The Ultimate Guide To Harnessing Your Feminine Energy

By Jenna Cullman··  6 min read
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Feminine energy is the epitome of womanhood. You can’t cultivate a fulfilling life without it. It’s the very thing that nurtures the female soul and gives you a vibrant life. So what can you do to protect and connect to your feminine energy daily?

Women often become busy caring for others and forget to nurture themselves, leading them to lose touch with their feminine essence. This can generate irritation and cause them to feel bitter, worn out, and indifferent. 

So how can you harness your feminine energy? Femininity is so much more than makeup and wearing dresses. That’s only a surface-level definition of femininity. It’s about the way you carry yourself and how you perceive the world around you. Here are some things you can do daily to preserve your feminine energy.

Romanticize Your Life

Have you ever daydreamed that you were in a movie, and you were the main character? Well, you are the main character in your life! Wake up every day and romanticize your morning coffee or the drive to work. Life isn’t always exciting, but if you use some imagination, anything can be an adventure. Go to a coffee shop, buy yourself gifts, watch the sunset, listen to the birds, go on a nature walk, listen to songs that spark nostalgia, or anything that puts you in a whimsical state of mind. A little imagination can go a long way!

Visualize Your Ideal Self

What kind of woman do your desire to be? How does she carry herself? How does she act? How does she speak to herself and the people around her? Understanding and deciding what kind of woman you desire to be can make a huge difference in your feminine journey. Take steps every day to get closer to the woman you know in your heart you’re meant to be. Visualization is a powerful tool when working towards your personal goals. 

Get in Tune with Your Body

Women have grown up accepting pain as normal and “just a part of womanhood.” Is chronic pain just an inescapable part of being a woman? No! Heavy periods, cramps, and PMS have been classified as normal, but are actually signs of hormonal imbalance. Some studies have concluded that 80% of women today have hormonal imbalances. If you experience abnormal or painful periods, learning how to balance your hormones will empower and give you a greater quality of life. If something doesn’t feel right or if you're in pain, don’t just ignore it. Seek to heal your body naturally and cure the root problem.

Understanding your natural cycle without the artificial hormones in birth control and moving in a way that is healing rather than draining during menstruation can also be incredibly powerful for tuning into your feminine energy.

Keep a Clean Space

Keeping a clean space will not only help you lower your stress levels, but also open up space in your mind to focus on other important tasks. Feminine energy can’t thrive in a chaotic and stressful environment. A clean home will put your mind at ease. Keeping a consistent cleaning routine is often easier said than done for most people. Make it fun! Try listening to a podcast, audiobook, or some upbeat music – all can help time go by and make the whole cleaning experience much more enjoyable. You may even find that you start looking forward to cleaning! 

Maintain Your Appearance

Creating a daily beauty routine can ensure you never leave the house looking anything less than your best. Aim to create a simple, yet relaxing regimen that will leave you looking polished, even on your busiest of days. Build a skincare routine that suits your skin's needs. In regards to makeup, buying products that match your skin tone can not only upgrade your look but leave you feeling more confident. 

A fresh mani-pedi upgrades any look even when dressed in leisure wear. If you hate wearing nail polish, keeping your nails clean and well-groomed will improve first impressions and show you care for your appearance.

When spending a day at home (whether on the weekend or if you work remotely), it’s often easier to just throw on some old, stained sweatpants or slept-in donut print pajamas. While these clothes are comfortable, they can look sloppy and leave you feeling unmotivated and lazy. Nothing is wrong with wanting to wear comfy clothes at home, but find loungewear that reflects not only comfort, but your femininity as well. Buy an elegant, black satin pajama set with a matching robe, a pair of cute and feminine sweats, or even a comfy, causal dress. Upgrading your look will upgrade your day.

Nurture Your Feminine Soul

The feminine soul is the most instinctual part of every woman. The ability to create can flow freely when you’re connected to your deepest feelings. The feminine soul entails wisdom, intuition, love, and a deep understanding of the world around them. Many women have ignored this innate part of their femininity or have chosen to discard it. The soul of femininity lives in dance, romance, music, freedom, nature, and following your dreams and passions. Be open and willing to receive. It flows when women take on womanly duties such as bearing children, becoming a homemaker, or embracing their femininity in marriage. The feminine soul at its very core is the need to incubate life and create a safe haven.

Ask for Help

Many of us feel as though we must take on everything by ourselves. This, more often than not, causes unnecessary stress and leaves us feeling overwhelmed. Are the kids just getting to be too much? Ask your husband, a family member, or a trusted friend to babysit so you can focus on some much-deserved self-care. If you don’t know how to fix something, ask someone who can. You don’t always have to be Miss Independent. Men love helping a woman in need, so don’t hesitate to ask the man in your life for help sometimes, whether that be carrying something heavy or asking for advice.

Strive for Fun

Everyday adult responsibilities can drain your feminine energy and leave little room for fun. Ask yourself how you can fill your life with more fun. It doesn’t have to be a big event to be exciting. This can be reading, exercising, laughing with a friend, going on a date with your boyfriend, whatever sparks joy in your life! Femininity thrives when we have fun and participate in activities that we’re passionate about. Put aside time every day to do something that energizes you and caters to your feminine desires. 

Closing Thoughts

Femininity is a simple yet complex part of womanhood. It presents itself in many forms and can be strengthened in different ways. Not growing this innate part of yourself will only inhibit your personal growth as a woman. When you nurture your own femininity, you’re not the only one who benefits. Your kindness and love spreads to others. Feminine energy is beautiful and when harnessed can be a powerful force for positive change. 

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