Top 5 Bad Habits Elegant Women Avoid

Today, women have the freedom to do and say whatever we please. You can also post anything you want on social media. Most people will encourage your behavior, whether crass, positive, or if you just want to rant. Our culture has shifted to a very laidback, casual culture where anything goes.

By Juliana Stewart3 min read
Top 5 Bad Habits Elegant Women Avoid

There's nothing wrong with being laidback and open for the whole world to see. Some life gurus even advocate that being open is the key to happiness, which I get. You want to feel like you can be authentic without any shame and without conforming to social expectations. If that's your style, that's amazing. Own it.

But what if you're a woman who’s more interested in being refined, classy, feminine, and a little bit mysterious? What rules should you follow if you want to conduct yourself more elegantly?  

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are the top five bad habits elegant women avoid at all costs.

1. Oversharing on Social Media

An elegant woman doesn't overshare on social media because she understands the difference between a private moment and a public moment. She doesn't reveal much about her personal life online because she understands that classy means being somewhat mysterious. She only shares private information with her inner circle of friends, family, and support network who worry about her health and well-being. She keeps this information off social media as a safety strategy since it gives strangers sensitive information about her.

The elegant woman understands the difference between a private and a public moment. 

2. Being Too Loud

Have you ever been at a restaurant, a museum, or at work and had your experience interrupted by someone talking too loudly? Annoying, right?

An elegant woman is always aware of the volume and tone of her voice and never speaks too loudly. She's respectful of other people's boundaries and makes a conscious effort not to impose upon them. She's also never the loudest person in the room because she carries herself with grace and a quiet confidence that makes her stand out from the crowd. She doesn't need to boast. She lets her aura, presence, elegance, and success do the talking.

3. Having Bad Table Manners

Have you ever noticed that an elegant woman has the most impeccable table manners and wondered how she became to be so polite?

Table manners are a good way of understanding how someone was brought up or how refined they are. Are you self-aware, and can you read social cues, or are you self-absorbed and disregard or miss cues on how others might be feeling?

Table manners can indicate your level of self-awareness and ability to read social cues.

If you want to avoid embarrassing yourself while dining, avoid these bad table manners altogether:

  • Don't eat the free bread as soon as it arrives. Firstly, you don't want to come off as greedy as if you've never seen food before. It's polite and considerate to wait until everyone is ready to eat. But if you're ravenous and can't wait, offer the bread to others first before digging in. This shows you have manners and are considerate of others.

  • Again, try not to chow down your food as if you've never eaten before. 

  • Don’t chew loudly or with your mouth open. 

  • Don’t speak with a mouth full of food.

  • Elbows on the table while eating is a big no-no.

  • Checking your mobile phone at the table is very rude. 

  • Avoid primping yourself at the table. If you need to pick your teeth, fix your hair, or reapply makeup, use the lady's restroom.

4. Putting Others Down 

As mentioned, an elegant woman is considerate and respects other people's well-being. She would never dream of putting others down or making inappropriate comments. She would never deliberately embarrass herself and would never want to be the reason why others feel uncomfortable around her.

If someone is rude, she understands that it's not her job to expose people for who they are. Instead, she rises above adversity and lets go or removes herself from the situation. She lets the other person figure it out for themselves. If she feels the need to speak up, she'll discreetly raise the subject in private to avoid public humiliation.

5. Tardiness and Canceling at the Last Minute

An elegant woman is considerate of other people's time. She understands that time is the most valuable commodity, and making someone wait or canceling at the last minute is rude.

Always give the other person a head's up if you're running late.

But what if something happens that’s entirely out of your control? Being late once or twice is okay, but if it happens often and it's a habit, then you're clearly not respecting other people's time. There's a difference.

Always give the other person a head's up if you're running behind and be aware of how that might make the other person feel. Finally, think of ways that will help you be more on time in the future.

Closing Thoughts

Even if you don't have the most impeccable manners, it's crucial to know how to behave appropriately around others or on those important occasions. The more you become aware of these bad habits and the more classiness you practice, the more refined you will become. Remember, being elegant is not about striving for perfection, but it is about striving for personal excellence.

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