The Hairstyle You’re Going To Be Seeing Everywhere This Fall

When fall comes, it's natural for women to transition their hair with the season. This might mean going darker, adding in red tones, or cutting your hair. The long bob haircut is the perfect transition for fall, and it's already starting to trend.

By Hannah Leah2 min read
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Here’s some inspiration for you if you’re considering making the change!

Celebrities Who Have Worn the Long Bob Haircut

Vanessa Hudgens. The High School Musical turned Hallmark Christmas movie star has rocked this haircut in many of her movies. 

Khloe Kardashian. The Kardashians change their hair color, length, and style all the time. Oftentimes, they'll wear wigs to change up their style so they don’t damage their real hair. Khloe has been sporting the long bob more recently and she does it to perfection. 

Selena Gomez. From starring on Disney Channel, to being in movies, to focusing on her singing career, we've been looking to Selena for hair inspo for years. She has worn a long and a short bob at some point, and styles it in all different ways.

Reese Witherspoon. Our Legally Blonde icon has also had a long bob in recent years that proves you can rock this trendy look no matter your age. 

Lucy Hale. The Pretty Little Liars star has had a bob for a long time, and inspiration from her signature hair cut has filled our Pinterest feeds for years!

Gal Gadot. She wears her hair long when she stars as Wonder Woman, but in her everyday life, she likes the long bob and we can't say we blame her! 

There are so many more celebs who wear their hair this way! It’s typically a haircut that is easy to manage and style, and it’s still long enough to pull out of your face if you want some versatility. 

Different Ways To Wear the Long Bob

If you’re considering cutting your hair but are afraid you won’t know how to style it, here are some different ideas and tips on achieving these looks! 

Loose waves. This is one of the most popular ways that you can style this haircut. To achieve this look, section off your hair so you can take one small section at a time, put your hair in the curling iron clamp while leaving 1-2 inches of hair out of the iron, and turn the iron away from your face. Hold for a couple of seconds and release the hair from the iron. 

Classic loose curls. There are so many ways to use a curling iron. But if you want to keep it simple, repeat the same steps as the loose waves, but don’t leave out any of the hair from the clamp. 

Beach waves. Similar to the loose waves, you can also use a wand curling iron to curl your hair. The wand iron might be an easier alternative for curling your hair, as you just pick up a section of hair, wrap it around the iron, hold for a few seconds, and release. Most wand irons come with a glove to use while you curl. Both the loose and beach waves are a fun way to style your hair for a more natural curl look. 

Ringlet Curls with Bangs. This is a style we’ve seen more in recent years, and it's perfect for the curly girls. If you have naturally curly hair, you can diffuse it with a blowdryer to achieve this style. Be sure to use a mousse or curl cream before drying it so it doesn’t get too frizzy!

Flat Ironed. This is honestly one of my favorite ways to style this haircut. Most people know how to straighten their hair, as it's pretty simple to do. But the look can be dressed up or dressed down. It’s super sleek looking and can pull an outfit together. If you’re new to flat ironing your hair, just section off the hair, brush out the piece you’re about to straighten, and put the hair in between the iron and slide it down the hair. A heat protection serum or spray is really beneficial for this style. 

Closing Thoughts

It gives us all a little pep in our step when we have a new hairstyle. If you’re looking to make a change this fall, maybe give the long bob a try this year. It’s trending among influencers and celebrities, and there are so many ways to style it. I hope these inspiration pictures and tips were helpful if you’re wanting to make the change!

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