Who Is Andrew Tate And Why Are Girls Breaking Up With Their Boyfriends Over Him?

What happens when desperate men and broken masculinity combine? Room for egomaniac influencers form, an audience of equally weak and misled men quickly following behind. Enter Andrew Tate.

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*Warning: Language*

“The geeks sent their money to the chicks and the chick sent her money to me because I’m at the top of the motherf**king food chain. . .I don’t have the weaknesses other people have. So the geeks are weak for the chick so they gave the chick money, and the chicks were weak for this d**k so they gave me money.” 

While anyone would love to say this comment was one of those rare, off-color, on camera moments from an influencer, that simply is not the case. Andrew Tate has made a name for himself, trending across Twitter and TikTok like a social media storm. So where, exactly, did he come from?

Andrew Tate: Who Is He?

Where do we begin? Emory Andrew Tate III, better known as just Andrew Tate, is a former American-British kickboxer and self-proclaimed trillionaire. His name first rose to public dispute when he was kicked off the 17th season of Big Brother for a video surfacing that seemed to show Tate hitting a woman with a belt. Tate’s response was that the video was taken out of context and that the whole thing was consensual. While that may be the case, there isn’t much to excuse some of Andrew Tate’s other comments and actions. 

Before creating his cult-like course known as “Hustlers University,” a class that some have come to say is nothing more than a scam, Tate gained his income from another, far more sinister, scam. After reaching out to several of his past girlfriends, Tate started a webcam business. Before the days of OnlyFans and abundant porn, webcam companies thrived. Tate offered several girls to live with and work for him. The company eventually grew to amass over 70 women working in four different areas. The scam covered much more than just women selling their bodies to gullible men over the camera, however. The real prize taker were stories being perpetuated by these young women to the men that watched them. The camgirls sold stories about ill family members and mounds of college debt, encouraging their male viewers to pay them – and in turn, Andrew and brother Tristan Tate – more out of guilt. A 27-year-old Tate made his first million by managing the camgirls and his position as a fraud. 

Tate made his first million by managing camgirls and his position as a fraud. 

Controversy after controversy has followed Andrew wherever he goes. Even despite moving to Romania, reportedly for their lack of law enforcement, to make it easier for Tate to get away with his bad habits and criminal activity, it seems he can’t quite escape accusations: Several allegations of sexual assault, rape, and an investigation that took place in early 2022 over the possibilities of trafficking after a 21-year-old American woman told authorities that the Tate brothers had kidnapped her. A video that was posted on YouTube surfaced on Twitter as well, which showed Andrew saying that it’s easier to get off on rape charges in Eastern Europe and that was “probably 40% of the reason he moved there.” He continues to say: “I’m not a rapist, but I like the idea of being able to just do what I want. I like being free.” 

Toxic Masculinity at Its Finest: Tate’s Views on Women, Men, and What Happens Between Them

Even with headline actions, it seems that Tate’s real damage is done in his words. The 35-year-old playboy has most recently gained traction as a social media star, his platform mostly being a guest on others podcasts, including Adin Ross, Your Mom’s House, and Nelk to name a few. Though there’s no exact moment that’s seen as Tate’s viral head start, his comments about wanting to fight American boxer and social media personality, Jake Paul, garnered widespread attention. While on The Fellas podcast, he said, "I don't dislike him, I understand him but I want to make something clear, I would still kick the living f*** out of Jake Paul.” 

Since then, attention has been gained for his classless and misogynistic views of women and relationships. The self-proclaimed Top G, Alpha Dog, and Bad Boy has some fairly atypical views on social issues like feminism and women, relationships, and masculinity. The last one, I believe, is at the root of it all. While confidence is an admirable trait in any man, arrogance is not. Many men walk a fine line in between the two, Tate, however, is very much full of the latter. But Andrew Tate’s arrogance isn’t empty, it insinuates a much deeper problem. A problem that all toxic masculinity is rooted in; insecurity. I will forever hold on to the fact that the most powerful men are the most humble. After all, if you understand your strengths, what need is there to parade them? The fact of the matter is this: Someone who lies about his monetary status, who sees himself as invincible, who sees himself as the alpha, who believes God owes him anything, is a man who is suffering from crippling insecurities. Insecurities rooted so deeply in his own masculinity, that he's converted that attention toward the women he struggles to attract, and even more so, to connect with. 

Tate’s Rules

While Tate has yet to create an official manifesto, he’s spewed enough content for us to create a little one ourselves. So before we move on to exactly why girlfriends are leaving their boyfriends over a sexist social media star, let’s take a closer look at some more questionable things Andrew Tate has stated. 

Commenting on a 10-year-old boy praised in the news who can recite Pi to the 200th decimal, Tate said, “I saw some f***ing kid in the newspaper the other day who can recite Pi to 200 decimals. That’s nice, but you look like a geek, so who gives a f***? Cause you ain’t gonna get laid. You gonna go to a club, start reciting Pi to a h*e? You cannot just go through life ‘Well, I’m a smart guy.’ It ain’t enough.”

Kids that look like nerds? Sorry, pal, but you aren’t getting laid. Your intelligence or academic accomplishments don’t matter. Who cares about your success? Andrew Tate doesn’t. And he claims women won’t either. (Oh, and did you notice he ridiculed a child?)

Ladies, you’re not allowed to have girl friends in a relationship anymore. Want to go on a girls’ trip? Nope, no way, according to Tate: “It’s absolutely disrespectful for a woman to be with a man and then want to run around with her girls and pretend she’s still single. She shouldn’t even want to. The fact she even asked to go in and of itself is disrespectful.” 

Have a problem you want to talk about? Take it up with your man. Oh, and men? You’re not allowed to talk to girls about the problems you’re having. Those should only be taken up with “The Boys.” Tate says, “Any man who sits there and goes ‘my life ain’t going right, let me text some chick,’ he’s a dumba**...If a man has a serious issue in his life, he can’t go to a woman. If a man goes to a woman with his issue, it’s not a serious issue.”

Cheating has a new definition, the Andrew Tate definition: “A man can only cheat if he loves someone else. If I have a woman who I truly love, and I go out and f***, and I come back to her, and I don’t care about her, and I only love my girl, that’s not cheating. That’s exercise. If she even talks to a dude, it’s cheating.”

"A man can only cheat if he loves someone else." - Andrew Tate

In another TikTok, he says, “If I had a woman I would decide not to cheat because I decide. However, I would not see my infidelity as nearly anywhere near even 1% as disgusting as female infidelity. Cause female infidelity involves emotion. You will not sleep with a man you don’t like. I can sleep with a woman I don’t like. It’s a completely different thing. I can be head over heels in love with a woman, ready to die for her, ready to take a bullet for her, and protect her, give her all the money in the world, make sure she has a beautiful family, a nice big house, all of it, and I’ll still f*** that b*tch.”

Tate has taken a real biological aspect – that men are capable of meaningless, emotional sex – and turned it into a justification for infidelity, instead of seeing it as a marker of broken humanity to be disciplined, healed, and elevated.

Tate isn’t the only playboy running the streets – according to Andrew, your man is too! Tate’s next law is a crazy one, because though women only cheat, he also claims every man is a cheater, just ask to see his phone.

Tate’s made it clear he’s been through dozens of women in his lifetime. What’s his grand idea of how to treat women in bed? Well, so long as you don’t want to be a little “b*tch” or a “homo,” then grab a bucket and a mop. That’s right, Andrew quoted Cardi B’s controversial hit “WAP” as a “sex manual.” If you don’t want your girl to cheat on you, then take Cardi B’s song as instructions for what women want in bed. 

And lastly, only women who are giving you sexual favors are worthy of your protection. It’s a transactional relationship: “If I’m rolling with my girlfriend, and sh*t goes down, it’s my job to protect her. So fine. But if I’m rolling and she’s just my friend, well, it’s not really my job to protect her. She ain’t sucking d*ck.”

So Why Are the Girls Running?

More often than videos of Tate’s actual rhetoric, my TikTok feed is filled with another kind of video: Girls either asking their boyfriends if they know Andrew Tate and what they think of him, or girlfriends asking their following if it’s the time to cut things off after discovering their lover boy listens, watches, and follows Tate's ideas

Tate has gained a following so quickly, that it seems as if overnight girls have started ditching their dudes over the social star’s ideas. Video after video, post after post, shows what impact this former kickboxer has had on young men in just a short period of time. 

The men who follow Tate's broken, twisted view of masculinity will eventually pose a threat to women. 

The real issue? That these young men are striving, desperately, to find the right path. I, personally, do not and will not ever sympathize with Tate or his twisted views on women. Even more so, though, I see his ideas of masculinity as far more dangerous. Money, muscle, and b*tches do not make a man a man. But this is the very the message that Tate is trying so hard to send. So what’s the reason? Because that’s all Andrew has to offer, and he wants to make other men believe that masculinity looks like him. 

So real masculinity, what is it? Humility, kindness, hard work, honesty, discipline, virtue. Acknowledging the dignity of humans, both male and female, regardless of relationship status. All qualities that Tate seems to lack and even avoid in his life. 

Closing Thoughts 

What’s the real danger about Tate? Some may say that it’s his views on women being passed on to young men. I say it’s that put on top of his views of men. Young men whose only exposure to “masculinity” is Tate are following a selfish path of greed, hate for women and themselves, and unwarranted pride. The danger Tate poses isn’t to women, but to men. And, in turn, the men who fall into line with his broken, twisted view of masculinity will eventually pose a threat to women. 

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