The Trendiest Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

The trick to successfully wearing sunglasses lies in finding ones tailored to your face shape, accentuating your natural beauty. Which of these trendy sunglasses are best for your face shape?

By Keelia Clarkson2 min read
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Sunnier days are finally upon us – so our chunky sweaters, silky scarves, and weather-worn boots can finally take a rest, making way for the part of our wardrobe that has gone untouched for a while: the spring and summer pieces.

And putting together an outfit worthy of accompanying us on our many picnics, strolls, hikes, and beach days takes more than throwing together a cute top and jean shorts – there are accessories to consider. Namely, a pair of trendy sunglasses.

But picking out a pair of sunglasses isn't just about what's in style or what looks cute on your favorite influencer. No, there’s an art to picking out the right sunglasses – and the best way to do it is to use our face shape as our guide.

So which trendy sunglasses match your face shape?

Square-Shaped Face

If your face is evenly wide throughout your forehead, cheeks, and jawline, you probably have a square-shaped face.

Square-shaped faces will shine when dressed up with a pair of sunglasses that offer softer angles to balance out their naturally strong, angular lines, and a pair of round sunglasses will do just that.

Coach Outlet Lia Round Sunglasses, $58 | Ray Ban Round Flash Lenses Sunglasses, $188

Heart-Shaped Face

If your face’s widest point is at your forehead and it narrows at your jawline, you probably have a heart-shaped face.

Heart-shaped faces do best with sunglasses that mimic their natural shape – so a pair of cat-eye sunnies, which mirror the heart-shaped face’s wide-to-narrow lines, will get the job done perfectly.

Free People Olympic Cat Eye Sunglasses, $20 | Dolce & Gabbana Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $160

Round-Shaped Face

If your face’s widest point is at your cheeks and it narrows slightly at your forehead and jawline, you probably have a round-shaped face.

Round-shaped faces will work best with sunglasses that add some structure and definition to the face, highlighting our cheekbones. Going for rectangular or square sunglasses will complement a round face quite nicely.

Quay Australia Yada Yada Sunglasses, $60 | Coach Sunglasses, $163

Diamond-Shaped Face 

If your forehead and chin are much narrower than your cheekbones (and you have high cheekbones), you probably have a diamond-shaped face.

Diamond-shaped faces are on the sharp and angular side, so it’s best to opt for rounded or sporty oval sunnies that will add some subtle, softer lines.

Free People Far Out Round Sunglasses, $20 | Shopbop Outta Love Sunglasses, $59

Oval-Shaped Face

If your face is longer than it is wide, you probably have an oval-shaped face.

Oval-shaped faces, while free of harsh lines, run the risk of looking too long with the wrong sunglasses. Choose sunglasses that have stronger shapes, like aviator, rectangular, or cat-eye sunglasses to add some umph.

Goodr Square Sunglasses, $25 | Shady Rays Calimesa Aviators, $58

Closing Thoughts

Once you’ve got your face’s shape figured out, the rest falls into place – so get ready for countless compliments on your sunglasses this spring and summer!

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