5 Cute And Easy Ways To Style A Belt Bag This Summer

The belt bag has become the must-have bag of the summer, and for good reason. Hands-free, lightweight, and perfect for all kinds of summer activities – whether you’re heading to an amusement park with the kids or out to brunch with the girls.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen3 min read
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One of the best parts of a belt bag? The variety of colors, styles, and price points. There are affordable options for a belt bag, like the LuluLemon Everywhere Bag, and pricier, designer options like the Louis Vuitton Bum Bag. These belt bags come in pastel colors perfect for summer, as well as neutral shades like beige, white, and black, or feature classic designer prints to add some luxury to your summer outfits. 

Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-carry designer bag or an easy-to-clean essentials bag, there is definitely a belt bag out there for you. 

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How To Wear the Belt Bag 

There are several ways to wear the belt bag due to its adjustable straps and versatile shape. The bag can be worn around the waist, like a fanny pack for easy access and to give your shoulder a break. It can also be worn across the body like a short crossbody bag. The belt bag is typically on the smaller side, and fits daily essentials such as a cell phone, lipstick, sunscreen, and other daily must-haves (perfect for your hot girl walk). 

Styling this versatile bag can feel tricky, so here are five ways to style a belt bag for summer!

Outfit #1: Cute, Comfy, and Casual 

The belt bag’s most obvious outfit match is stylish athleisure wear. Whether you’re heading to the gym or running a quick errand, this outfit combination is easy to recreate: a neutral crew neck sweater, or t-shirt on warmer days, paired with biker shorts and a cute neutral sneaker. Accessorize this look with simple jewelry and sunglasses, and of course, the belt bag! 

Another way to wear the belt bag with athletic wear is a monochrome look. Pick a shade that’s flattering and season-appropriate, like this soft pink shade, or wear it with a matching activewear (or even linen!) set. Little details like crisp, white sneakers and a cute baseball cap create a purposeful and breezy summer style that looks great with a belt bag casually slung across the body. 

Athleisure wear is also perfect travel fashion, and the belt bag is the ideal travel companion. Match the bag with your choice of comfortable pants for an effortless airport look, ready for your next summer getaway!

Outfit #2: Denim Dream

This look is a great way to utilize a denim shirt or jacket for chillier summer nights. Start with a soft, neutral top and black shorts of your choice, then add the denim piece for an instant summer uniform. Dainty layered necklaces, small gold hoops, and sunnies are the perfect touches for an elevated look! 

If you aren’t quite ready to layer on a denim jacket, this look could be easily recreated with light wash denim shorts, a neutral or light-colored tank top, and an open button up shirt! Sandals and a hat would take this outfit straight to the beach or pool party!

Outfit #3: Feminine Florals

Perfect for warm summer days, a pretty patterned or floral miniskirt paired with a lace top is feminine and flirty. The delicate details of lace paired with the soft floral hues of this outfit bring out the best of feminine fashion, and can easily be recreated with items you likely already have in your closet!

Summer florals are key to a girly, yet sophisticated look, which is perfect for brunch or a date with your man. Switch up this outfit with different length skirts, like a miniskirt or midi skirt, and add layers for summer nights. A skirt looks great with white sneakers, but these could easily be swapped for a chic pair of sandals or even nude heels for an evening look. 

And of course, the belt bag for added simplicity and style. A designer bag has the ability to elevate the most casual outfit!

Outfit #4: Summer Sundress

Sundresses and belt bags are made for each other. Solid colors, sweet prints, and different silhouettes make sundresses the ideal summer fit, and the belt bag adds additional ease and hands-free carrying. Start with a favorite sundress, like this fun green dotted dress, and add accessories that highlight a color in the dress. The white bag and white sneakers compliment the dress well, and create an effortless look that screams summer cute. 

Another way to incorporate a belt bag into a summer dress look is with the increasingly popular athletic dress. These dresses are comfortable, flattering on different body types, and come in many colors.

Outfit #5: Blazer Besties

Another great and trendy way to style a belt bag is with a blazer. Straight leg denim, especially in a lighter wash, looks clean and flattering on the female silhouette. Sneakers bring a casual vibe to a blazer centered outfit, but they can be easily traded for a short heel or mule for a work-appropriate look. Simple jewelry and the consistency of a color palette gives this look a simple yet sophisticated feel. Extra points if the top and belt bag are the same hue, which creates a seamless look and allows the blazer to have its well-deserved moment!

Closing Thoughts

The belt bag is the perfect bag for summer, with effortless style choices and options for every budget and wardrobe. This bag will quickly become one of the most used bags in your closet. 

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