What Is Low Or High Visual Weight? Here's How To Know Which Makeup Style Suits Your Face

If you've got softer, rounder features that blend together, you may be considered "low visual weight." Conversely, if you have more pronounced traits that stand out, you're a "high visual weight." Knowing which one you are can greatly change your makeup game.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read

When it comes to low visual weight women, I think of celebrities with a rounder face, and their features blend together. On the other hand, women with "high visual weight" have one or more noticeable, stronger features.

The concept has been going viral on social media platforms since it has been used to determine your makeup style. I believe it was popularized by a large makeup YouTube guru known as "Dear Peachie," who revealed that the "correct way to assess one's visual weight is to observe the volume and the color intensity of their features." But besides their eyes, noses, and lips, the proportion of the facial features is also considered. A big face with small features would be low visual, while a small face with big features would be high visual.

Makeup experts and influencers argue that if you have a low visual weight, colors that aren't too bold and appear more natural are more suitable for your face. However, those who lean more toward high visual weight can pull off the dramatic makeup like thick, dark eyeliner and eyeshadow or bold lipstick colors.

Low Visual Weight Examples

Jennie Kim 

Selena Gomez

High Visual Weight Examples

Dua Lipa

Megan Fox

How To Know If You Are Low or High Visual Weight

Try the Bold Glamour Filter on TikTok

A quick and super easy way to find out which one you are is the bold glamour filter on TikTok. The filter is exactly what it sounds like, placing darker, thicker eyebrows with strong contour and heavy eye makeup on anyone trying it. The filter looks almost natural on high visual weight women because the filter easily registers more prominent noses, large eyes, high cheekbones, and snatched jawlines. However, when people with low visual weight try it on, they look as if they're in drag or appear more "masculine." Sometimes the filter looks almost uncanny valley and off.

Examine Your Features and Makeup

Really pay attention to your facial harmony in photos or the mirror. If your face is much rounder or softer, and you feel that your eyes, lips, and nose all equally stand out, there's a high chance you're a low visual weight. If you've got any part of your face that stands out, you may be a high visual weight.

Take a look at Selena Gomez. The more natural makeup style makes her look more vibrant and greatly compliments her feminine attributes.

The low visual weight girlies tend to look better when their makeup isn't as bold. Regarding eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blush, it's best to stick to our seasonal pallette's more neutral and lighter colors (you can learn more about that here). An example would be the "latte makeup look," which focuses on a dewy, bronzy appearance.

You already know what I will say about high visual weight: sharp, dark eyeshadow or eyeliners and red lipsticks suit you. The smokey eyes come to mind, and so do the cherry cola lips – all fierce and bodacious styles that are sure to bring out your assets.

How To Do Your Makeup

When you've figured out which one you are, you're ready for the next step! If you're low visual weight, learn how to do your makeup here. If you're high visual weight, you can learn how to do your makeup here.

Closing Thoughts

In my opinion, the greatest makeup artists can pull off most makeup styles regardless of your face shape. But if you're not too skilled with makeup (like me), I believe knowing your visual weight can greatly help you with your day-to-day. On the flip side, if you're a low visual girlie but find yourself leaning towards high visual weight (and vice versa), don't shy away from bold choices and get creative with it!

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