Want To Instantly Look Prettier? Here's The Most Flattering Haircut For Your Face Shape

If you’re wondering why bangs might look good on one girl but not another, it's because of their face shape. Trying to find the haircut that flatters you depends on the shape of your face.

By Hannah Leah2 min read
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There are seven basic face shapes: oval, round, square, triangle, oblong, diamond, and heart-shaped. Oval face shapes are the most proportioned, therefore making it easier to find a flattering haircut. When choosing what route to go with your cut, you’ll ultimately want a cut that creates the illusion of the oval shape. So before you schedule your next appointment, let's talk about each shape and the ideal haircut for you. 


Wouldn’t it be nice to have the most proportional face shape? Some of you have it, and you probably haven’t found too many haircuts you dislike on yourself. The oval-shaped face can wear short or long, layered or blunt, bangs or no bangs. If this leaves you too undecided, keep in mind that layering is a good idea for those wanting to accentuate their facial features. Side-swept bangs will draw us to the center of your face, which is a good thing. 


Round face shapes are sometimes looked at as a negative thing, but it’s honestly the haircut that can make or break this face shape. If you have a round face, the width and length of the face are similar distances. Your jawline and cheekbones will be round and soft. Stay away from chin-length haircuts that emphasize the roundness of the face. You’ll want a haircut that elongates the face such as a longer length haircut with some layering. The long layers will soften your overall look. If you decide to try bangs, keep them long and wispy. You’re even safe to do the pixie, just make sure it's layered and tapered so it's not one dull length, adding to the roundness. 


For a square face shape, there is a distinct and angular jawline. When trying to shape this face with a haircut, it’s important not to do anything that draws more attention to the jawline. This shape is beautiful and unique, and there are plenty of options for hairstyles. Soft and layered hairstyles are great for this shape, as are any haircuts that have some texturizing and layering that balance out proportions. Adding volume to your hair with a square face is ideal. 


Similar to the square shape, a triangle face shape has an angular jaw. It’s wide but not as sharp as the square jaw. It has a softer effect like those with a round face. The triangle face is long with softer cheekbones. Bangs work really well with this face shape, since it’s long and narrow. Since we want to soften the jawline like with the square shape, find a cut that is fuller at the top, and softer at the bottom. Triangle faces can also pull off the pixie cut. Really long hair only lengthens the face for this shape, so it should be avoided. 


The oblong face shape is characterized by its length. It's very long, compared to the width. You'll need a haircut with volume to add to the width and avoid drawing attention to the length of the face. Bangs work well on this face shape. Haircuts with texture and layering are great with the oblong face. 


If you have a diamond face shape, you most likely have a smaller, pointed chin, wide cheekbones, and a narrow forehead. For this haircut, a deep side part or side swept bangs flatter the face. Short hair or face-framing layering also works well. Long hair is still a great option for the diamond face. You'll want the hair near your cheekbones to avoid having too much volume since your cheekbones are wide. Add volume under the jawline to draw attention away from the pointed jawline. 


Lastly, the heart-shaped face. The main features of this face are the wider forehead and pointed chin. This face shape can be flattered with many haircuts, but you should avoid anything that draws attention to the chin to make it too pointy, and anything that makes the forehead feel too wide. For example, a chin-length bob would close in your jawline, and this wouldn’t be as flattering with this face shape. 

Closing Thoughts

Knowing your face shape gives you more confidence when choosing a haircut. Your hairstylist is always there to give you tips and guidance if you feel unsure. Just like how makeup can bring out your best features, a haircut can do the same by creating a more proportional face frame. Hopefully, you can use these tips to enhance your natural beauty. Every face shape is unique and beautiful in its own way. 

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