fantasies about the wholesome and classy impressions that ladies have when donning sundresses: one being that she might be happy-go-lucky, on her way to the park to read a book under a tree, and the second being that she’s about to have fun simply running through a field of flowers. How sweet is that? Probably pretty unrealistic, but sweet nonetheless.

The free-flowing movement that sundresses afford us give off major “girl-next-door” vibes.

On the note of effortless beauty, there’s also something to be said about how the sundress appeals to women’s desires for expressing our femininity, as well as our love for how versatile it is – it’s practical, can be layered, can be dressed up or down, and puts a higher emphasis on comfort. 

As we know, one of our top considerations when choosing what to wear is what will make us feel amazing. If you feel your best, then you’re genuinely going to be in a better mood which will put the people around you at ease as well.

Sundresses Enhance Your Feminine Spirit

The feminine spirit can be defined in many ways, and through my research on the matter, I identified a few key characteristics that men thought are quintessential to being a woman.

One train of thought that some of the men reported is that sundresses give off whimsical, youthful vibes. The second, more common train of thought was just how sultry and tastefully suggestive a sundress can be. One of the men interviewed by Glamour put it perfectly, saying that the sundress “gives a man most of the information he needs but makes him want to explore even more.”

The sundress “gives a man most of the information he needs but makes him want to explore even more.”

A guy from Reddit gave similar testimony about how this garment covers just enough skin to be classy, but reveals skin in key areas that provide excitement and intrigue.

What do you know, there’s actual scientific backing behind this as well. Those bare shoulders being kissed by the warm sun are a total turn-on to men, with studies showing that men are enamored with good arms. Garments like sundresses, which tend to be sleeveless but tastefully show off toned, lean arms, are aesthetically pleasing to men. Bottom line is, your beau is going to find the look tastefully seductive!

Closing Thoughts

A garment that has a timeless shape, exudes effortless beauty, and enhances your feminine spirit is undoubtedly going to make you feel like a million bucks.

We’re all buzzing with anticipation for that sunshine feeling where we can let our favorite sundresses see the light again after many months of sweaters and long layers. And lucky for us, men are looking forward to it too!

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