10 Characteristics Of A Quality Man

By Sylvie Patterson
·  5 min read
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Once you’ve eliminated all the immediate warning signs, how do you determine the long-term value of a guy and whether you want to become invested in the relationship?

I wrote recently on how to meet a quality man on campus, but what exactly determines a quality man? What, ultimately, makes someone husband material? A man can be funny, attractive, and share similar interests with you, but without more substance he may simply not be ready for long-term commitment. On the other hand, a quality guy not only makes you laugh, is attractive, and has a lot in common with you, but he also exhibits the following specific qualities as a man of true value.

It’s important to remember that not everyone will have every one of these things on the list initially, and that's alright because people change and mature with time. But if you find a man who’s compatible with you and who does the following 10 things, hold onto him tight and never let him go. Also, it should go without saying that you should make sure that you have something to offer relationship-wise as well in terms of having your life together before you judge someone else. Quality men might be less common, but they do exist. And so, if you're looking for a serious relationship, keep the following 10 characteristics of a quality man in mind:

1. He's a Gentleman

A man who does romantic gestures for his woman like holding the door, paying for dates, and walking on the street side is a gentleman. Especially in today’s world, acting like a traditional gentleman is a sign of true confidence and masculinity. Ultimately, he approaches the relationship with respect and intentionality.

2. He Supports You

A quality man will support you in your interests and goals, even if they’re not the same as his. He wants to see your dreams come true, because you are his dream, and your dreams are his. He lovingly gives constructive criticism because he wants you to achieve your full potential.

i will back you to the ends of the earth

3. He’s Organized

If the man has his life together, can make plans, shows up on time, and keeps his space in order, then it's a green flag for sure. Being organized shows he can get things done and that he takes his obligations seriously. Being organized is simply a great life skill to have in general.

4. He Has Plans for the Future

Both career and family related, he has realistic goals for the future that he strives to make into reality. He is driven, knows the core of what he wants, and how to achieve it. He makes plans for his life and takes steps to put them in action.

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5. He Communicates Well

A man who can communicate his feelings is of indescribable value. While people can learn this skill with time, it helps if he's already able to articulately communicate his affection, his ideas, his needs, his emotions. Good communication simply makes everything so much easier.

6. He Has Values

A man who stands for his values is extremely respectable. If he establishes what he believes in, then you can better understand his priorities and viewpoint. If he has standards, then his interest in you really means something. 


7. He Pursues You

A quality man will put in the effort to get to know you. He will actively make efforts to interact with you and to spend time with you. His feelings for you shouldn’t ever be uncertain. If he’s interested, you will know he’s interested.  

8. He Takes Care of Himself

Without being over the top, he cares about how he presents himself – his health, his image, and his reputation. We’ve heard again and again that you have to first be able to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else, so a guy being able to take basic care of himself is a good sign that he’ll also be able to care for a relationship.


9. He’s Analytical

There’s nothing more invaluable than an independent thinker in today’s society. Find a man who sees through things, forms his own opinions, and is quick to question. He does his research and seeks evidence. He makes a conscious decision on why he believes what he does, never just accepting what he’s told. 

10. He’s Down to Earth

A man whose worth stands out in today’s world probably doesn't use social media much, if at all. This is a sign of maturity and groundedness. A true man of action prefers real life in the real world. He is present and involved and stays true to his nature. 

Closing Thoughts

If a guy you like does all these things, treat him well and set your sights on the future. It shows he’s committed, dependable, intentional, and could ultimately be a great husband and father someday. It’s so important to be thinking long-term about relationships in order to honor not only your time, but also his. Instead of only looking for negatives, also be on the lookout for all the positive qualities of a man, the things that truly distinguish him from the crowd.  

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