Can Clothes Be Toxic? 25 Feminine Dresses Not Made From Polyester

With the return of healthy habits and a lean towards earthy materials, it is only natural that we question the toxicity of the fabrics that rub against our skin every day. But is polyester clothing actually toxic to your body?

By Alyssa Vandermeulen2 min read
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Polyester and other synthetic fabrics are very common materials for clothing items everywhere, even in higher end stores. Polyester clothing is actually made from melted pellets of plastic that are cooled into threads, which is an intensive manufacturing process to make patterns and clothing that we’ve likely seen in stores for our entire lives. This heating process, however, releases highly toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, which can be incredibly harmful to you as you sleep (check your sheets right now!). 

If you have skin allergies or easily irritated skin, polyester clothing can further aggravate those skin conditions – creating red, bumpy, or even swollen skin. Wearing polyester pieces for long periods of time can affect the skin all over your body, leaving you a hot, sweaty, and itchy mess. Some people have even reported chest pains, difficulty breathing, and the presence of blisters after wearing polyester clothing on warm days. 

Polyester clothing is also highly flammable, due to the chemical levels in the fabric and the process of melting down the material. It’s best to avoid as much polyester as possible in your clothing, bedding, towels, and especially in your children’s clothing, as it can lead to a ton of other health concerns for small bodies. Polyester underwear can even have a negative impact on male fertility.

Given what we now know about the effects of polyester clothing, it makes sense to look for a better option. Natural alternatives that won’t harm your skin are wool, cotton, silk, and linen, which are made from naturally grown threads and are biodegradable. These natural materials are soft, easy to wear, and will leave you feeling better after making a healthy choice for your skin! Especially if you have subscribed to the coastal grandmother aesthetic this spring and summer, the introduction of more linen in your wardrobe will be a welcome addition. 

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Feminine Dresses Not Made from Polyester

If you are already purging your closet of any and all polyester pieces, you’ll need some natural alternatives to wear this spring and summer. Feminine dresses are an Evie favorite and just because the fabric should be natural doesn't mean you're doomed to dress like a hippie. There are plenty of non-toxic, beautiful dresses out there that you can shop to restock your wardrobe.

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