How Feminism Is Driving The Growing Trend Of Anti-Women Subcultures

“Men are disgusted by women in almost every way today.” These were the words of a distressing, yet eye-opening conversation I recently had with a long time male buddy of mine.

By S.G. Cheah4 min read
How Feminism Is Driving The Growing Trend Of Anti-Women Subcultures

It came about when he was voicing his frustration over failing to dissuade one of his friends from joining the “MGTOW Movement.” It was distressing to him because he lost another friend to this vile subculture, and it was distressing to me because I’ve noticed how this trend is growing significantly, albeit quietly.

First Off , What Are “the MGTOWs”?

Imagine yourself as a woman who had been disappointed by her romantic history. She turns her bitterness towards all males by deeming men to be horrible, irredeemably predatory scum. She became this way after being indoctrinated by an ideology that preaches the inherent evilness of masculinity and therefore must be destroyed. We’d call her a bitter man-hating, radical feminist. The MGTOWs are essentially the same.

MGTOW is short for “Men Going Their Own Way” and its followers pursue a lifestyle of dealing with women as though women are the enemies of all men. They’re basically the male version of the man-hating radical feminist. The males of MGTOW view all women as worthless parasites, hell-bent on destroying the lives of men. Therefore, they “Go Their Own Way” and avoid building relationships or friendships with women.

A Growing Trend of Anti-Women Subcultures

The MGTOWs are merely one subset to a growing movement of an underground anti-women subculture. The others are the Incels (Involuntary Celibates), and the PUAs (Pick Up Artist). These males, like their feminist sisters, are people who are corrupted by the least intelligent and utterly damaging ideas of nihilism.

Reasons behind the Growth

During the conversation, my buddy explained how despite persuading his friend against becoming MGTOW, he was still sympathetic to his friend’s excuse for doing so. In his words, “Men are disgusted with women in almost every way today and are finding happiness in just cutting them out of their lives.” He continues, “And I can’t really argue against anything they (MGTOW) say because I relate to it all myself.”

I pressed harder to ask if he could elaborate on exactly what he meant by that. “Look around you. Every girl acts like a dude and has to have more guy friends than her actual boyfriend. Relationships are no longer partnerships. They’re just mutual debauchery based on meaningless sex and fickle mind games. And in most relationships, I see the women being an overbearing ***** constantly humiliating their dudes.”

Relationships are no longer partnerships. They’re just mutual debauchery based on meaningless sex and mind games.

I stood in momentary silence because I was unsure of how to respond to that. I wanted to hear the uncensored truth from him because he (unlike the women-hating MGTOWs, Incels, and PUAs) had never viewed women in this way before. He was brought up in one of those traditionally wholesome, family-oriented, Christian household, whereby reverence for women was ingrained in him from a young age.

His father and male relatives were his role models because they knew exactly what it meant to be a protector and a provider. Consequently, the women in their lives (like his mother and grandmother) cherished and respected their men for that. It was then that I realized we’re in a turning point in history where men no longer hold a reverence for women like they did in previous generations.

What Changed? Why Is This Happening?

The answer is blatantly clear. Men are losing their reverence for women because feminist ideology promotes the culture of anti-male nihilism through the feminization of men. By extension, it's actively destroying everything that is sacred about women since it robs femininity and masculinity of any meaning.

For instance, when my friend mentioned his observation of wives and girlfriends humiliating their partners, this is, in essence, a reflection of the larger cultural trend where women are encouraged to emasculate men.

The War against Masculine Standards

Culture establishes that the ideal woman is smarter, stronger, and better than men in every way, and you can always depend on her to swoop in and save the day. This trope is apparent in just about any family sitcom, movie, music, and literature we consume today. Think about the bumbling fool of a dad contrasted with the highly efficient mom.

The problem when we constantly showcase women in this way is how we are presenting women as nothing but a mother figure. This is perilous because it pushes men to subconsciously embrace the role of the Puer Aeternus — the “eternal boy.” The man need not grow up because why would he? He has women to bear the burden of life for him. He was raised in a culture where he primarily understands women to be his mother protector — the mother superior. He fits perfectly in the feminist world as the subjugated son of the matriarchy. The feminist’s ultimate triumph against their imagined patriarchy.

The man need not grow up because why would he? He has women to bear the burden of life for him.

Manhood: The High Cost of Emasculation

Every cause has an effect, and the effect derived from the feminist’s cause against masculine strength, independence, and ability is the wholesale embracing of the Puer Aeternus’s (Eternal Boy) psychology by men. The clearest manifestation of this is observed in the sordid subcultures of the MGTOWs and the Incels. Mainstream male culture isn’t immune to the feminist rot either. Absentee, deadbeat fathers refusing to give up their hedonistic lifestyle is another manifestation of the Eternal Boy psychology.

In these men’s mind, why would they even worry about raising their child since the female form of the child’s mother is thought and shown to be better than the male, and thus fully capable of running everything by herself? A child is incapable of raising another child; hence the eternal boy  has no business raising children. This thought is terrifying in itself. If you remember, Hillary Clinton once wrote a book called It Takes a Village, which sounds benign, but holds a deeper, frightful seed. The title refers to the saying “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Why would men even worry about raising their child since the female form of the child’s mother is thought and shown to be better than the male?

When the child’s own father is incapable of raising his children, he hands over his responsibilities as a father to “the village” — namely, the government — which will assist the child’s all-capable mother to raise his offspring. In doing so, the man also relinquishes his adulthood because he accepts his role as the eternal boy. He’ll never have to grow up, and he’ll never become a man.

Hatred of Men Breeds Hatred of Women

It's not a coincidence that feminism brands strong, capable, action-oriented masculinity as toxic because feminism scorns men for being men. The excesses of the Puer Aeternus psychology, in turn, created the woman-hating subcultures of the MGTOWs, Incels, and PUAs. These manboys behave in hideous, imbecilic, vulgar, and obnoxious fashion — in short, they’re born out of their defective philosophical mother — the radical feminist.

Just observe the outcome from their ideology by their lifestyle choice of idle and witless amusement — unthinking video games, absurd genres of porn, and unpalatably barbaric music. These are the effects of a mind corrupted by the destructive ideas of the feminist’s anti-male nihilism.

Hope Is Not Lost

After calming down from the initially passionate outburst, my friend mentioned there was a time when he, along with his group of friends, wanted so many things in regard to their relationship with women — they wanted to build families, raise children, and provide a home for the women they love because this is how they could establish a supportive, lasting relationship with her.

Today’s anti-women movements like the MGTOWs are contrary to these natural masculine desires. And it's feminism which most blatantly attempts to annihilate these desires. He explained to me how there is nothing more grotesque than a man who is incapable of picturing himself in the natural role of providing protection and support to the women he would love. The world may be falling apart, but a true man will continually preserve what he loves. “True.” I replied in admiration, “It’s just sad how there is so much working against men from achieving that dream today, women included.”

“It doesn’t matter,” he says, finally. Despite the abhorrent state of affairs today, he isn’t about to give up on women because “The problem isn’t women. The problem is feminism.”

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