What Makes A High-Value Woman?

These days, we hear a lot of talk about high-value men. Women want to be with them, and men want to be them. But what about high-value women?

By Ella Carroll-Smith3 min read
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A high-value man is typically painted as a man who is successful, masculine, goal-oriented, responsible, and caring – among many other things. Women are attracted to high-value men because they’re classic protectors and providers, but they’re also the sort of man a woman can build a happy and rewarding life with. Men should not be the only ones seeking out a high-value status, though.

Like men, women should also strive to be high-value individuals. After all, how can you expect to find (or deserve) a great guy if you’re not putting in the effort to become a great woman? It’s not that you have to be perfect because no one is perfect! But you should actively work to improve yourself and achieve your goals. Being a high-value woman is about more than simply being goal-oriented, though – it’s more holistic than that. Here are a few traits that make for a high-value woman:

She Has Self Respect

A high-value woman knows her own self-worth and respects herself. She has high expectations for herself and for others, and doesn’t settle for mediocrity. She sets healthy boundaries in her life and makes decisions that are in line with her values, desires, and needs. Having a sense of self-respect is tied to higher self-esteem because when you respect yourself, you’re automatically more confident. This doesn’t mean that a high-value woman is conceited, though. A high-value woman knows that she’s capable of making mistakes and that no one is infallible. She’s not afraid to admit when she’s wrong, but she also doesn’t let her mistakes undermine her sense of self-worth.  

She Embraces Her Femininity

Being feminine is about more than wearing pretty dresses and liking the color pink. I’m actually not a huge fan of pink myself, although I’m coming around to it more in small doses. Embracing your femininity is about your overall energy, which can manifest in many different ways. Feminine energy is typically described as more nurturing, creative, warm, and intuitive, and it will probably look a little bit different for every woman. A high-value woman embraces her femininity and knows it doesn’t make her weak; rather, it makes her strong, grounded, and connected to those around her. 

She Has a Sense of Humor

A high-value woman takes herself seriously, but she can also take a joke! Let’s face it: Life is hard, and sometimes you need to laugh so you don’t cry. A high-value woman can appreciate the absurdity of life, and she’s not afraid to laugh at herself, be a little silly, or do something spontaneous. She knows that a healthy dose of laughter is one of the secret ingredients that makes life more enjoyable. 

A high-value woman takes herself seriously, but she can also take a joke.

She Possesses a Growth Mindset

A high-value woman has dreams and goals for her future and actively pursues them. Aside from simply being goal-oriented, however, a high-value woman also embodies a growth mindset. She’s always learning new things, she’s adventurous, and she’s open to new experiences. She seeks to improve her skill set, whether that means taking a cooking class, learning a new language, or taking up a new hobby. A growth mindset not only makes you a more accomplished person, but it also makes you a more interesting person, and high-value women are interesting because they always have something they’re excited about going on in their lives. 

She Takes Care of Herself

Part of having self-respect is treating yourself well, when it comes to both your mind and your body. A high-value woman lives a healthy, but balanced lifestyle. She works out, eats a nourishing diet, and strives to get enough sleep. She cares about the way she looks and feels and invests in herself by purchasing nutrient-dense foods, good quality products, and clothes that make her feel confident. And while she does live a healthy lifestyle, she’s also not afraid to treat herself sometimes and indulge in treats every once in a while. Life is all about balance, after all. 

She Takes Care of Others

A high-value woman is kind and nurturing. She treats others with compassion, she shows up for her loved ones, and she’s capable of putting other people’s needs before her own. High-value women don’t look down on or degrade other people. Instead, they seek to lift up those around them. Whether that means volunteering at a homeless shelter, being a shoulder to cry on when your friend is going through a hard time, or simply offering a compliment to someone for no reason at all. High-value women are generous with their time and committed to those they love.

High-value women don’t look down on or degrade other people; they seek to lift up those around them.

She Has a Strong Social Circle

One of the foundations of happiness is having people in your life that you can lean on. Your family and romantic partner play a part in this, but you need other people in your life that you can turn to as well. A high-value woman has a strong social circle of friends she can turn to for advice and support. She doesn’t have to have a million friends, she just needs a few good ones. In fact, I’d argue it’s better to have a couple of solid friendships than a large number of acquaintances. You want true friends who can be honest with you, lift you up when you’re feeling down, and laugh with you. 

She Stands Up for Herself

On average, women are more agreeable than men. It’s in our nature, it’s why we have more patience with children, and why we’re empathetic and able to relate to others so well. Just because women are naturally more agreeable, however, doesn’t mean they should let people walk all over them. Quite the opposite! High-value women are not afraid to stand up for themselves and be contrarian when the moment calls for it. They don’t go picking fights for no reason or nag unnecessarily, but they will stand up for what they believe in and be someone you can contend with. 

Closing Thoughts

Is a high-value woman all of these things, every single day of the week? Probably not, but she aims to be. Life is a journey, not a destination. A high-value woman is someone who always aims to be better and doesn’t let any setback stop her from trying to be her best self and pursuing the things she wants in life.  

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