This Woman Was A Nightclub Dancer And Now She Charges Hundreds of Dollars To Teach Women How To Level Up

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Are you broke and awkward? Do you have zero special skills or connections? Anna Bey was once just like you, and now she’s living a “million-dollar life.” So how’d she do it?

Essentially, she just changed her mindset. Anna Bey wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but her story also isn’t the rags-to-riches kind either. Honestly, she started off pretty average. Anna was born into a strict middle-class family in Stockholm, Sweden. Her sheltered, conservative upbringing led her to lash out a bit in her twenties, when her focus switched from doing well in school to traveling the world and partying. 

After bouncing around the globe for a few years, Anna landed a job as a nightclub go-go dancer in the world-renowned party city of Ibiza, Spain. During her time in Ibiza, Anna was immersed in a culture of extravagance and luxury when a fateful encounter with an ultra-famous socialite changed her view of the elite. 

How Paris Hilton Changed Anna’s Life

One night, while Anna was partying the night away on a wealthy friend’s yacht, she became incredibly seasick. Paris Hilton happened to be in attendance and grew concerned when she saw how sick Anna was. She offered to help Anna in any way she could, bringing Anna water and anything else she needed. Paris’s kindness struck Anna: “This interaction helped to undo my negative preconceptions about the elite and my fears that others would see me in a bad light if I joined them.” Anna also learned an important lesson: elegance isn’t just a reflection of your bank account balance, it’s a reflection of how you see yourself.

Suddenly, the beaches and nightclubs of Ibiza transformed into Anna’s classroom as she studied the elite jet-setting crowd. You can read Anna’s very, very lengthy autobiographical essay on her website, but suffice it to say: she learned how to walk the elite walk and now she’s teaching other ladies how to do it too. 

Anna firmly believes “that all women from any background can transform their lives and opportunities by elevating their mindset, personal presentation and strategizing on reaching individual goals and aspirations” (i.e. levelling up). Anna embodies the phrase “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” and has now harnessed the powers and influence of social media to teach millions of ladies that they too can become elegant by merely acting elegant. 

So. How exactly does Anna Bey recommend that you transform yourself from a grungy potato sack into an elegant goddess? I’m so glad you asked. Let’s dive in…

Anna’s Top Elegance Tips

“My dear, elegant ladies…” That’s how Anna begins every single one of her YouTube videos, the topics of which range from Powerful Tips To Level Up Your Average Joe Boyfriend to 10 Words That Tell You Have No Class. And we can’t forget 7 Rich People’s Habits That Will Change Your Life. Here are 10 pieces of elegant advice from Anna: 

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1. Never wear the wrong outfit to a polo match. 

I don’t know about you, but this issue comes up for me constantly. At a polo match, you’re going to be outside all day, but you don’t want to be under-dressed. At the same time, you can’t exactly wear stilettos in a big grassy field. Thankfully, Anna Bey has an entire YouTube video dedicated to proper polo match styling and etiquette. 

2. Make sure all your zoom calls have perfect lighting.

Showing up to a zoom call with poor lighting will make you look “absolutely horrendous,” according to Anna. And existing ceiling lights might not do the trick. If your home has poor natural light, then you’ll probably have to shell out some money to invest in artificial lighting, like a ring light. You don’t want your co-workers thinking you have zero class, do you?

put body on internet with proper lighting

3. Carry a steamer with you at all times. 

Nothing makes you look poorer than wrinkled clothing. Obviously, you’re already ironing your clothes (right??), but sometimes a few stray wrinkles can still weasel their way into your blouse. Carrying a handheld steamer with you will ensure that you’re always looking clean, crisp, and elegant. 

4. Stop being so available. 

Whether it’s with men, friends, or even work – being too available is a clear sign you’re not elegant. Anna makes the point that humans evolved to crave the things that are scarce in life. So your time, energy, and presence should only be given in moderation. And if you get fired because your boss can’t get ahold of you, then your boss clearly just has no class.

5. Never say “Nice to meet you” to a rich person. 

According to Anna, saying “Nice to meet you” makes you come across as submissive and middle class. Essentially, you’re signaling that you’re not on the same level as the rich person you’re talking to. Perhaps you could try the Anna Delvey method and just be mean to everyone instead. 


6. Stop wearing gym clothes when you’re not at the gym. 

And yes, this includes while you’re traveling. Apparently nothing screams “I’m poor!” louder than wearing yoga pants on an airplane. Who knew?! Personally, I’m of the “yoga pants are pants!” mindset, so this is one rule I’ll definitely be breaking. At least I’ll be comfortable while I’m slumming it in coach!

7. Never share your plans.

Planning a trip to Cabo? Or a big career move? Or maybe you’re planning to grab a salad for lunch tomorrow? Keep it to yourself! Elegant ladies are mysterious, so be sure to shroud your every move in mystery and don’t talk about your plans until you’ve already manifested them into your life. 

8. Don’t offer to pay on a date.

Don’t even pretend to offer to pay for your date. The fake wallet-grab is a big no-no for Anna. Men are naturally providers and a good man should show initiative. This is one of Anna’s tips that I actually agree with, especially in the early stages of a relationship. Contrary to popular belief, most women do want to be pursued. Chivalry is not dead, and a man who steps up to take care of a woman should be applauded.  

pay on date

9. Never cut the leaves in your salad. 

Eating a salad in public can be a tricky endeavor, especially if your salad contains giant spinach leaves. It might be tempting to trim them down with your knife, but don’t do it! According to Anna, salad leaves are to be eaten as they are. So if you dare to cut them, everyone at your table will probably be super embarrassed for you and know you’re completely classless. 

10. Don’t be too glamorous.

Put the 12-carat diamonds away, ladies! Anna says there’s a fine line to draw when showing off your style, especially when it comes to men. You want it to be clear you take care of yourself and have class, but you also don’t want to come off as too high-maintenance. Men want to marry their life partner, not someone who looks like they’re always red carpet ready, so tone it down a little. 

marilyn monroe diamond glamourous

Closing Thoughts

Are Anna Bey’s videos and tips a little silly? Yes. Does she often come off as slightly out-of-touch and pretentious? Yes. Does she have a class on how to tell if a man is rich? Also yes.

But if you scroll through the comments on her social media channels, you can’t deny that she has genuinely changed the lives of many women. No matter what you think about her opinion on which luxury bags are and are not classy, Anna Bey’s core message is a good one: Mindset is everything in life. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, you can change the way the world sees you by first changing the way you see yourself. 

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