The Best Influencers To Follow Based On Your Body Type

Social media is absolutely flooded with influencers showing off their designer clothing while lounging at some exclusive destination. But we don't have to let the FOMO get to us.

By Erica Jimenez1 min read
The Best Influencers To Follow Based On Your Body Type instagram

Instead of following accounts that make you feel bad about all the clothes you'll never own or all the places you're not visiting, think about being more intentional about how you choose who to follow.

Start by identifying what your personal style looks like, then look for influencers who not only share your style but have the same body type. Yes! There are so many beautiful ladies sharing their style and you don't have to imagine what it will look like on you. Following someone with a similar body type, whether you're tall, thin, athletic, or curvy, will help you see exactly how different outfits will look on you.

So without further ado, we have collected a list of some of our favorite influencers to follow based on the following body types: Petite, Athletic/Slim, Curvy, and Plus Size. While no means exhaustive, we hope this list will jump-start your journey towards finding women who will inspire you to dress better every day!

If You’re Petite, Follow:

Madison Clevenstine: Preppy & Feminine

Jean Wang: Clean & Professional

Anh: 9 to 5 Chic

Jessica Ricks: Sporty & Flirty

If You’re Athletic or Slim, Follow:

Julia Berolzheimer: Preppy & Feminine

Amy Jackson: Urban Chic

Daphne Moreau: Parisian Feminine

Nena Evans: Clean & Professional

If You’re Curvy, Follow:

Caralyn Mirand Koch: Sporty & Flirty

Emma Storey: Vintage Inspired

Tanesha Awashti

If You’re Plus Size, Follow:

Maxey Greene: Sporty & Fun

Sarah Tripp: Flirty & Feminine

Thamarr Guerrier: Feminine Chic

Catherine Li: Sporty & Flirty

Janea Brown: Feminine Elegance