We’ll Be Having A Soft Girl Summer Instead of A Feral Girl Summer

Forget gross, nasty feral girl summer. Here’s how you can have a soft girl summer this year.

By Nicole Andre2 min read
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So instead of not showering for days and eating cheetos at 3 am, we at Evie, are going to be embracing a soft girl summer (and we encourage you to join us!).

Soft girl is an aesthetic popularized on TikTok that fully embraces all things feminine and girly. The look leans heavily on pastel shades and feminine silhouettes. But that doesn’t mean it’s about being fully dressed up all the time! Soft girl looks can be super dressy or very casual.

So if you’re into having a summer all about embracing your feminine side, then bring on the pastels, skirts, flowers, and hearts. 

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Dresses Worthy of a Beautiful Picnic

The soft girl is a very feminine aesthetic, so it’s no surprise that to dress like one you’ll need to have a selection of pretty dresses with feminine details like puff sleeves. Set up a beautiful picnic for you and your friends and you'll have the soft girl summer vibe down pat.

Light Colors

The soft girl aesthetic doesn’t mean you always have to wear pink, but whether you’re wearing a casual look or dressing up, you’ll want your outfit to be made up of neutrals and light shades since that will give you a much more feminine look. 

Feminine Athleisure Inspired

You can even do a more athleisure inspired look and still have the soft girl aesthetic. Just keep that golden rule of feminine colors in mind, all the way down to your sneakers. 

Pastels and Knits Meet

The two holy grails of the soft girl aesthetic – pastels and knits – meet in one outfit. Whether you go for a cute sweater vest or crew neck, focus on pastel colors. Bonus points for a cutesy pattern. And of course, be sure to pair it with a cute skirt to complete the look.

White Skirts Are a Must

The white tennis skirt is an absolute essential for having a soft girl summer. Whether you’re styling it with a sweater or a blouse, it will pair with pretty much everything you own and is a key piece of the soft girl aesthetic. 

The 10 Items You Need To Shop for Your Soft Girl Summer

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Closing Thoughts

We’re all for embracing your femininity, and a soft girl summer will help you to do just that!

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