The Red Pill Movement Is Just As Harmful As Modern Feminism For Both Men And Women

Have you ever come across the "red pill" while casually scrolling through social media? This buzzword appears to be everywhere, from TikTok to Instagram to YouTube.

By Ramsha Afridi3 min read
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Taken from The Matrix, the “red pill” is a philosophy that will awaken you to the harsh realities of everyday life. From the power dynamics of government to the sneaky tactics of our most powerful institutions, such as the mainstream media, the red pill aims to shake you out of being "docile" and "indoctrinated” and seeks to free you from the clutches of these influences.

The "red pill" concept also explores the dynamics between men and women. According to this philosophy, women have a natural attraction to hyper-successful, strong, in charge men. This conviction has led those who call themselves "red pillers" to frequently advise men to adopt an “alpha” mindset in order to sway and “lead” women.

This philosophy has become much more well-known as a result of heavy online promotion from gurus across social media, especially in communities for men seeking dating and self-improvement advice – and most recently, it has even attracted women thanks to its massive popularity on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Maybe nothing I’ve described so far is raising any red flags, but there are definitely some downsides to the red pill movement to consider before blindly hopping on board.

The Red Pill Sells a False Dream to Both Men and Women

The red pill is like a snake oil salesperson, selling both men and women false hopes and dreams. Through a purported understanding of the "true nature of women," it persuades men with the guarantee of success and power. This ideology claims that mastering this “secret” knowledge will result in success in every aspect of your existence, including close relationships with women. 

If you're wondering what this "true nature" of women is, let me explain: According to the red pill philosophy, women are essentially crafty and deceitful to the core, and men should always be on the lookout for them. Women are supposedly incapable of feeling true love or loyalty, and they spend their days thinking of ways to defraud men. 

According to the red pill philosophy, women are essentially crafty and deceitful to the core.

To make things worse, many red pill gurus claim that women, at their core, only want to date physically attractive, wealthy men, and they believe that women will most certainly dump their husbands or boyfriends in favor of a new appealing suitor if he catches their attention.

This belief sounds like a terrible Hollywood film everyone regrets watching, but sadly, there are some incredibly lonely men who spread this point of view in the real world – and gullible men fall victim to this message every single day.

How the Red Pill Attracts Women

Now, you might be wondering how the idea of the red pill is even able to attract women, given how negatively it views them. Well, it’s no secret that modern dating practices have discouraged many young women, and some women are now looking for answers elsewhere.

Since the emergence of dating apps as well as websites, there has been a seemingly endless loop of swiping and texting, which frequently makes women feel intimidated and confused. This problem is made worse by social media, where many women suffer the agony of being "ghosted" by potential partners online, for seemingly infinite digital options, which can make them feel worthless and disposable. It’s obvious that navigating the world of modern dating is no simple task.

The red pill space tries to provide answers to these contemporary dating conundrums by claiming to help women navigate the dating world. For example, imagine a group of self-described red-pill experts huddled around a computer giving advice to women on how to step up their dating game and land a "high-value man” – all in the name of the red-pill theory that women are inherently drawn to domineering, aggressive, and even controlling men. 

This means that they may advise women to alter their behavior to be more "submissive." In fact, there are countless examples of red pill gurus suggesting this very thing online. It's like playing a bad game of made-up fantasy, but for those desperate enough to buy into it, the repercussions are serious and potentially disastrous.

These ideologies are equally as bad because both possess similar traits of animosity and dogmatism against the opposite sex. 

The Red Pill Is Just As Bad As Modern Feminism

The concept of the red pill is like trying to cross a hot desert without water or food; it's exhausting, dangerous, and you'll probably end up going nowhere. This is why the red pill movement, as well as radical feminism, both have fundamental flaws in that they are founded on toxic and problematic conceptions of gender and relationships. These ideologies are equally as bad because both possess similar traits of animosity and dogmatism against the opposite sex. 

Like the radical feminists who often voice their disdain for men, one of the most troubling aspects of the red pill community is their biases against women. They often perpetuate the idea that men "age like fine wine" while women "hit the wall" as they approach their mid to late 20s. Moreover, the group encourages men to be promiscuous while condemning women with "high body counts," a blatant double standard that further fuels the gender wars. It's evident that their main goal is to shame women instead of uplift them since it gives their community a false sense of superiority.

Modern feminism also has similar takes – that men who are "ran through" should be avoided, or that older, single guys are a walking red flag. On one hand, you may hear a radical feminist say, "All men are trash," and on another hand, you have a red piller saying, "All women are gold diggers and hypergamous.” Both sides take a predictable and absolutist stance, offering nothing more than their established narratives – which is not only damaging, but contributes to nothing valuable. Their adherence to rigid ideologies prevents them from engaging in meaningful self-reflection and growth, which obscures their experiences in life.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to gender dynamics, the red pill movement and feminism have a tendency to be highly problematic. The feminist team is all about girl power and toppling the patriarchy, while the red pill gang is all about traditional gender roles and letting men be in absolute control. I'm not saying they don't have some valid points, but they definitely don't hold the key to the truth. Unfortunately, it seems like both sides come from a place of resentment – and that doesn't help anyone.

If, unfortunately, you have stumbled across these belief systems and have begun to alter your life to fit their views, then it is crucial to take a step back, remove the blinders, and let go of this world. The only sensible course of action is to begin navigating the Western dating society using our own life experiences as guides and by basing our decisions on reality rather than fantasy. The fact is that men and women need one another, and the only way forward is to learn to work together rather than compete.

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