How To Do Your Makeup If You're High Visual Weight

With all of the trends circling around online, it can be exhausting to constantly discern which advice is actually helpful for your beauty routine. However, the low versus high visual weight conversation has some serious merit in finding the most flattering makeup for your face.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen2 min read
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If you haven’t caught up on the hype surrounding this particular makeup concept, check out our guide to determine whether you have a high or low visual weight. And if you have a high visual weight, welcome aboard! 

Because you have larger, defined facial features and a smaller face, you should play around with makeup that will accentuate those features in a cohesive and flattering way. Your base makeup, like your foundation and concealer, doesn’t necessarily change based on your visual weight. However, you can pull off a full glam look better than a woman with low visual weight, if you gravitate toward full coverage products. 

Here are our best tips for creating stunning makeup looks if you’re high visual weight! 

Opt for a Bold Lip

Many women cannot pull off a bright lipstick color or a TikTok lip trend…but you can! The classic red lip is balanced by your full brows and large eyes, which means that fun lipstick shades should be rotated through your makeup bag. However, there is a flattering red lip for every skin tone (check out this article if you want to find yours!). 

Emphasize Your Eyes

In order to balance the intensity of your vibrant features, you shouldn’t neglect your eyes when doing your makeup! A smokey eye is the most obvious choice for a dramatic look, but you can also experiment with bold colors and shapes. 

Another way to emphasize your larger eye shape is by lining your eyelids (even to the inner corner) with black liner and then adding a wing. While smaller eyes often look closed off by heavier eye makeup, your eyes can handle the bold look, which is fun to experiment with for date night! You can also pull off falsies and dramatic lashes, so feel free to add those for special occasions as well. 

Not sure how to accomplish these bold looks? All you need is a few supplies (and decent makeup brushes) and this tutorial! Have fun! 

Contour, Contour, Contour

Instead of heavily applied blush, you will want to focus your brush on contouring the sharper edges of your face rather than rounding them out. The “bold glamor” filter of TikTok reveals the need for your bronzer to overtake your blush application – in a less AI-filtered way! 

A liquid or cream bronzer is going to seamlessly melt into your skin better than an all-over powder bronzer. Focus the product on your cheekbones, forehead, and the bridge of your nose to accentuate your facial structure. Then blend it out with a larger brush! 

Define Your Full Brows

Eyebrows truly shape the face, especially if you are high visual weight. Avoid overly plucking your brows, as you want them to be full and dark, providing a dramatic edge to the rest of your features. Even if you have naturally dark brows, a tinted brow gel will fill in any sparse spots to create defined brows. 

Want to see a step-by-step tutorial to fill your brows and the rest of the high visual makeup look? Check out this short video!

Shopping Recommendations

Now is a great time to sit down in front of a mirror and play around with makeup to see what best suits your face! Get to it, gorgeous!

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