The 10 Most Important Features Of Attractive Faces, According To Science

These are the 10 most important facial features that contribute to an attractive-looking face, according to scientific literature.

By Carmen Schober3 min read
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Which facial traits most significantly enhance a person's overall appeal and elevate their attractiveness? Researchers, plastic surgeons, and aestheticians have weighed in to identify the features and rank them in order of importance.

While there's not a perfect consensus, there is strong agreement among experts that naturally enhancing the following features can make the most significant difference in your overall attractiveness.

10. Your Lips

Lips are low on the list because they aren't usually the first thing people notice about your face unless they're extremely disproportionate in size or dull in color. This means that while lip fillers and aesthetic treatments are very trendy, they're definitely not a necessity for looking attractive. Keeping your pout hydrated with a good lip balm and enhancing your natural color is usually all that's needed. There are also some great non-invasive lip-plumping products on the market.

9. Your Teeth

A beautiful smile can light up a room, and teeth play a crucial role in that. And while white, symmetrical teeth are most desirable, it's important to note that bright white teeth do not significantly boost overall attractiveness when compared to "average" teeth. Similarly, slight imperfections don't affect overall attractiveness either. Only when teeth are notably stained, yellowed, or crooked does a person's overall attractiveness decrease. So, for most people, regular dental care and maintaining good oral hygiene will be sufficient. If needed, there are lots of safe ways to brighten up your smile.

8. Your Skin

Healthy skin is a major player in facial attractiveness since smooth, hydrated, and clear skin reflects youth and vitality. Freckles, moles, small scars, or visible texture don't have a big impact on overall attractiveness, but acne-prone skin does draw negative attention. A consistent skincare routine that addresses acne if needed, including sunscreen and hydration is key.

7. Your Hair

Next on the list is hair because it can dramatically influence your overall appearance. For women, medium to long hair is often seen as most attractive, while men typically benefit from a shorter, well-kept hairstyle. Balding or visible hair loss does typically decrease a person's attractiveness, but there are a growing number of ways to treat it. A flattering haircut and healthy hair can enhance your facial features, so don’t underestimate the power of a good hair day!

6. Your Cheekbones

Defined cheekbones add structure and youthfulness to your face, but many people overestimate just how "defined" they should be. If you want to make this feature pop, typically losing excess weight will sharpen the appearance of cheekbones over time, and makeup techniques like proper contouring can help, too. Many people have also reported that facial massage makes a big difference. The good news is that the bones in your face typically look proportionate when you're at a healthy weight.

5. Your Nose

Your nose is right in the center of your face, making it a very noticeable feature and number five on the list. While there's obviously no one-size-fits-all perfect nose, one that "harmonizes" with your other facial features is what's considered most attractive. Shape isn't as relevant as symmetry and proportion when it comes to noses, so it's unlikely that cosmetic surgery will make a significant difference in overall attractiveness except in extreme cases.

4. Your Face Shape

The shape of your face frames all your features, and whether you have an oval, square, heart-shaped, round face, or a blend, each shape has its own charm. The key to looking attractive is to flatter your unique shape with the right hairstyle and makeup techniques. This is another instance where facial massage can help, too. The only time face shape tends to work against attractiveness is when someone chooses an unflattering hairstyle or has excess fat on their face, which can be reversed through healthy habits.

3. Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are surprisingly powerful in shaping your face and conveying emotions, specifically your eyebrow "ridge," which generally refers to their prominence on your face. The prominence of your eyebrows can be altered with cosmetic procedures, but it's pretty risky since changing the actual position of your eyebrows drastically changes your facial proportions. A much safer route is simply grooming your eyebrows to be the most flattering shape for your face.

2. Your Eyes

The shape, color, and the way your eyes reflect light can make your face look absolutely stunning. The only real significant decrease in perceived attractiveness when it came to eyes was noted when the white part of a person's eyes looked yellowish or dull, but there are simple ways to improve that in most cases. Typically, if the eyes looked healthy and were accompanied by full lashes, they were considered attractive. Makeup can help, too.

1. Your Jawline

A sharp, well-defined jawline is apparently seen as the epitome of attractiveness because it adds strength and structure to your face. While genetics play a big role in the shape of your jaw, maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with proper posture can accentuate your jawline. Like most of the features we've covered, the natural shape you're born with will almost always look flattering if your health is optimal. And a little facial massage can't hurt, either.

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