America Has An Egg Problem And It’s Creating Weak Men

When you swap out “toxic masculinity” for “toxic femininity,” you’ll see this henhouse isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

By Andrea Mew8 min read
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A move toward a unigender world makes neither sex happy. In fact, we need more differences between the two sexes, says controversial but arguably compelling author and media personality Raw Egg Nationalist. You may have heard of him after he starred in the Tucker Carlson End of Men documentary and faced ridicule from the mainstream media over suggested techniques for solving men’s declining testosterone levels, such as cold showers, reducing PFA exposure, and genital sunning.

Regardless of your own personal convictions about his rhetoric, lifestyle, and overall brand, Raw Egg Nationalist (or REN) actually brings up some very valid points in our society struggling to support men. I’d even argue that while our culture unconditionally promotes women, we are fostering an environment for strong men to grow weak and weak men to grow weaker. The underlying cause? Buckle up, and join me and REN as we walk through the West’s divergence from a so-called “patriarchy” and toward “gynecocracy” in the wake of three very real egg crises. 

Crisis No. 1: You Can’t Make an Omelet With an Empty Egg Carton

Infertility is no laughing matter, and there’s nothing good to come from shaming a woman genuinely struggling to conceive. But there’s a fair reason why the “empty egg carton” meme went as viral as it did. The expression, which the top Urban Dictionary entry says is “used to comment on an growing epidemic in Western society of men and women sleeping around and rejection of parenthood [sic],” in reference to “the fact that women lose 90% of their eggs by age 30 and 97% of their eggs by 40.”

We can’t just chalk it up to right-leaning political propaganda. Women’s natural fertility is on the decline. In 2020, fertility in America hit a record low, people are delaying parenthood until their bodies struggle to naturally reproduce without the help of modern medicine, and young women become Big Pharma customers for life when they’re placed on hormonal birth control the moment they start menstruating.

“Stop taking hormonal birth control,” REN advises. “That stuff messes you up in ways that may actually be irreversible. I’m not talking about weight gain, either. I mean, actual irreversible changes to the brain, for instance, which among other things alter your sexual preferences.

Though these facts are well-attested in scientific literature, the mere mention of the truth boils blood. REN continues to explain, if a woman goes off birth control to better her health, that may mean both she and her hookup, boyfriend, or husband have less sex. Sure, condoms allow for mostly safe sex, but many brands are made with fertility-disrupting chemicals

Free-flowing, uninhibited lovemaking is en vogue. Ariana Grande belts out bars on the radio about wanting to be kept up all night having sex. It’s almost unheard of to find a popular film or television show that doesn’t include sex scenes. The Karjenners and many other influential women partner up with a man long enough to have his babies, but then either fail to marry him or end up divorced in no time at all. No, having a high body count is not an advent of the 21st century – looking at you, flower-child generation – but what is new is the media’s constant affirmation of no-strings-attached sexual relationships. 

Alas, we’re experiencing this bizarre, inverted bell curve where culture has led women to seek out more sex and men to increasingly care less about it. It’s not healthy for men to have a low sex drive. REN says that men low in testosterone, the “master male hormone,” are more likely to be overweight, depressed, unmotivated, and less fertile. Experts certainly agree.

“Low testosterone on a civilizational level – and that’s exactly what we’re experiencing – can only be a disaster. Extrapolate out the individual experience to the aggregate level, and you’ve got a society full of overweight, demoralized men who’d rather just play video games, watch porn, and eat corn snacks than do anything that’s actually worth doing or that needs doing,” he says.

Women aged 35+ would have tried to have children sooner if they knew about age-related fertility decline.

Is it not saddening to read that women aged 35+ would have tried to have children sooner if they knew about age-related fertility decline? But if they were to toy with the idea of motherhood, that might mean reducing work hours, working a less lucrative job, or becoming a stay-at-home mom. When you’re encouraged from a young age to place education above all else and aspire to climb the corporate ladder, it’s really not your fault that you may have been pushed down the anti-natalist pipeline. 

And what’s the first thing to go when you’re simply overwhelmed with spreadsheets and deadlines? Physical fitness and nutrition.

Crisis No. 2: Whole, Animal-Based Foods Are on the Chopping Block

The girl boss might skip a meal or two. She’s got back-to-back meetings, and her venti iced oat milk latte will (hopefully) satiate her hunger until happy hour. If she really needs something else to hold her over, a processed snack or two could be on the menu since, as we know, Americans are increasingly addicted to ultra-processed foods. Fact of the matter is that if she’s already not cooking for herself, she’s probably not cooking for a man either. 

From REN’s perspective, as humans walk further down the path of abandoning the foods that made our ancestors strong, we’ve made ourselves fatter, unhealthier, and as a result, unhappier. The culprit? He says it’s the growing pressure for people to fully abandon animal products in the name of progressive climate justice.

“I’m in no doubt that a global plant-based diet, supplemented by novel proteins like insect meal and ‘plant-based meat,’ would be a disaster for our health on an unprecedented scale,” he warns. “This is weaponized food, designed to hook you. Its effects have been devastating for our health.”

No, this is not a conspiracy nor misled hysteria. The global market for plant-based foods was valued at $41.78 billion in 2021, and experts believe it could reach as high as $93.92 billion by 2028. Demand for animal-free foods is increasing, but these dietary choices worsen chances of depression, stroke and anemia, derail your physical fitness goals, and let’s not forget that these food swaps aren’t as “sustainable” as eco-warriors may claim. Yes, veganism leaves you nutritionally deficient, but as I’ve written before, it might also make you harder to date.

Abandoning the foods that made our ancestors strong has made us fatter, unhealthier, and unhappier. 

Take the woman out of the kitchen or rewrite the narrative for what it means for food to be “healthy,” and I don’t believe you have true progression. What we have is a society that is experiencing regression. What’s particularly aggravating about how Americans are now outsourcing our nutritional needs is that there’s truly nothing oppressive about knowing how to cook — it’s actually an impressive skill to master! 

It’s more empowering, in my eyes, to know what ingredients I’m putting in my body and how they are being prepared. Instead, we’re allowing quick-serve fry cooks and Grubhub drivers to deliver our dinners. Lest we contribute to “global warming,” we’re giving up animal-based nutrition for what REN calls industrially produced foodstuffs.

Inflation Is No Reason To Let Vitality Fall to the Wayside

But what’s a gal to do when inflation is at historic crippling levels, and she has to work to afford her price-gouged groceries? After all, egg prices skyrocketed 70% in a year, and the same carton you bought for $1.60 in 2021 is closer to $4.21 today. "According to Nerdwallet, egg prices are once again on the rise due to another outbreak of bird flu and inclement weather." Yes, costs for everyday items are high right now, but perhaps people need to shift their priorities if they actually want to eat for their health. What if you put the money you’re spending on a $5 bag of Skinnypop toward real, whole foods, like a carton of eggs? It’ll leave you more satisfied and nourished anyway.

Even though he promotes a diet free from refined grains, added sugars, toxic seed and vegetable oils, and other additives that may seem unattainable in today’s economy, REN is actually quite sympathetic to people struggling to find the most nutritious products. His answer, however, is that even if you can’t eat the ideal diet, there are steps you can take to considerably improve your diet. 

“One of the great joys of following an ancestral diet is that many of the best animal foods – things like organ meat, but also tougher cuts like beef shin and pork hocks and knuckles – are really very cheap,” he says, explaining how he can get roughly a pound of beef shin for under $10 and use it in a nutritious (and filling) stew with marrow bones, carrot, onions, and bay leaves. “You just have to get creative.”

All that to say, I’d like to paint a bigger picture than just our maladaptive relationships with nutrition and fertility. There’s a perfectly tragic storm going on right now. Three roads are converging into what a reasonably skeptical individual might see as a decline of our civilization as we know it. The ways in which women are stunting our own health and the health of the men around us are more evident, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll see that the weakening of men could also be the fault of the gynecocracy.

Crisis No. 3: We’re All Cooped Up in the Henhouse

Look, I eat a lot of meat, but I’m no purist. I certainly won’t touch a Beyond Burger, but I’m also not afraid of edamame or chickpeas. I also loudly shout about the many, many dangers of hormonal birth control, but know plenty of women who have gotten pregnant right away after going off the pill. I’m a working woman (who is employed almost exclusively by women, producing women-focused products) who couldn’t be classified as “trad” even if I tried, but of all the egg crises America faces, the most harmful is how far deep we have gone into the henhouse.

The henhouse? Yes, we’ve accidentally cooped ourselves up within four walls of gynecocracy, aka, a society or culture controlled by women. Not to be confused with a matriarchy, the gynecocracy is toxic in practice that serves to harm women by changing who we are fundamentally, elevating us above men at their own behest.

Gynecocracy serves to harm women by changing who we fundamentally are and elevating us above men at their own behest.

In a recent viral article on this concept titled “What is the Longhouse?,” author Lom3z examines the puzzling term “the Longhouse.” For ease of understanding the broader concept, longhouse could be swapped out with gynecocracy, or as I've been using in my eggy-examination, the henhouse. 

In literal terms, the long, narrow building is historically a social gathering place ruled ubiquitously by a “den mother.” In metaphorical terms, the longhouse is what Lom3z explains as “the remarkable overcorrection of the last two generations toward social norms centering feminine needs and feminine methods for controlling, directing, and modeling behavior.”

The West Has Become Over-Feminized

Wars aren’t fought on our soil, laborious jobs are increasingly outsourced or automated, and professional culture and the entertainment industry place more importance on sensitivity than reality. We cancel people if their speech offends us. We shift definitions if the truth hurts people’s feelings. We prioritize diversity and inclusion over merit, to the extent that 1 in 6 hiring managers has been instructed not to hire white men.

As a result, men have two choices in America’s henhouse: They either self-flagellate and become the weakest versions of themselves, or they overcompensate and fall victim to the trap of shallow machismo. This Andrew Tate-like persona is useless, in REN’s opinion, because it misrepresents how right-of-center men truly feel about women.

“We obviously need a more robust ideal than [Andrew Tate’s] ‘women are whores, make more money,’” REN states. “As much as it might seem like we – I mean, myself and people in the so-called ‘dissident right’ sphere – are ‘against women,’ that couldn’t actually be further from the truth. If you knew me, you’d know that I’m as far from a woman hater as it’s possible for a man to be. I hate what’s been done to women, and what women do to themselves.”

But when exactly did we coop ourselves up in the henhouse? Was it first-wave feminism? The advent of hormonal birth control? Was it Hillary Clinton’s “the future is female” campaign slogan? In REN’s opinion, there isn’t a single root cause we can point to that led us down the path of gynecocracy. 

Rather, REN says it’s a multi-faceted phenomenon that developed through factors including “the decline of violence in society; the triumph of the state form on a global scale; the growth of bureaucracy; the medicalization of society; the spread of liberalism as an outgrowth – or abortion – of Christianity; mass surveillance; equal rights; nutrition and the pollution of the environment with estrogenic substances.”

Women Have an Important Role To Play in Dismantling the Henhouse

In our plight for “equal rights,” longhouse author Lom3z points out how American women now hold more professional managerial roles than men, earn 57% of bachelors degrees, 61% of master’s degrees, and 54% of doctoral degrees. Furthermore, we’ve oversaturated human resource departments (to the tune of 73%) and compliance (57%), which are professions that crack the whip on cultural norms.

This is not to say that women are doing society a disservice by taking up leadership roles. As President Ronald Reagan once said, “From earliest times, women have helped shape our Nation.” Today, women-owned businesses employ over 9.4 million workers in critical low-growth industries like child care, beauty salons, and home healthcare.

We can and should lead, but we should also take into consideration what roles our natural biological disposition caters to. Isn’t it the least bit concerning that the U.S. Armed Forces had to reduce physical fitness standards to cater to female enlistees? It’s all well and good that we’ve got a more “equitable” armed forces, but are we combat-ready in the chance that tensions elevate with China or Russia?

Attempting a full-fledged return to “trad wife” and living in a small-scale homesteading community may not be the best way to escape gynecocracy either, says REN. I’d certainly agree that values-based lifestyles romanticized on social media by “trad LARPers” aren't necessarily productive. From what I’ve personally observed, they’re mostly performative.

Values-based lifestyles romanticized on social media aren't necessarily productive, but mostly performative.

“Truth is, if you look at a lot of societies where these people would hold up as ‘trad' and 'based,’ you’ll find that they’re actually a kind of domestic hell,” REN says. “I do think larping is a danger. None of us can be a medieval knight or a Bronze Age warrior or Germanic shield maiden. And in any case, if we could, the experience would be very different than we’d expect.”

In truth, the trad cultures romanticized on social media cannot exist in modern times. Today’s most traditional societies found around the world are also the culprits of true oppressive standards, like practicing female genital mutilation and restricting women from leaving the house without their husband’s permission.

Women should be unashamed to admit our weaknesses instead of blindly and single-mindedly celebrating our abilities. In doing so, we can empower men to revitalize their innate strength.

Where Did the All-Male Haunts Go?

Whether we’re governing fertility discourse or feminizing nutrition, women aren’t allowing men to have any breathing room to be men. What happened to masculine outlets like Boy Scouts for young boys to learn constructive, positive traits from strong male role models? Why do we ridicule the notion of a “man cave,” banish fraternal lodges to the past, or portray father figures as “dumb dads” in film and television? Why is it legally protected when women want women-only gyms, but we can’t have dedicated places for men to exercise together?

“Male friendship – I mean real male friendship – is a revolutionary force and has been a decisive factor in Western history throughout the ages, right back to the ancients," explains REN. "This is why almost all forms of male association are discouraged today. In fact, what we need to do is restore some mystery between the sexes. This is why I’m a very strong advocate for male- and female-only spaces.”

Male friendship is a revolutionary force and has been a decisive factor throughout Western history.

From early adolescence, boys need to be allowed to be boys, lest they actually develop “toxic masculinity” later on. There are genuine socioemotional differences between young boys’ friendships and young girls. Young boys place more importance on companionship and shared activities instead of intimacy. Yet, with young boys in grade school almost exclusively taught by women, it’s no wonder they’re expected to act against their nature. The henhouse is rigged against boys and men; if we won’t tolerate toxic masculinity, then we certainly shouldn’t tolerate toxic femininity.

As such, I’m not calling for archaic gender segregation; I’m calling for women to take a step back and stop emasculating men, whether we realize we’re doing it or not. I, like REN, am also calling for men not to black pill and give into nihilism in response to feeling cooped up in the henhouse.

“I don’t often quote Jordan Peterson — although I do actually have quite a deep fondness for him, despite his many mistakes — but he said that men do what is necessary, not what is expedient,” says REN. “I think that’s a pretty good rule of thumb; following it will take you far on your journey toward reclaiming your masculinity.”

Closing Thoughts

We can help men along an arguably more productive path by being “strong helpers,” bringing our men to their highest glory and filling in the gaps they may be lacking. Let’s give men back their spaces. Let’s nourish our own bodies and our men’s bodies with real ingredients that our ancestors thrived on. Let’s take care of our fertility and not be misled to think that motherhood is a death sentence for our careers. 

If we’re subverting what it means to be a woman and repressing innate masculinity, we risk civilizational collapse. Some think that it can only be prevented by increased dependence on technology and modern medicine to fill these self-imposed shortcomings. I say we have more control over our destiny than that. Let’s not mistake fantasy for reality. The henhouse isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

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