I Did A Face Massage Every Day For Two Weeks. Here’s What Happened

This fresh approach to skincare could totally transform the appearance of your face – but only if you’re consistent.

By Renée Walton4 min read

As a massage therapist and natural health enthusiast, it only makes sense that I’d be interested in face massage. It’s always been on my radar, and I’ve practiced techniques from time to time, both on myself and on clients. It’s something I’ve believed in in theory, but if I’m being honest, I never saw results that convinced me to make it a regular part of my routine. 

But therein lies the problem. You see, the key to seeing noticeable, compliment-worthy, lasting results with face massage boils down to consistency. If you throw in the towel after not seeing results after one or two sessions, you’ll never make any progress. So, I made a commitment to give myself a face massage every day for two weeks straight to see if I noticed any improvements. These are my results.

Face Massage on Social Media 

Face massages are a non-invasive, product-free way to improve the tone and overall appearance of your skin by optimizing the flow of fluids and softening tense muscles. When done correctly and consistently, face massages can make skin brighter, clearer, and more even, while also creating a more sculpted-looking bone structure. 

With over two million followers on Instagram, perhaps the undisputed face massage queen of social media is @anastasiabeautyfascia. Anastasia’s own journey with face massage began at 25, when her dermatologist recommended Botox to reduce signs of aging. Her distaste for starting cosmetic treatments at such an early age led Anastasia to explore other options, which eventually brought her to the world of fascia and structural integration. On her social media pages and in her online courses, she shares her knowledge as a board certified Structural Integration Therapist, giving women a natural, affordable, and long-lasting alternative to Botox and fillers. 

I used Anastasia’s 10 minute full face massage tutorial to guide me on my two week experiment. This particular Instagram Reel has over 320k likes and 4,000 comments, many of which rave about the results they’ve experienced.

Anastasia’s own results make an impression. While she was obviously beautiful before, an Instagram Reel documenting her transformation shows her appearance change from that of a full-faced young woman with hooded and slightly tired-looking eyes to someone whose high cheekbones and sculpted jawline rival the likes of Angelina Jolie. Her eyes are noticeably brighter and less hooded, and her lips appear fuller in her later photos. Even Anastasia’s neck seems more graceful and elongated in her aftershots.

Skeptics who wonder if Anastasia’s more sculpted appearance is the result of weight loss might be surprised to learn that she has actually gained weight since her mid-twenties when she started practicing face massages (a fact that she’s open about on her social media pages). She also swears she’s never gotten Botox, fillers, or any other tweakments

So, why the dramatic results? It all boils down to circulation, lymph flow, and fascia. According to Anastasia on her Instagram, improving blood and lymph flow is the only way to significantly change the appearance of your skin. That’s because very few products penetrate the epidermis layer of the skin deep enough to create significant results. She further explains that skin issues are usually the result of lymph stagnation along with muscle or ligament tension. 

Sometimes, we forget that, just like the rest of our body, our face has muscles that can get tight and tense with use, leading to lymph and blood stagnation along with stiff fascia, all of which age our appearance over time. As someone with a naturally expressive face (trust me, I cringe at my crazed expression in most candid photos I see of myself), I can attest that our facial muscles work hard

My Experience

So, did I see a dramatic difference after just two weeks of daily face massages? Not necessarily. But I did notice some subtle shifts in my complexion and the overall appearance of my face. For starters, my skin appeared brighter and glowier, likely thanks to the improved circulation in my face, neck, and shoulders. 

The appearance of my eyes also changed. Like Anastasia in her “before” photos, my eyes are hooded and can appear sleepy. After two weeks of daily face massages, my eyes look less puffy and more awake. They might be slightly less hooded, too. These changes are subtle, but I have hope that they’ll continue to improve with continued regular fascial work. 

And to my surprise (and delight), other people noticed a change in my looks, too. In fact, at a family get-together during my two week trial, several people (whom I hadn’t seen in months) complimented me on my refreshed appearance. They didn’t mention my skin specifically, but apparently, the subtle improvements were enough for them to remark on, even if they couldn’t put their finger on exactly what had changed in my appearance. And hey, that’s a win in my book!

On the downside, I noticed a few extra blemishes during my two week experiment, particularly on my chin. This could be thanks to naturally fluctuating hormones, but it also might have something to do with me touching my skin in that area more than usual. It could also be related to the oil I used, or the fact that I was increasing the blood flow there, which could draw impurities up to the surface. Regardless, the pros of regular face massage outweigh the cons, in my experience. I didn’t notice enough acne to warrant writing off the practice completely, and the issue could go away entirely once my skin gets used to face massage.

A Few Things I Learned Along the Way

During my two week experiment, I did my face massage as part of my nightly routine. Once I became comfortable with the routine and no longer needed to do it in front of a mirror, I started doing the face massage while sitting up in bed – the ultimate lazy girl hack. For me, it was a perfect way to wind down at night, and I think I even slept better since I wasn’t holding as much tension in my face, neck, and chest. That being said, I learned about halfway through my two weeks that it’s best to do face massages during the day for draining purposes. So, it’s possible my results could have been better if I had done my face massages as part of my morning skincare routine. 

Keep in mind that you’ll want to switch which side you start each move on. So, if you’re following along with a video, mirror the video one day and start on the opposite side the next day. That way, you’ll ensure equal time spent on each side for more symmetric results. 

Also note that it’s normal to notice tender, almost painful spots on your face at first when you’re massaging. That’s because our faces hold a lot of tension, especially in the jawline and temples. Over time, the tenderness should recede. 

Closing Thoughts 

So, do I recommend regular face massages after my two week experiment? Absolutely!

In a world where it seems like the cosmetic industry is pushing expensive products and treatments on women at younger and younger ages, I’m all for an alternative way to keep my skin looking fresh and healthy. And bonus – it also happens to be natural and completely free.  

But keep in mind that in order to see results, you have to be consistent. Good things take time, so don’t expect miracles overnight. Even Anastasia herself said that it took over a year for her to see a dramatic change in her face – but for her, it paid off. And remember, you’ll probably be able to notice a difference before anyone else – although don’t be surprised if you start getting compliments pretty quickly; sometimes people notice a new glow in you, even if they just can’t put their finger on why.

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