How To Steal Zendaya’s Killer Style

If I had to pick a fashion icon from recent years, Zendaya would be at the top of my list. Here’s how to get her killer style.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
zendaya killer style

Not too many people are known by just their first name, but that’s Zendaya for you.

After starting her acting career on the Disney Channel, Zendaya has managed to remain one of the child stars who didn’t fall off the tracks. And thank goodness, because she’s lovely, whether it’s her performance in The Greatest Showman, Spider Man Homecoming, or her more recent Emmy-winning role as Rue Bennet in Euphoria. If there was any doubt the young actress is making waves, setting the record for the youngest woman to win the Emmy for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Drama Series certainly set that fact in stone.

The California girl often cites her family, and specifically her mom whom she counts as her biggest role model, for helping to keep her grounded in her busy life filled with a lot of different opinions being thrown at her. And while she’s admitted to feeling the pressures of what to post on social media, she has an undeniable knack for style, which is evident in her presence on all the best-dressed lists. So with that, let’s get to how you can take a few tips from the best!

Ladylike and Office Appropriate

Whether you’re in the office or going out to brunch with your girlfriends, a blazer is a great piece to have in your closet. You can wear it as part of a women’s suit, wear it more casually with jeans, or make it more feminine by throwing it over a dress. 

It’s a classic that should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe because it’s so versatile. Invest in this piece rather than buying one that’s cheap. You’ll feel the difference in quality and fit, and your blazer will last much longer.

Classic in Polka Dots

I love this look on Zendaya. No wonder she won the Emmy in that dress! There’s something super fun about polka dots, but at the same time, it’s a classic print that you don’t have to be afraid of playing around with. 

So whether you wear it as a top, dress, or skirt, keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral and you’ll be set. That’s one print conquered! 

Embrace Neutrals

A key part of dressing is understanding your skin tone and the colors that work best on you. This brown is a good neutral shade for Zendaya that works really well with her skin tone. Try things on, figure out what works for you, and you’ll never look back. 

Stun in Pastels

I love this shade of blue whenever I see it on anyone. It just seems to flatter almost every skin tone! It’s perfect for the spring and summer, but just as appropriate a color for a winter wonderland kind of look. You could even throw a cardigan and coat over the same dress and wear it all year round!

You Need a Classic Coat

Don’t underestimate the power of the classics! Even Zendaya, who is known for not being afraid to take fashion risks and for trying different things, has a classic neutral wool coat in her closet. And so should you! It’s easy to throw on over literally whatever you have on and go grab your morning green juice, or whatever it is you have to do. And you’ll look like you have style while doing it. 

All about the Silhouette

One thing I noticed about Zendaya’s gowns is that she tends to favor interesting silhouettes. 

Lots of draping can be really pretty and works really well for her long, lean frame. Figure out the silhouettes that work for you and then stick with them. 

For her, a lot of detailing works, but you might find simple is better for your body type. Inspiration can come from other people, but it all comes down to what looks good on your body!

Monochromatic Magic

Dressing in one color from head to toe is one of the oldest tricks in the book for creating a chic outfit, but it works. Take a look at your closet, see which colors you have the most of and have fun trying to create outfits wearing all of the same color. You may experience the side effect of pretending paparazzi are taking photos of your outfit. You’ve been warned!

Don’t Discount Your Basics

Simplicity has its perks! Her basic outfit of a white tank with jeans is great on its own, but it offers you so many ways to build from there. Always be sure to have basics in your closet, and you’ll never be without an outfit to wear because there will be so many ways you can wear your pieces. Quality over quantity. You’ll hear me say it again and again because it’s so true.

Layer with Long Puffers

Everyone wears a short puffer jacket, but Zendaya isn’t afraid to rock a long puffer coat. In fact, it’s one of the items I’ve seen her wear the most! Whether she’s layering it with other coats and sweaters or wearing it on it’s own, it’s a quick way to add intrigue to your outfit. So if you don’t have a long puffer, consider picking one up, and if you do, make sure you wear it because it’s a super cute look.

It’s in the Details

The details of a dress are what make it unique! Find dresses that you love that are different from what you see on everyone else. You’ll feel so special every time you wear it. Zendaya isn’t really a trend follower, which I love. 

Wear what you love, not what the trend is saying you should be wearing. Find the dresses that make you feel feminine and pretty, and then wear the heck out of them!

Closing Thoughts

Even though Zendaya takes a lot of style risks, she uses a lot more basics in her wardrobe than you might think. She knows what works for her and wears it! A lot of that’s just trial and error. But try a few things that work for her, and you might find some of them work for you too.