Law Roach Tells Emily Ratajkowski Church Inspired His Love For Fashion And Says "There’s Nothing Greater In The Universe Than A Woman"

Law Roach opens up on the "High Low with Emrata" podcast just one week after announcing his retirement on Instagram. The image architect revealed how his love for fashion started with his grandmother and church.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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Stylist Award winner and self-proclaimed "image architect" Law Roach recently sent the internet into a frenzy after he announced he was retiring on Instagram. Roach has fashioned some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, most notably Zendaya. This week, he went on the High Low with Emrata podcast to discuss his inspiration for styling and more.

Believe it or not, Law Roach’s first fashion show was at church. “In African American culture, church is really a staple and a centerpiece to our lives,” he tells Emily Ratajkowski. “Growing up, and you have one of those old-school grandmas, you are going to go to church on Sunday. And her routine to prep for Sunday was incredible to me. It actually is where I have this affinity and this great love and respect for women.” 

Roach says his grandma’s preparation for Sunday services would begin the night before, when she’d lay out her dress and pick out her shoes, stockings, and jewelry. She’d take her time with her beauty ritual, bathe, and put rollers in. “So I used to watch this, and what it made me understand is the art form of being a woman. And I think it’s definitely an art,” he explains. “Boys, we just get up – brush our teeth, wash our face, throw something [on] – and what women do is so intentional. And I think I fell in love with that at a really early age."

The many outfits at church also caught Roach’s eye. The hats, dresses, shoes, and the way they presented themselves were something he deeply admired. Roach said he started to help his grandmother with her outfits when he was around 9 or 10. When he reached his 20s, he started to go thrift shopping, a pastime his grandmother loved when he was young. He began collecting bags and shoes, eventually leading to his vintage store, Luxury Law.

Roach's debut came on accident after Kanye visited his store, garnering the attention of paparazzi and stylists from all over the world. “I started to get all these calls from stylists like all over the world like, ‘Oh, is this the shop that Kanye was at?’” Roach says he knew what a stylist was, but he didn’t realize it was a viable career for him. When his store blew up, he realized he was naturally a stylist. His first paying client was an R&B singer named K. Michelle. Since then, he's gone on to style Celine Dion, Ariana Grande, Tom Holland, and more.

Roach also discussed his love for women on the podcast, and how good he feels when he helps them feel beautiful. "I looked at my grandmother when she zipped up her dress and put her pearls on to go to church, right, it's that like, I love women. I love women. I don't love women, as much to feel like I want to be a woman or that I want to f*ck a woman, but I love them in a way that is, you are on a pedestal."

"There is nothing greater in the universe than a woman to me," he adds. "And to know that I have a little part of not only making them feel a certain of type of way but... to be a part of their legacy, it's incredible to me."

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