We’re Going All In On Bows, Ruffles And Florals With These 30 Ultra-Frilly Pieces

We like big bows, and we cannot wear anything that doesn’t have one ever again. We’re pledging allegiance to the unchanging tenets of ultrafeminine fashion with these fancy pieces and not looking back.

By Julie Drake2 min read
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This is part two of a series detailing the growing movement that is ditching trends in favor of embracing personal style. If you haven’t read part one yet, you can find it here.

In case you haven’t heard, we’re hopping off the microtrend merry-go-round and going all in on personal style. (Not sure what your personal style is? Here are some tips.) Indeed, now that we’ve done some deep aesthetic introspection and have come to know our true fashion selves, there’s no looking back. We’re at the point of no return, where, regardless of what happens next in the ever-changing land of trendcore, we’re staying all in on what we know and love best – which means more bows, ruffles, and florals than humanly possible. And also dropping the pretense that baggy 501 jeans and muscle tees are “me.” Au revoir, cool girl costume. Bienvenue, feminine fashion heaven. 

Entering the land of endless frills and lace is incredibly freeing. I’m fully embracing the fact that I want to look like I just stepped out of a secret garden from which my person was impossible to distinguish, because I was covered in it (endless means endless). Or, perhaps, like I just left an 18th century fête thrown by, and themed after, none other than the trendsetting powder-puff herself, Marie Antoinette. Or like I couldn’t decide which bow to wear, so I wore them all. Basically I want people to perpetually think I’m on my way to a wedding. Maybe my own. Impossible to tell.

I highly recommend this level of knowing thy fashion self. It’s a peaceful place to be, because at the end of the day you know in your heart that you lived in your full style integrity (the best kind), and can answer for your accoutremental choices with a clear conscience. Which, in this case, is literally a beautiful thing. 

Side note: I’m not one for cults, but if I were, the only cult I would join is one led by Rebecca Hessel Cohen (LoveShackFancy founder) in which the only membership requirement is daily high tea with a strict maximum-frill dress code surrounded by fellow ladies of the wood that ends in a ritual dance to the High Priestess of Feminine Fashion herself.

If you’ve likewise found your personal style to be best described as “garden princess cupcake-core,” here are 30 pieces we’re adding to our carts for full feminine style actualization into ruffled-privé girl wonder.

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