The 21 Worst Dressed Celebs On The 2022 Met Gala Red Carpet

Certain A-list celebs radiated opulence in themed “Gilded Glamour, White Tie” gowns complete with elaborate embroidery, corsets, and fur-lined cloaks, while others noticeably fell flat at the 2022 Met Gala. We can only guess that some of the ladies’ first calls this morning are to their stylists to fire them immediately. 

By Anna Hartman4 min read
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If there’s one thing that celebrities have, it’s the audacity. You’re telling us that between the millions of dollars they rake in each year, they couldn’t hire a stylist that thought to read the room? You’re telling us that not one single person on their team thought to themselves, “hmm maybe a backwards baseball cap and a wedding dress that looks like it belongs on My Super Sweet 16 wouldn’t be fitting for the most elegant night of the year”? 

When they have the means to wear whatever their heart desires and yet they still wind up on the “worst dressed” list, there’s simply no excuse. Hence, why we won’t feel nearly as bad about giving our unsolicited opinions. Shall we?

Kylie Jenner

She’s literally one of the richest people in the room and somehow she still managed to look tacky. The Kardashians sisters are known to make a statement on the red carpet, but we’re not sure that “runaway bride meets DIY bachelorette party” was the statement she was going for. 

The last image in this slide says it all (cue: regret). 

Amy Schumer

Ma’am, are you lost? Amy Schumer looked confused to have showed up on a red carpet while wearing cheap-looking black sunglasses and a blazer dress that made no sense whatsoever. We’re not sure if she thought she was auditioning for the Men In Black sequel or if she was content to blend in with the press and waitstaff.

Camila Cabello

A fruity pebble lined dress with a bit of Asian flair? I think Camila read the wrong invite; she looked nearly as out of place as Amy Schumer did. That being said, it was a gorgeous dress – just simply the wrong occasion.

Tommy Dorfman

Between the excessive cut-outs, unflattering waistline, mix of black and hunter green leather, and the poor tailoring of the gown, there’s just nothing we’re feeling particularly inspired by from this look.

Sophie Turner

Although we can appreciate her sweet display of her baby bump, Sophie appeared as if she were trying to channel someone returning from the 1870s in this boring black dress. If we’re being honest, we preferred Joe Jonas’ look to hers – at least his has got some oomph to it. 

Fredrik Robertsson

You got us. You got us good. While nearly every publication initially covered this look as Jared Leto, the man behind the steel porcupine look was, in fact, Frederik Robertsson. We just gotta say that we hope he was careful; one wrong move and he could’ve said farewell to his perfectly smokey eyeballs forever. 



What were we going for here? The ‘90s glitter bomb that exploded all over her bare belly and chest paired with the thick velvet three-piece combo was all kinds of strange. Between the cut-outs, the puff sleeves, and the unflattering silhouette, it’s clear that, although she may have had great intentions, this entire look was sadly a miss. 

Kourtney Kardashian


We get it, you’re in love. But can we please save the ‘boyfriend’ shirts for the bedroom? This cropped button-down and color-blocking skirt did Kourtney’s snatched waist and toned legs no favors. The design of the skirt accentuated her hips in all the wrong places and made the photos of her and Travis Barker look especially odd. 

Gwen Stefani

Talk about standing out for all the wrong reasons. We can’t imagine why any stylist would think that blinding Hollywood’s elite with a neon green ensemble would scream “Gilded Age,” but it seems that Gwen was unbothered by how obviously she stood out. We won't count this one against you, Gwen.

La La Anthony

Well, that’s one way to show off your thong. Between the itty-bitty silk sarong, the matching hat, and the bodysuit that made us cringe with the thought of her sitting through the show with a dreadful cameltoe, we gotta say that we expected more from La La Anthony. It’s a shame too, because the color really looked incredible on her.

Irina Shayk

It’s official. Our stunning angel has come crashing down with this motorcycle-meets-leather-gangster ensemble. There are so many things – literally millions – of things Irina Shayk could have worn that would’ve showed off her toned figure and striking beauty, but giant metal earrings and black leather from hands to neck simply isn’t it. 

Dove Cameron

While we can certainly appreciate the effort and 600 hours (yes, really) that went into creating this dress, we just want to know – for what? It looks like a For Love & Lemons design that was popular 10 years ago, except it’s back with weird strings that we are sure she tripped over countless times as she stumbled up the steps in her clunky white heels. The fabric choice and length were all wrong and unfortunately did not compliment her petite figure whatsoever. 

Cara Delevingne

Gilded nipple covers? What a classy touch. Between the cane and the tacky red suit, we weren’t impressed. Not only that, but Cara Delevingne was spray painted from neck to toes, and everyone she touched turned to gold (literally). We can only guess that she’ll be getting sent a lot of dry cleaning bills today. 

Nicki Minaj

Can we all take a moment and pray for Nicki Minaj’s wardrobe stylist? Just imagine the immense stress she must’ve been feeling the entire night as Nicki’s nipples hung in the balance between her top and the thousands of cameras on the red carpet. It’s safe to say that with the baseball cap, the giant tacky belt, the paint splatter, and the black leather, Nicki did not understand the assignment. 

Katy Perry

When you have a nip slip, except it’s not a slip. Katy Perry decided that the most sophisticated event of the year would be the perfect occasion to leave her entire boob out of one side of her dress. She also had the front of her outfit yanked up so far, it left many of us wondering if she simply forgot to pick out pants altogether.  

Ashley Park

You were so close, Ashley! All you had to do was get rid of that outrageous feather skirt, the neon green heels, at least half the jewelry…oh nevermind, it’s a lost cause. At least the pink was pretty.

Grace Elizabeth

We want to know, who saw this outdated dress with polka dots, neon feathers, bright pink lining, and thought, “This would be perfect for the ‘Gilded Age’”? Grace, hear us out: fire your stylist immediately. You deserve better than this. 

Isabelle Boemeke

We’re wondering how, between the leather corset, the scratchy popcorn sleeves, and the bedazzled gems weighing at least 5 lbs on each nail, she planned on enjoying her dinner? You know that feeling when you get uncomfortable just looking at someone? That’s how we feel about this look. 

Winnie Harlow

Okay, just because she's stunning doesn't mean she's exempt from our unsolicited criticism. We're labeling this cross between a venus flytrap plant and a sleep paralysis demon bizarrely eccentric. We're not sure that the strange mini dress and glass headpiece had anything to do with the Met Gala theme, but it turned heads nonetheless.


Bring your comforter, but make it gilded. Not only did Lizzo's two-piece dress look incredibly uncomfortable to walk in, but her "coat" looked like a cozy, plush blanket you'd bring to a sleepover at the Versace mansion. We're also willing to bet that she lost her favorite golden accessory about a hundred times throughout the night. Hey! Has anyone seen my flute?

Bad Bunny

Scooby! It looks like we've got ourselves a mystery. The internet is having a ball already with funny memes from the Met Gala looks, and this Inspector Gadget inspired outfit is getting tons of attention.

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